I think this is so helpful on deciding how to wear your hair according to your dress type! Also if your dress is cap sleeves wear your hair down, half up or an updo!👗


Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite wedding of all time

There is no one that I love absolutely above the rest.  I watch the videos of these weddings frequently, sorry anything before HD really drives me nutters


The costumes of Christine and Meg in:

  1. Hannibal (slavegirl ballet costumes)
  2. Angel of Music (Degas / Elissa)
  3. Angel of Music (Degas / dressing gown)
  4. Il Muto (Jeweler’s Maid / Countess)
  5. Masquerade (Star Princess / Meg Maid)
  6. Don Juan Rehearsal (Degas / Wishing dress)
  7. Don Juan Triumphant (Aminta / Gypsy girl)
  8. Final Lair (Boy costume / Wedding dress)

Ideally I should have had a Sylvan Glade/Serafimo one as well, but I couldn’t find any in my files. If anyone have one, I’d be happy to add it to the set!


Day Thirteen: Diana’s or AND Kate’s wedding? 

Not going to lie, I’m a sucker for both weddings


100 Favorite Royal Gowns for 1500 Followers 100/100

Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding Gown, now Queen Elizabeth II

This collection began with Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Gown and it’s fitting it should end with her Wedding Gown.  In reality she has been married twice.  The first was in this gown when she married Prince Philip.  The second was in her Coronation gown when she married the Empire (now the Commonwealth)