Fingerprint Wedding Band

Take a part of your beloved spouse wherever you go with the fingerprint wedding band. Forged of beautiful white gold, this unique wedding band comes engraved with your significant other’s fingerprint so that no matter where life takes you, they’ll always be with you.


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DIY Marble Ring Tutorial from Marte Ravn Tovik.

This is an absolute beginner “stick and glue” DIY. These marble rings would be an excellent fund raiser or craft fair piece of jewelry to sell because the supplies are super cheap, they take almost no time to make and are so customizable for kids or adults. For more “stick and glue” DIYs go here:

anonymous asked:

the very most autism related jewelry i find has puzzle symbology. are you wary of some shops, say etsy or ebay, which sell other kinds?

You said “wary”, but I think you mean “aware”, right?

maureenthedramaqueen has an etsy shop with delightful & affordable bracelets, necklaces and etcetera, made by an actual autistic person.

SpaceRobot has some great neurodiversity/communication necklaces, with batteries and emotions. They donate their proceeds to ASAN, too!

I can’t find any more right now. Does anyone else know of any?


Sorry for the inactivity lately. Dealing with family stuff (ugh) and battling with Comcast, in addition to being consumed by cheese charms.

Here’s a custom ordered taco pizza BFF pizza heart necklace. I’ve never had a taco pizza before, but it looks delicious.

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