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Can we talk about the museum scene for just one moment? She’s looking for the tiny little remains of when people loved and remembered her. She’s trying to capture what she used to be, the amazing and worshiped goddess of her golden years. And all she has left is a statue and jewelry, both which are displayed as a curiosity. Watching this, I actually felt sad for her, even disregarded the fact that she’s killing people to survive. It is so human to be afraid of being left behind and the more time passes, the more human she becomes and the closer she is to disappear. It’s tragic and heartbreaking and I know I should feel less sad about her but god, this scene broke me.

||❥ a moon without stars (m)

w o n w o o ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 18, 194 [ sorry not sorry]

genre: oh my god, it’s everything. angst + smut + fluff + romance + drama lord have mercy.

includes: the tale of Y/N’s first love, jeon wonwoo, and their relationship that builds up to an unplanned pregnancy. he helps his uncle out with mechanic stuff nd works part time as a body piercer. Y/N is a florist. mature themes nd shit, cried over this more than i needed to. enjoy!! :))

✎ don’t rlly have anything 2 say other than have fun reading, the soul has been sucked out of me!! jeon wonwoo destroyed my feelings!!

He is quiet, still like a marble statue that encases ivory bone and hot scarlet. He is impassive, a heavy brow left without a single crease nor a wrinkle, the ink that churns in indolent pupils murky, yet clear with your image that reflects in similarity to a mirror. His lips are beautiful, decorated in lovely shades of rose, yet they are not curled in a signature smile that flutters a heart or preludes a giggle. That is because, above all things, the boy is gobsmacked, perhaps even a little enraged.

Therefore, Jeon Wonwoo’s lips are plain straight. No, if they were to smile, you would burst like a water balloon, sprinkling the earth in droplets of solace. But it is not solace you feel when his face finally cracks, when his eyes flare in smoky streaks that practically engulf your lungs with desolation.

There is a click in your mind, an instinct to clasp your palms to your stomach as Jeon Wonwoo points his chin toward the floor and swears. Your words are still echoing around the room, burrowing within couch cushions and empty coffee mugs. They are permanent reminders that will forever linger, steeping around your limbs and tugging softly at your clothing. They remind you that your life will never return to normal, if normal even existed to begin with, and that sometimes, life can only prevail if a mistake is there to kindle it.

He will not hurt me, you acquaint in the sealed tomb of your skull. He will not lay a finger on me even though he is confused and angry. Every syllable that ricocheted behind thick bone only amplified how your chest ached, like someone’s fist had enclosed around your heart, squeezing it while the organ beat frantically. His fingers carded in exasperation through sable black hair, a groan so deep and desponding spilling in fashion to liquor from his lips. Still, you knew he would never bruise your flesh out of anger, out of spite perhaps starting to brew. You are beautiful, and Jeon Wonwoo does not bruise beauty.

Instead, he leaves it.

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I’m seeing an AU…

  Derek spotted Stiles across the store, leaning on a display case of jewelry. Derek had come by to buy his usual five pack of nondescript Hanes t shirts and leave. After the latest battle with this week’s Big Bad, Derek was running low on shirts and unless he wanted to do laundry every other day, he’d have to face the outside world.

  It was supposed to be a simple in and out kind of venture but then he saw Stiles. Stiles who was now rambling amicably with the saleswoman behind the counter. His hands flail and his eyes are bright and the woman must know him for the way she smiles fondly even as she rolls her eyes. Well, he may as well keep an eye on pack, sticking around for a few more minutes won’t kill him. Just looking out for the kid.

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In the 80′s and 90′s, everyone “properly educated” in Witchcraft and Paganism “knew” that a pentagram was the geometric shape of a five-pointed star, and a pentacle was a physical object, like a plate, with magical sigils inscribed into it, or an amulet cast into the shape of said sigils – often a pentagram but there were other seals and sigils used to create different pentacles for different purposes.  In Wicca specifically, the pentagram with a point facing up was the symbol of first-degree, the point down was the symbol of the second degree, and the point up in conjunction with a triangle was the symbol of the third degree.  Non-Wiccans either used point up as a default or had their own associations for the difference.  Western Ceremonial Magic traditions had different ways to draw the (always upright) five-pointed star depending on whether you were invoking/summoning or banishing, and the points you started drawing from and toward gave different elemental correspondences.  For example, the invoking pentagram of spirit started at the point of spirit (top), and drew down to the point of earth (usually lower left as the inscriber is facing it) as the first stroke, calling in powers of spirit into this earthly realm.

In the 90′s an earnest subset of non-initiate and non-British-Traditional Wiccans insisted that all Wiccans and witches only used the point up version, and that Satanists exclusively used the point down version, because they had stolen the pure and good symbol of the Wiccans and inverted it for their use exactly the way they used inverted crosses.  And there was much hand-wringing whenever Hollywood used upright stars in circles for “the bad guys” or inverted stars in circles for “good witches”.

In the 00′s there was a new definition that gained traction for a time that a pentacle was a five-pointed star in a circle, and was therefore “contained” and “safe”, and a pentagram was a five-pointed star without a circle, and was “dangerous” to use or wear because it could… summon things on its own?  use wild magic?  attract spirits? become a portal?  I’m a little fuzzy on this part.  But it was chaotic and “unbound” and therefore only suited to chaos magicians, reckless practitioners, and the most advanced witches, and should be kept out of the hands of children and new witchlings who needed to be protected from uncontrolled magic until they learned to defend themselves properly?  Anyways, it became very important among adherents to this philosophy to check all the penta-whatever pendants on a jewelry display to see if the points of the star were completely contained by, joined with, or extended beyond the circle, because these meant different things about how its magic worked and who it would be “safe” or “appropriate” for.

Oh and now I remember that for a time there were people who ascribed great meaning to whether the lines of a penta-whatever amulet or inscription were flat-joined or interlaced like celtic knotwork, and if they were interlaced, whether the overlapping happened in one particular direction or the other.  But I never quite caught the meanings they associated with those things.  Darn.

A competing meme in the 90′s and 00′s was that the point up was for summoning, and the point down was for banishing.

In the 10′s, the dominant story in the next generation of witchlings seems to be that the pentacle is any five-pointed star, in image or object (there is no differentiation between the shape and the physical object, that meaning has pretty much disappeared), with the point facing up, and is symbolic of “white witchcraft” (a racist distinction for another rant) or “good magic”, and the point down is a pentagram, which is used by Satanists, necromancers, demonologists, and “black magic”.

This new definition has become viral and I think we in the older generation are outnumbered now.  I think we’ve lost this meme war.  

But hey kids, if you’re reading books published before the turn of this century, please be aware that the author is probably using the older definitions of the terms and not these newer things.

Now what interests me is how it’s going to change in the next memetic shift.  Anybody want to place bets?

I have a small bet that the new wave of “true meaning” will be that a pentacle has to be cast in silver, and a pentagram is anything made in a different metal, such as bronze, copper, iron, steel, pewter, gold, brass, etc.

Most of my money is riding on that it’ll be something completely out of left field I’ll have never heard of or thought of, but that will be suddenly widespread and an “everybody knows that the real meaning…” phenomenon. Just like all the rest of these waves.  ;)

I went to Portsmouth, NH for a day trip today.

I went into a well known Irish shop and began looking at the many jewelry displays. Suddenly, I was drawn to a smaller display that had earrings in it. I started looking through and saw a pair of Raven and Black Onyx earrings. There was a card with the mythology of Ravens and Goddesses. I obviously bought them. I was meant to get them. The Morrigan is around me. She’s been around me for about 2 weeks.

Thank you, beautiful Goddess.

Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 4: Packing and Moving All Your Shit

Recently, we received an ask to cover how to best pack for a move and since I’ve covered how to know if you can move out, how to find an apartment, and the kinds of questions you should ask when looking at an apartment, this seemed like a nice addition to the series. So here we go, part 4!

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- So all the bat boys go shopping like a day before Mother’s day.

- And they go in pairs.

- Like Jason and Tim are at Macy’s going through women’s clothing, with these confused expressions.

- “Tim, dude, look at this, It’s like a dress, only it has shorts at the end! How awesome is that? “

- “I feel like that’s really convenient, you know how busy they are, just slip it on and you’re ready for the day.”

- It is literally the ugliest romper in the world, it has a yellow and black block color pattern, and ruffles on the end of the shorts.

- “But you know we should keep our options open.”

“Yeah of course, of course.”

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Ryan: Alright, men. We need to plan something big and beautiful for Jack.

Ryan: Her gifts always blow us out of the water, it’s time to return the favor

Gavin: We should get her a crown

Gavin: Because she is a queen

Jack: Awww you guys.

Jack: That’s so sweet.

Jack: (you do realize this is a group chat though right?)

Ryan: I, admittedly, did not think this through.

Ryan: Would you be able to not read the chat, Jack?

Jack: Awww, and pass up on all these compliments? :3c

Ryan: Jack god dammit let us plan!

Michael: Hang on, I got this.

Michael: I just snatched her phone and locked myself in the bathroom, quick what are we getting her before she knocks the door down

Ryan: Gavin’s idea was cute and cheesy, we could build off that in a way she won’t expect?

Gavin: We could steal the entire exhibit for the Egyptian queen jewelry display that’s coming in on the 22nd

Ryan: That’s perfect. Maybe on a wall we wish her a happy birthday with spray paint. Really bring attention to it.

Ryan: You still got Jack’s phone, Michael?

Ryan: Any ideas?

Michael: Drop flowers across the city from a chopper?

Michael: What is the most amount of roses we can get?

Ryan: Depends on the vendor’s stock and the shopper’s cash.

Ryan: If each of us carries two big handfuls onto the helicopter…?

Gavin: We could do a release drop from the helicopter, fill a tarp and do a manual release?

Ryan: Wonderful.

Ryan: Does ten thousand sound good? Or should I get more?

Michael: That’s probably enough, right?

Michael: Jack is quiet now and I don’t trust her, I think we should wrap this up soon

Michael: Ryan on flowers, Gavin on chopper, me on museum?

Ryan: Alright team, go!

(Happy Birthday, Jack Pattillo!)

Neighbor!Calum (Part 1)


“Y/N, get down here.”

 You twirled in your little dress and put your denim jacket on. This was the first day of  a new year and you were determined to make this year, YOUR YEAR.   Forget all the crappy years you had before this one, you had a particularly good feeling about today. You grabbed your backpack from the corner of your room and slipped it on, making sure your pencilcase, folders and pad papers had all been  put in.  The tiny heels on your shoes clacked against the wooden floor as you headed down the stairs.

“What is it, mum?” you called back and your mom emerged from the kitchen, looking tired and worn out, handing you a lunch bag.

“I have a favor to ask you.”  

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Aomine x Reader

Yes, okay, hello bae. -winks-  \(´∀`)/

Pairing: Aomine Daiki x Reader

Scene: Someone kisses you and Daiki gets angry.

You were out shopping with Daiki. Well, you were shopping while Daiki was complaining about having to walk for so long. Both of you were holding hands while he was grumbling about being hungry.
“Okay then, why not you go and buy some donuts while I look around here?” You offered, laughing when his face lit up.
“I will be back!” He gave you a brief peck on the cheek as he walked away.
You shook your head at his hunger and turned your attention back to the trinket shop, looking at the dazzling jewelry on display.
“(First name)-chan?” You heard someone call out.
You turned around to see the face of your ex-boyfriend looking quizzically at you. You immediately shrank away as he neared, feeling a familiar feeling of fear snake through you. The primary reason of your break up had been abuse.
“Hello, what are you doing here?” You asked politely, wishing Daiki was here right now.
“You look gorgeous now,” he remarked as his gaze roamed from your head to your toe.
You bit your lip as he caressed your cheek.
“Why not come back to me? We would definitely look good together,” he offered and you immediately shook your head.
“I… I am with Daiki now!”
“Let me show you how good it was with me before,” he quickly pulled you to him and smashed his lips to yours.
It took a moment of shock before you reacted, struggling against his bruising force. He squeezed your arm tightly and you gasped in pain. Taking advantage of it, he shoved his tongue into your mouth. You were close to tears, wanting him to just go away. In a split second, he was pulled away roughly and you collapsed to your feet, lacking the energy to stay standing. You saw Daiki laying into your ex, punching him viciously. A flicker of relief ran through your veins before you shakily got to your feet.
“Daiki!” You shouted, pulling him away before someone called the cops on him.
He was furious and his muscles were tensed.
“Please. Don’t fight him anymore,” you pleaded, burrowing your face in his chest.
You were sobbing frantically and you felt him sigh as he placed his arms around you.
“I am sorry for not being there,” you heard him say and you trembled, struggling to stop the tears.
“Get away from her. If I hear or see you near her one more time…” Daiki warned, leaving his words unsaid to give it a more threatening effect.
Your ex immediately got to his feet and ran away, mumbling curses as he went.
“It is okay, he can’t hurt you anymore,” he held you tightly, pressing a kiss to your hair.
You looked up at him and he wiped away your tears, concern evident in his eyes.
“Please erase all that he has done to me just now,” you requested, a tremble in your voice.
Daiki looked worried until he realised you were serious and bent down to kiss you properly, replacing the disgusting kiss your ex gave you before.

Index Sororitas - Order of the Abyss

“May all that is lost, be found” – Sister Adriana Oldrich

The Battle Sisters of the Order of the Abyss are a Lesser Order Pronatus that split from the Order of August Vigil subsequent to the events that followed the destruction of the imperial oceanic mining planet Nahmu. Born out Despair, the Order protected the ancient space station known simply as the Ark. The Order is now charged with discovering and retrieving the Ark of Truth so that it may reveal all that is lost from the Imperium.


“She who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Sister Nina Marian

M37.207 The Order of August Vigil of the Order Pronatus were asked by the Ecclesiarchy to investigate whether the large battle station sized saviour pod currently laying on the ocean floor of Nahmu is from the Ark of Truth and whether it contains information on how to find it.

Nahmu, was once one of the finest oceanic mining worlds in the Imperium. In lower gothic the name translates as ‘Old Mother’ it was characterised by unique hive cities that would submerge onto the ocean floor to mine for precious minerals during slack water and would then process them above water during the rest of the time.

The Ark of Truth according to ancient scripture is supposed to be the resting place for some of mankinds long forgotten, finest relics, as well as an archive capable of locating of trove more. Under the command of Canoness Abeni Aingeal, sisters from the order of August Vigil boarded the space station submerged deep below one of Nahmu’s many oceans, to find life support fully operational but, incapable of self-sustained flight. Deep within its vaults laid the ancient; Vengeance Engines in full working order. While it was an exceptional discovery and warranted further investigation in the name of the emperor, it could not locate the Ark of Truth, with it only containing the last known location before it separated. Without a name they simply started referring to it as the Ark.

In the years following the sisters tirelessly continued to research and study the Ark in hopes in one day returning it to the Ecclesiarchy that was until M37.212 when the planet Nahmu started experiencing freak geological activity, so violent that it began tearing itself apart. Before the final cataclysmic event destroyed the planet for good Canoness Abeni Aingeal diverted all power to the stations shields in hope of it surviving the event, the result, the huge amounts of energy hurtled the Ark into the black void of space.

The Order of August Vigil assumed their fellow sisters dead and the Ark lost. For those upon the Ark, they had nothing but the ships automated life support, artificial environment, and trajectory. So until the surviving sisters gained control and reinitializing offline systems they were left hurtling uncontrollably into the empty vacuum of space. As they floated in the blackness of nothing it was not long before they came to the attention of roaming Ork Pirates. Sisters from the Order of the Valorous Heart who had been assigned as a protection detail as part of their penance for their sin of pride. These sisters would go on to repel the first attempted boarding action and then onto training the Sisters of the August Vigil the important combat tactics in order to survive. These lessons would prove to be invaluable, as under the command of Canoness Abeni Aingeal,over the next dozen years they were assailed multiple times from Eldar Corsair, and Rogue Trader but they survived and eventually were able to return home.

Early History

Returning home to the Order of August Vigil having been declared untainted, their sisterhood struggled to recognise them, they were far darker, they had gone into the Abyss and returned. They weren’t Sisters of August Vigil any more, their journey had turned them into something far darker. It was clear to command that they weren’t able to reassimilate, so it was decided that the survivors were to form a new convent on the Ark. This would not be enough to ease tensions for on Lethe, the survivors would disobey orders and break rank. Within the private museum of the planetary governor, laid the Red Necklace of Chirosius, the bloodstained chain with which Apostate Cardinal Bucharis bound Confessor Dolan with. Sisters from the Order of August Vigil had intended to negotiate and trade for it, but the sisters upon the Ark would have none of it. Launching a brutal and bloody assault, slaying all in their path the survivors took the necklace by force. Upon investigation into the incident, the Inquisition would clear the sisters of any wrong doing having discovered the governor had been a mutant and agent of Slaanesh. By this point the tension between the Order and the convent upon the Ark was untenable and with the rather begrudging blessing from the Canoness’ of both the Order of August Vigil and the Valorous Heart, Cardinal Halfleikr Pomorac authorized the convent to separate and form a new order. The new order was named the “Order of the Abyss” and took Nahmu as their home planet in name only, for the Ark would be their mobile convent and their flagship. The order was tasked with unlocking the Arks secrets, so that they may find the Ark of Truth.

Notable Sisters

In their relatively short history, the Order of the Abyss have an astounding recording for remarkable individuals

First Canoness Abeni Aingeal

“In the depths of despair, I found him” – Abeni Aingeal, First Canoness of the Order of the Abyss

First Canoness Abeni Aingeal from the Order of the Abyss, formerly from the Order of August Vigil prior to M40.212 would have been considered an understated leader among her sisterhood. The events that followed Nahmu, in the face of extreme adversity Abeni transformed all of that. As a leader she maintained the Emperors light among her subordinates so that they would not face the despair alone. She showed incredible ingenuity to solve the challenges thrown at them. Having led her sisters for so long in confinement, she was eventually able to led them in battle where she revealed a fiery passion, that her sisters follow without hesitation.

Current Canoness Superior Eliska Ludmila

“Now, Emperor be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair.” – Eliska Ludmila, Canoness of the Order of the Abyss

Orphaned when her father was press ganged into service of the Imperial Navy, she was sent to the Schola Progenium of Gabchik Kubish, at Bohemia, where she grew recognition as a steely eyed servant of the emperor, with a nerve of steel and an unrelenting desire to serve. The Narva offensive is the largest operation her Order has committed too and it has seen her tested. Lord Inquisitor Alexei de’Ossmann is wary of her, as she is not who he had hoped she would be when he approached the order to assist in the battle against the Tau Empire.

Gabchik Kubish was a member of the Bohemia Planetary Defense Force. When the Daemon Prince Reinhardrik manifested within the planetary governor’s palace, Guardsman Kubish participated in efforts to reclaim the palace and execute any heretics present. The Daemon Prince’s powers forced technological devices to fail- including the loyalist guardsmen’s weapons,, which allowed Reinhardrik to slaughter them at his leisure. In desperation, Guardsman Kubish used a Holy Orb of Antioch- a gift from a Space Marine of the Black Templars Chapter, mistaken for common jewelry and displayed in the palace for millenia- to exorcise the Daemon Prince, giving his life in the process.

In death, Gabchik Kubish was named a martyr, an Imperial Saint, and namesake of Bohemia’s Schola Progenium. Shrapnel from the Holy Orb was recovered and then inlaid into the guide bar of an ornate chainsword, which was named Beastbreaker. Bohemia’s planetary governor granted Eliska Ludmila the honor of bearing the weapon in battle, after the Order of the Abyss returned to the Imperial fold; every day, she fights to prove herself worthy of it.


Due to the nature of the Orders missions and tasks, they encounter many a tale of heretical crimes, all of which is recorded within the Testament of the Martyrs of Faith, so that once the Ark of Truth is discovered they may take up retribution against those that defile the name of the Emperor. Having constant contact with artefacts and relics has made the Order particularly lax about the worship of the god emperor through totemic representation. This has caused some friction with other more conservative Orders. This belief has held them in good stead, not being dragged into ideologically charged retributive campaigns and has allowed them to stay on their mission.

It is not the only belief that has caused controversy among other orders. Other orders commonly distain the blatant relationship between them and the Adeptus Mechanicus, for it is usual sight to see Techpriest accompany sisters upon missions to authenticate technological artifacts.

The founding sisters of the Order passed on their incredible will to survive but, over time sisters of the order have grown to believe that mere survival is not enough. One must not only endure the toughest of trials but also better them. To be a Sister of the Abyss, one must learn that lesson well and truly – to strive against all odds to win, and to be prepared to throw away victory and even their very lives for the ideals they will spend the rest of their lives fighting for. That way no sisters death is in vain and the dozen years trapped upon the Ark will have had a purpose.

Combat Doctrine

“We return light to that left in the dark” – Sister Ludvik Vit

All sisters from the Order of the Abyss have a wide range of individual specialisations when it comes to the study, investigation, and research into ancient relics and artefacts. On the battlefield the order has become specialised an a few polarised aspects of conflict due to the nature of the tasks. They are specialised in lightning raids and drop assaults in order to secure information or items, as well as rear-guard operations in order to defend and guard them.

Due to having the unique access to the vaults upon the Ark, the Order is able to deploy numerous ancient machines to aid in their missions. Reports have stated seeing Vengeance Engines upon the battlefield. An ancient machine resembling somewhere between that of a Penitent Engine from the Ecclesiarchy and that of an Dreadknight of the Grey knights. All indicators point to the fact that these machines are the same as those being deployed by the Order of the Desert Rose.

Confession suits have been seen marching and deploying alongside the sisters of the order. These exo suits originate from mining the mining equipment used to extract artifacts deep underground. The Order saw promise in these suits as did the Adeptus Mechanicus who quickly sought to strap an array of heavy weaponary onto them, making them walking tanks with formidable firepower; mass-collapsing grav-weaponary, infantry shredding heavy bolters, or armour piercing lascannons. Confession suits get their name from the belief that they are able to engage their enemies from such a distance with such ferocity that by the time they have reached you, if you are lucky enough still to be alive, you will confess. They are indeed one of most powerful assets that the Order has available, an asset many orders wish they had. More recent reports have spoken of an unidentified machine that bares similar resemblance to that of the Adeptus Astartes Dark Angel Chapter’s Nephilim Jetfighters providing air cover for the order, further investigation is needed to confirm

Notable Engagements

“There is no Artifact not worth shedding blood for! ” – Sister Tamara Vratislav

Since its establishment, the lessons learnt from the dozen years trapped upon the Ark have stood in good stead.

The 2nd Red Crusade

M38 in the Grail Abyss, the Grail had gone missing. Centuries of requests to examine this grail in the belief in contains clues to the whereabouts of the Ark of Truth had been denied, if the order could recover it before the Grail Wardens, they hoped to unearth a vital clue in their quest.


Battle for Sirens Gate

M39.273, Sedlec Ossuary, at the battle for Sirens Gate, the Order of the Abyss became bogged down against swathes of heretics. The heretics forces must be broken and the gate taken for within the masonry of the gate the order believed laid a clue to unlocking the silent vault within the Ark. Order was given to deploy the Confession suits. The suits strode into battle and from a far they pounded their enemies positions. Bloody havoc was bought upon their enemies that day. Their fiery rain hastily destroying the heretics so that their fellow sisters could secure the gate and the vital information could be secured.

Krakens Mouth

In return for information regarding the Ark of Truth, Lord Inquisitor Alexei de’Ossmann required that the Order dispose of the traitoris planetary governor of Vitus held up in the palace at Krakens Mouth. The Order determined that they best way to achieve this would be through an orbital assault, led by their Vengeance Engines. The understanding was that the orbital drop would enable the Engine to quickly unleash its dual heavy flamers and engage in the close quarters fighting that would inevitably ensue. Its smaller profile would allows it to negotiate the tight passageways around the palace that a regular armoured vehicle would be unable to navigate past. At the east entrance to the palace, sisters were ambushed by the remaining troops loyal to the governor, they overran their position. Supported by a Vengeance Engine with its additional mobility it was able to engage the enemy and push back the assault, had it have been one of the rhino chassis based vehicles available, it would have easily have been destroyed, leaving the sisters vulnerable and most likely lost.

The Narva Reclamation

999.M41 at the request of Lord Inquisitor Alexei de’Ossmann arrive on Narva to assist in combating the Tau Empire and retrieving the Magma-core Syphon the former auxiliary power supply to the Ark of Truth and currently under investigation by the Earth Caste of the Tau Empire

Renegades- 2

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 2342

Master   Part 1   

James Barnes was everything your parents had never warned you about. You didn’t get the speech growing up about safe sex and how smoking was bad for your lungs or how you should never drink and drive, ergo there wasn’t much warning for you about men like him. To be perfectly fair, there weren’t any men like Bucky.

When the morning sun finally rose, Bucky made good on his promise. With the sun coming in the open windows, you could see the disarray in which he lived. The bed was shoved into a corner, sheet-less, and the apartment itself looked like a frat boy’s dream. Bucky gathered his things quickly, jumping into a pair of wrinkled jeans and tugging on a shirt with a faded logo before dragging you promptly out the door.

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Unidentified Woman Strikes Angel Grove

By: Marilyn Flores & Jake McCormick

Blurry security footage from the local jewelry shop displays a mysterious woman laughing maniacally.

The recent outbreak of mayhem in Angel Grove, including the horrific events at the Angel Grove Fishing Dock, has the city reeling on edge. No information on the expected suspect has been released but rumors are surfacing about a mysterious female spotted at the scene of the crime by a deckhand staff member earlier that night.

According to tight-lipped sources, the silhouette appeared to be not quite human. To make the investigation even more unsettling, sources tell us the woman appeared to be on some sort of witch hunt in Angel Grove. Sophomore Kailee Duncan saw the mysterious woman walking towards town and claims she appeared to be muttering to herself and seeking some very specific items in the area.

This woman has been spotted running amuck all over town via social media. Here are some first-hand sightings from members of the student body here at AGHS.

While walking down the boulevard, senior Tracey Collins reported the below:

“I was shopping with my mom just before chaos broke out. Glass shattering and horrified screaming came from the shopping center on the corner. A crowd of panicked people came pouring out into the streets followed by a crazy lady!”

Freshmen Charlie Hounslow caught some haunting footage on social media of the suspect and provided a screenshot:

“I work at the Fishing Dock during summer break so I follow majority of the staff on social media. A Snapchat Story from one of my colleagues captured a contorted female body being pulled from the water. Initially she appeared to be lifeless, later in the video the figure suddenly jumped onto its feet with glowing green eyes!”

Sophomore Jenna Powell was eating lunch on Cinema Cafe’s terrace two blocks from the shopping center and captured the image below:

“I was at lunch with my family when we saw a strange woman walking in the middle of the street. We thought she must have been fleeing the mental institution because she was talking to herself in a strange voice and dressed like some sort of alien creature.”

We’re itching for more sightings so keep those smart phones handy, Tigers! Everyone is eager to see this ghoulish woman up close and behind bars. Good luck to whoever is responsible for taking down this lunatic and putting an end to the terror once and for all.