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~Will You?~

Clawen week; Day 5: Long Awaiting

~Will You?~

“Flight 202, first call for boarding.”

Claire sighed as her flight had been called, she was going to Minnesota to spend Christmas with Karen and the boy’s. However, Owen was not going with her. They had went together to the Mitchell’s the previous year and Owen’s family wanted to see him, especially after the incident that happened a few years ago. Owen wanted Claire to go with him, but Claire refused to abandon her sister on Christmas. There was no argument, they purchased separate tickets for December 15th and packed their suitcases.

She gripped Owen’s hand, not wanting to leave his side. His thumb brushed against her knuckles, calming her nerves down. Owen stood up and pulled her to her feet, embracing her in a tight hug.Claire nuzzled herself into his chest and gripped on tighter to his torso, this would be their first Christmas spent apart from each other since they began dating. She looked up at Owen and frowned, they wouldn’t be reunited until New Years, and with Minnesota’s frequent snow storms, she didn’t know when she would be home.

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