Symbols and Signs: Gemstones

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that’s not the only meaning to the stone. Gems have been used to convey meanings for a thousand years and every one has a special meaning.

  • Sapphire: the gem of fidelity and loyalty in love.

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  • Emerald: protects against evil spells and can cure disease. It is said that emeralds also give somebody the gift of foresight when placed under the tongue.

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  • Diamond: Diamonds of course mean wealth but also loyalty. By saying something has the heart of a diamond, they are steadfast and never changing.

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  • Ruby: Rubies symbolise safety and peace in India, with it being a popular jewel to offer to the gods in return for being reborn royal in the next life. In medieval times, rubies symbolized health, wealth, wisdom, virtue and love.

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  • Amethyst: Ancient Greeks believed that the stone could prevent drunkenness, therefore giving the wearer clarity of mind.

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  • Peridot: This green stone represent s confidence, good luck and is thought to have been able to prevent nightmares.

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  • Aquamarine: represents courage, clarity and a healthy mind. It is rumoured that the stone was used to keep sailors safe at sea.
  • Pearl: The Chinese believed that pearls gave protection against fire but the western world believes them to mean chastity and purity. Pearls are also the gem of widowhood.

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  • Garnet: Garnet were often used in making jewels for the clergy and nobility. Pharaohs of Egypt wore them and Romans uses them to make sealing rings.
  • Citrine: Not a gem but quartz. It is believed gives its wearer energy and life. The Chinese believe it to be a symbol of wealth and abundance.
  • Opal: This mystical stone has long been associated with the supernatural. In ancient Rome, opals symbolized love and hope and in ancient Greeks it gave the wearer the gift of prophecy. Today it is a symbol of hope, innocence, and truth.

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  • Topaz: The yellow stone means love, fidelity, strength and intelligence.

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  • Turquoise: Native American tribes believed it bestowed protection against ill-will and danger.