CINDERELLA UPDATE - Starlight Stage Song Election

The results of the song elections have also been released! Clickin on the regular song banner will show you a small animation for the winnings! In collaboration with the 6th General Elections, the singers of the winning songs will be determined by it! Top 10 of each song-type will also be included under a cut at the bottom of this post

The winning solo song is Koi Kaze! This will be sung by the 2017 Cinderella Girl, which is Kaede Takagaki dammit

 The winning unit song it Tulip! This will be sung by a unit consisting of the Top Idol of each type! As such, the re-recording will be sung by Mayu Sakuma, Kaede Takagaki, and Mio Honda

Until next time, producers!

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Song Election results!

The results for the Starlight Stage Song Election have been released, and the big winners are “Koi Kaze” for solo song and “Tulip” for unit song. This means that the General Election winners, Kaede Takagaki, Mio Honda, and Hajime Fujiwara, will be covering “Tulip” while Kaede covers… “Koi Kaze”. Maybe we’ll get a new version or something, but it will be added to the game soon! Thank you, everyone, for participating and I hope we can do this again next year!

The top 10 in each category are listed below

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