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SO IN LOVE with my new necklace from ✨ @_TheOpaque_ ✨ I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to @_Taneisa_ for making such badass pieces of jewellery & sharing them with the world 💐💐💐 You are an incredible lady! The necklace is made up of a chevron amethyst crystal point, topped with an authentic porcelain antique doll bust & is adorned with howlite ☁️ I’m also wearing an opalite ring that I got from her too! 💧 I can’t wait to have my own little photoshoot with it 💓💓💓

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These photos are from the past couple of months, but I’ve been on my journey for about 8 years and counting. I’ve come through a hell of a lot, including a time where I thought I’d never be permitted to be and express myself at all. Oh, how things have changed. I’ve gained my independence, and I’m growing happier and happier with where I’m at.

Maybe I’m still not figured out all the way, and maybe I won’t ever be, but that’s okay. I’m proud to wear as many or as little labels as I see fit. A special shout out to my fellow disabled and mentally ill trans siblings in particular, who have helped me to understand myself in ways that I never thought I could.

You do you. No matter what, no matter who.

(genderfluid, ze/hir or it/its)