jewellery shoot


Nutan: 4 June 1936 - 21 February 1991.

Nutan really favoured long danglers.

The middle panel is from a 1958 Filmfare piece titled “Stars and their Jewellery”. which states that the jewellery in the photo shoot spans three generations. The magazine notes that there is a continuation but also differences in the jewellery sets.

From L to R the text reads

l: Wearing her mother’s wedding set. The necklace of enamelled gold set with precious stones was chosen by the bride herself. The jewels are a fitting compliment to Shobhana’s features.

M: A necklace and earrings given to Nutan’s grandmother on her marriage. The chunky magnificence of this set reveals the pattern of those times - a splendid gift made in the grand manner.

R: The colours of the necklace and the long threaded earrings are repeated in most of the saris the young star wears. They make the set a versatile accessory for casual occasions.

Fare is Fair

Pairing: Piotr Veselov x reader

Word Count: 5706

Summary: “Nyet, I do not believe that. A beautiful girl like you, and she is not on a date on a Friday night?” 

A/N: This is cheesier than a fucking pay to watch porno in a cheap motel, and I am going to hell.

It’s nearly midnight when you finally leave the library.

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