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Call for Interviewees

Hello all!

Once again, I’m low on interviewees. Since I don’t have the time to constantly post calls every single time I’m running low, I’m hoping to use this post as a kind of a reminder:


I’m always looking for artists who are on the spectrum to interview. Any and all kinds of artists are welcome.

This is including but not limited to:

WRITERS: all genres and forms are welcome (novelists, short stories, poetry, flash fiction, etc). It doesn’t matter if you’re unpublished, just starting out, a student, a hobbyist, or established. Traditionally published, self-published, small press, etc. You’re all welcome and you all have something to offer.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Self explanatory, any kind of visual art you can imagine (photography, painting, sketching, drawing, sculpture, installation, etc.).

FANARTISTS: Another self-explanatory category. Cosplay, visual, fanfiction, etc. Whatever you do in your fandom (any and all fandoms welcome), you’re an artist.

FILMMAKERS: YouTubers, directors, cinematographers, anything that has to do with making films (short, features, documentaries, etc).

PERFORMANCE ARTS: actors, theater arts, singers, mimes, any sort of performers.

DANCERS: Any kind of dance style you can imagine is welcome here (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, burlesque, belly-dancing, ballroom, etc.)

MUSICIANS: playing instruments, composing, singing, anything involving music

CULINARY: maybe your medium of choice is food. If so, you’re welcome here.

CRAFTS: any sort of craft you can think of (sewing, knitting, crocheting, candle making, jewelry making, etc.)

All levels of artists are welcome: whether you’re a student or a professional, just starting out or already established. If you create, you have something to offer and therefore I want to interview you :)

If you’re still unsure whether or not your art qualifies (there’s a 97.9% chance it will), and your question isn’t answered in the F.A.Q., please contact me at

If you want to be interviewed, please email me at the same address (

This site continues because I get requests for interviews. If the interviews run out, this site will remain as a resource :) Updates will continue as long as there are aces out there willing to be interviewed.

Thank you, everybody.

Slytherin Things (Part Two)

Wooden bookshelves filled with old books, the smell of rain, candles protruding from every available space, fineliners, wooden desks, jewelry hanging off driftwood attached to the walls, expensive rugs and bedsheets, fashionable scarves, boots under the bed, hollowed-out books with forbidden spells on notepads inside…

It has been requested, so here is how I made my Aphrodite Bath!

  • Fake flowers, hung from the shower rod with white yarn
  • Small dollar store dishes with gold jewelry
  • Tea candles with Love Salt* sprinkled on them
  • Pink, white and gold candles (I found the shell candle at the dollar store)
  • A perfume I like (Beyonce’s Heat Wild Orchid)
  • A seashell holding Love Salt* and a gold ring
  • Seashell candles sitting on a bed of pearl bracelets (These are on the shelf but are hidden behind a flower)
  • A pink bath bomb from Lush (I don’t know which one)
  • Red rose petals

*Love Salt: ground coarse sea salt and dried red rose petals


—-Spirit Box—-

A witchcraft box for spiritwork including:

Glass mirror amethyst box, Mugwort bundle, Purple titanium aura quartz druzy necklace, Vertabrae bone with amethyst point and other stone details, Black candle

Trio of Teas: Pu-erh rose tea, Oolong tea, and lapsang souchong tea (not pictured)

—With labradorite slab $45

—Without labradorite slab $36

Purchase @quintessablessings

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Something that connects me with owls or cats thank you!!!!

For Owls:

For Cats:

Hope will help!

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