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Abrasax Bling

The Abrasax siblings are literally dripping with bling. They sparkle more brightly than Edward Cullen could ever hope to. Since the designs are rather beautiful and potentially illuminating, I felt it worth posting caps/composite images of some of their most striking pieces.

Kalique’s jewellery is all about femininity and beauty, and she most notably wears dragonfly ornaments in-keeping with her sigil. She wears the most understated jewellery imaginable after making herself young again, and I expect that was done to create a positive impression with Jupiter - it’s more in-line with Jupiter’s humility than the elaborate crowns and gaudy decorations she wore before.

Titus wears silver jewellery almost exclusively, and while it’s somewhat hard to say with certainty his jewellery appears to emulate his dragon sigil - as 4cometrising pointed out, the … thing in the left-hand image looks something like a dragon’s carcass. Titus is relatively understated with his jewellery, and it’s significant that he tones it down when he’s with Jupiter - like Kalique he appreciates that she’s humble and wants to endear himself to her. He also wears a ludicrous ruby-studded hair-clip at the wedding, but I can’t get a decent cap of it. That doesn’t suggest anything more than his requiring a haircut, but it amuses me deeply nonetheless.

Balem’s jewellery is pretty much all gold and is very abstract in design - I expect that this was a very deliberate choice. While his siblings have dragonflies and dragons in their jewellery, Balem has … lines. It indicates that he suffers from a poverty of imagination, which makes sense given that he’s basically an intergalactic number-cruncher who worships at the altar of capitalism (and his mom, naturally).

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days AU - Part 8 FINAL PART ( Bucky x Reader)

Synopsis: This is a fluffy AU based on the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. This is part of @stories-from-stark-tower Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! You work at Radiance magazine and have been assigned the task to find a man to date and ‘lose him’ within the span of 10 days making the typical mistakes women tend to make, writing it up for your article. Easy right? Bucky Barnes is your ever so charming victim and it turns out he has his own 10 day task and may prove to be more of a challenge than you thought.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2318 
Warnings: Swearing. 
AH THIS WAS THE FINAL CHAPTER AND I AM SO SAD ITS THE END! Thank you for all your kind words I really appreciate it and a special shoutout to @poe-also-bucky who has shown me so much support and been my main motivator throughout writing this, seriously she is the greatest! If you haven’t watched the movie yet go watch it - its one of the funniest romcoms out there! (And if i had to cast anyone as the role of Ben in the movie I would cast Sebastian Stan, He’d be so great at the role!)


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Amazing polymer clay art

Today I’m going to tell you about amazing Russian polymer clay artist - Valeria Myrusso.

Valeria creates absolutely unique, one of a kind jewelry, that will strike your imagination

Her artwork studio is called The Black Hen Grimoire"/ “Grimoire La poule noire" 

"Grimoire” studio considers common process of creation to be a metaphor of alchemical search for the Truth, endless experiment with the matter, that allows to cognise deeper the spirit. This idea is the reason why the studio decided to take the name of medieval alchemical treatise about creation of magic artifacts. Each work of “Grimoire” is not only a decorative addition to the appearance of the person, it’s also an attempt to make a person think about his/hers own place in the world of reality and fantasy, to think about the duality of usual events, things, and feelings, to search for the fairy tale in the ordinary. The main idea of “Grimoire’s” works is “the magic in things”, and the creation of jewellery that has a complex concept of inner content. That is why the topics of “Grimoire’s” works are closely interwined with history, mythology, folklore, and symbols of different cultures. The main material of the works is polymer clay, but “Grimoire” also uses a variety of precious and semiprecious stones, and metal. The studio constantly works on improving and polishing up its style, shaping and techniques so that the art of polymer clay miniature could compete with the classic jewellery, and not yield to it in the beauty, and in solidity. The studio works on several lines of jewellery: in addition to small collections and themed series we create single pieces of beauty that have their own stories. We try to preserve the uniquness of each piece, so we do not make replicas and duplicates. Modern world is utterly boring, and cynical, so we hope to create a fairy-tale with our own hands - a fairy-tale we all need deep inside our souls. Valeria Myrusso (Prokopets Valeriia)

Here you can see some of those breathtaking masterpieces, for more please visit Valeria’s site:

Barrette “Оlliach”. Polymer clay, pastel, paint, pearls, ethiopian opals, metal furniture.

Set “La pivoine. Danse perles de midi” ( earrings, necklace).

Polymer clay, pastel, paint, baroque pearls, emeralds,  metal furniture.

Brooch “Ginkgo”. Polymer clay, pastel, paint, pearls, ethiopian opals, metal furniture. Collection Calatoria.Wien

Beautiful packaging

Pendant “Imago lazurium: Cocoon”. Polymer clay, pastel, paint, nacre, pearl, garnet, metal furniture. Collection “Matrimonium Alchemicus”.

Pendant “À l'ombre d'une fleur de lys”.

Polymer clay, pastel, paint, ethiopian opals,pearl, sapphires, metal furniture.

A silver waist clasp set with an opal made in the late 1890s for Liberty’s department store in London. Liberty specialised in selling unusual and artistic products and in 1899 it launched a line of ‘Cymric’ jewellery. Inspired by Celtic designs, Cymric jewellery contained flowing lines and semi-precious gemstones or enamels. Although the jewellery looked hand crafted it was actually mass produced and affordable which made it extremely popular.

Inside Kylie Jenner's Sweet Sixteen Goodie Bags

Requested by Anon: Inside Kylie’s Sweet 16 Goodie Bags:

  • Audiovox 808 headphones
  •  iHome Bluetooth speakers
  • Kardashian Beauty Cosmetics
  • Jewellery from her own jewellery line
  • Glamhouse Jewellery
  • PacSun Journal
  • Rob’s Arthur George Socks
  • MadPax Spiketus Rex backpack
  • Gift certificates for a Triangl bikini
  • Gift certificates for salon treatments at Blo Blow Dry Bar
  • Gift certificates for BALLASOX foldable flat
  • $50 gift certificates at Karmaloop 
  • NeffHeadwear beanies
  • Koolaburra boots
  • See You Monday hair turban
  • Fresh-Tops clothing
  • tote
  • Cosmetics and haircare from It Factor
  • Cosmetics and haircare from Cake Beauty
  • Cosmetics and haircare from Cover FX
  • EOS lip balm basket
  • Duck Tape
  • Nika Water
  • Luggage Pros tag
  • Emi-Jay hair ties

*Please note this is not all that was in them.