jewelry display


Found this in the scrap wood pile, i think it was part of a porch that got removed…… reinforced the sides and added little gold hooks to hang earrings or various other trinkets and such for vending.
Nice recycled vending display that adds some rustic aesthetic <3

You can see the iridescent beetle wings so well!
Never worked with beetle wings before, though was pleasantly surprised at how strong they are and how much i love the clanking sounds they make<3


Photos of my vending booth at the convention I was at this last weekend. The convention was Intercon, a LARPing convention I’ve been going to for a few years now. It’s a fairly quiet convention as far as selling goes, since people are mostly there to play LARPs. Very different feeling from a typical fandom convention. But I always sell a decent amount of costume parts.

Sadly I was unable to get onto a laser cutter in the time leading up to the convention, due to things being down for maintenance. So I couldn’t restock masks, which made me feel bad. Though I’d forgotten just how many medium-to-large sized things I had stashed away, so it turned out I easily filled the table.

I think one of the cutters is back online now, so I should be able to make some orders people’d made through Etsy last week. I’m thinking about new designs to make again, so that feels good. Weather and lighting permitting, I’ll probably get some photos of some small things to post to Etsy in the next week. And I’m hoping to open for dragon tail commission requests soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

Last night I actually did something social that didn’t involve work or family. I had a great time, it was a workshop with just ladies crafting making jewelry displays from vintage window frames, chatting and drinking wine.

Even though I had a great time, I still felt out of place. I don’t really engage in conversation with people I’m not familiar with unless obligated or encouraged. I don’t initiate conversation, and while sometimes I’m content to just be an observer on the sidelines, I usually always feel like I’m presenting myself falsely. I try to seem like I fit in, but more often then not I’m woefully lacking.

Today I spent the whole day at home because I was just so exhausted. Not to mention I had worked from 9-5:30 and then was out until midnight. I woke up in pain. My knees almost gave out when I stood up this morning to take the dogs out to potty. But pain and medical issues aside, I just need to be alone.

But like, I want to do more things, to meet more people, maybe meet someone finally (only to have that set about a whole other set of anxieties and insecurities). Maybe I need practice being social in a non professional or familial setting. Maybe its something that’s beyond something as practical as practice.

I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that I will always be single, and I’m thankful and lucky for the friends I have and my family, but it’s ok to want more, right?

The Wheel pt. 1
  • The only part of Gradient’s final caravan that survived the attack was a wheel from the cart he was riding in
  • Cletius found it after Gradient and Filigree left the area and kept it because Plague dragons like to hoard things
  • Rum brought it up during the Founding which is why the City is in the shape of a wagon wheel with 11 districts and one central area (The Bazaar)
  • When Gradient was voted the High Councilor of the City he decided that the Wheel would become the emblem of the City.
  • It is housed in the exact center of the City. Originally it was placed on a display stand similar to one that would display jewelry. Now it is free standing with a small column/podium below it
  • The Wheel forever turns, nobody knows why though. After being placed it started to turn on its own. Nothing can stop it, not even a war.
  • Allied clans have something representing them on the top of the podium. For example, @clarusclan is represented by a branch of their Willow tree (she needed a hair cut anyways :P ) and @kagurasdragons has a wooden fox figurine.

So that is all of the Wheel lore that I can sum up now. The rest is spoiler-y/needs a specific dragon I don’t own.