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😍💕🌈 These natural Ethiopian Opal matched sections really bring the rainbows! Intense flashes of orange, green, blue, peach, and gold flow across richly colored white precious opal. These twin specimens were once combined in a single nodule (see previous post for how they still fit together!). Absolutely beautiful pair of opals for collection, display, or jewelry supply. 😍💕🌈 0.75" x 0.50" x 0.50"–each half, 5.67 g (0.20 oz)–both halves. The pair is yours for $78 on #Ethiopian #Opal #nodules #gems #minerals #halfandhalf #pair #twins #natural #rainbows #gems #gorgeous #gemporn #ethiopia #crystals #specimen #collector #display #healing #mineralogy #phenomenalgems #etsy

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DIY Rough Crystal Necklace Display Tutorial from Julep. Another easy to make jewelry display that is pretty and functional. Below is a representation of rough crystals you can buy on Amazon - 3 lbs, 12 stones for $16.95 (Amazon link at Julep’s post). 

For more DIY jewelry displays (including ideas for craft fairs) go here: and for beautiful rough crystal jewelry DIYs go here:

DIY Palmistry Hand

Use a $6 Ebay mannequin hand to create a decorative DIY Palmistry Hand.

This DIY Palmistry Hand Tutorial can be found at By Wilma here.

You can find palmistry guides by searching online for “palmistry”. Here’s a DIY Palm Reading Chart Printable from Vintage Fangirl here.

Or check out this palmistry chart by Meghan Weston here.

DIY Wood and Hooks Jewelry Display Tutorial from Artlex.

Make a rustic jewelry display from scraps of wood, branches and colored tape. I used Chrome to translate from French to English. For more DIY jewelry displays (including ideas for craft fairs) go