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Cheer Up Post #4452 - Jewelry Boxes Edition


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Twin suns
Twin hearts
And the box theyre going in, soon to be painted.
Yep, i made another one. I tried to find a black heart but couldnt. But the purple reminded me of what couldve been, and its what id want my lightsaber color to be. The box on the outside is going to be painted red, with the drawe in black. The inside is gonna painted in purple, and the inside of the drawer is going to be white. I might get another box like this and do it the other way around.
Im not quite done grieving. I picked up the new maul comic not too long ago and while yes i love it, it just brings new pain sometimes. For some reason wearing these helps…


Magic The Gathering deck holder / Jewelry box

Cardboard box covered with leather. Light, compact, perfect for cards, jewelry, or any little thing :)

~Item description:

  • * Approximate dimensions: 11 cm x 7 cm x 8 cm 
  • * Approximate weight: 100 g
  • * Made of up-recycled leather, cardboard, and brass
  • * Fits up to 100 double-sleeved cards 

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