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Hello! I just wanted to say that I posted the meanings of the gemstones I use for my necklaces on my Etsy! I was hoping it could help out anyone who is unsure of which gemstone promotes and emphasizes their emotions and personal journeys! Hope you guys check out my Tree of Life necklaces at >> <<

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A gorgeous 5.08ct, Natural Fancy Light Yellow Diamond ring. Happy Friday everyone! #love #fashion #wow #idea #gifts #anniversary #diamonds #diamond #diamondring #diamondrings #anniversary #anniversarygift #jewelry #diamond jewelry #pinkdiamonds #bride #weddingday #weddingrings #engagement #engagementring #losangeles #calabasas #malibubeach #beverlyhills #bellaire #santabarbara (at Calabasas, California)

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Lariat, Peach Pearls, Mother of Pearl Drops, Necklace, Classic Style, Jewelry, Anniversary Gift, Mother of the Bride Gift, Peaches and Cream
This is a Lariat style necklace made with peach color freshwater pearls. The clover shaped medallions that make up the lariat are made of mother pearl surrounded by crystals. The color combination is lovely and glamorous. A lobster clasp provides for ease of wear. The freshwater color dyed pearls are strung to look like clovers to match the medallions. Hand forged connectors keep the medallions in place as they hang just right on the décolleté. The pearls are top drilled and allow for the formation of the clover. Here is some folklore regarding clovers. Some believe that the Shamrock which is the traditional Irish symbol may represent the Holy Trinity. The four-leaf clovers are considered lucky. A common idiom is to be (or to live) in clover, meaning to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity. In addition to all the interesting stories of clovers, the necklace is a charming piece. It is a great accessory for all kinds of happenings - weddings, parties, the office etc. The peach color is flattering to all skin types and the style never goes out of fashion. A matching pair of earrings on French wires completes the look - you get them with the necklace. Dimensions: Necklace: 24 long; Clovers: 5 - 15 mm; Deep peach coin pearls: 5 mm; Pale peach oblong pearls: 8 mm. Care: Wipe with soft cloth and keep away from chemical sprays, perfumes etc.

Rose Quartz, Light Aventurine, and Citrine Tree of Life necklace up in the shop! Description of the meanings for each gemstone also on my Etsy☺️ Can you tell I wish I was on a beach instead of in all this snow?!❄️🐚❄️

Mambo No. 5

Thanks for the tag @insomniasix! Here goes:

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bag or My Pocket
- Phone
- Keys
- Wallet (I never leave home without these three first ones)
- Tissues
- Doggy poo bags :D

5 Things You’ll Find in My Room I don’t have ”my room” cause I live with my hubs and kid buuuut how about on my PC desk
- My faithful Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet
- Small box of jewelry I got as anniversary gift from hubs <3
- Unpaid bills… zzz…
- Old movie tickets from Kingsman: The Golden Circle
- Notepad and pens

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do
- Get a nice job on my own field
- Read more books (or rather, have the time to read)
- Visit New Zealand
- Live in my own house
- Make a living from drawing and/or writing (I’m too lazy to ever achieve this)

5 Things That Make Me Happy
- My family, including my Finnish hound Sentti (who can be a pain in the arse)
- Writing
- Drawing
- Chatting with friends
- Call me materialistic, but our new bed and couch!

5 Things on My To-Do List
- Write tomorrow’s Noctober drabble
- Finish editing the next chapter of Glances
- Pay some bills >:c
- Go grocery shopping and to the pet store to buy dog food
- Research some stuff in case I get the job I was offered

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