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Hump Day Irish Hunk

Two More Days And Counting Down To The Feast Of St. Patrick!

Feast Your Eyes On This Irish Lad!

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Caged Perspectives

augur future déjà vu
an egg mold of me, congealed
nested tight, go ahead, look

above my head the stars spin
vision of birthed beginnings
icy fingers reach out,
gods voracious, but too short to reach you

my many voices salient, secreting fear
like a jeweled snail trail, I’d give it to you
the pretty shimmers would fit your neck
endless beauty of pain
it finds me; it follows
I’d back up


anonymous asked:

How about Genji having an s/o before he was murdered and Roadhog having one way back before Australia's outback became a hell scape. S/o beloved there dead but they meet again and s/o wants to be with them again cause they still care for them.

sure thing! careful, both of them are kind of long since it’s a lot to put in. >u<

all under the cut~

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Can’t Help Falling ➳

Originally posted by bagginshield

Genre: Fluff/Serenity

FT. Thorin Oakenshield, The Company, Elves, Gandalf

Plot: You arrive in Rivendell with the rest of Thorin Oakenshield’s company. But you change yourself and find the confidence to approach the leader that you have fallen for.

A/N: I am now in love with Thorin so please forgive me and if there is anyone out there who wants to request some stuff go for it! 

I walked alongside the rest of Thorin Oakenshield’s company, trying to keep up at a steady pace as we entered the beautiful elven city of Rivendell after an eventful chase from a pack of Pale Orcs.

I had been reluctantly allowed to join in on such a quest thanks to the acquaintance of Gandalf the Grey who had claimed me as one of the greatest warriors, much to Thorin’s dislike, especially since I was half human half dwarf. He treated both Bilbo and myself as the outsiders of the group, as if we were a bunch of misfits or infected species worthless of even existing.

The company sigh in content as we settle into our shared room. I drop my things instantly, beginning to stretch out my tensed up muscles before I am tapped on the shoulder by an female elf, much taller than I was.

I smile up at her kindly as she speaks softly, ‘We have arranged some new garments for you while you stay here my dear, would you like to follow me milady?’

I look around at members of the company, some who had already fallen into a deep sleep while some were busy groaning about how famished they were. Thorin had his back to me, speaking to Gandalf about something or other.  

I look towards Bilbo who had heard all that the elf maiden had said and nodded towards me with a smile, ‘Go on Y/N. No harm in it at all.’ I turned back to the tall lady with a smile, ‘Very well, why not?’

I exit the large dome-like building and follow the young elf maidan into a small marble house. And how I was spoilt.

The Elf maidens bathed me, massaging my scalp so gently, washing in the sweetest honey-flower smelling soap I had ever smelt in my life, also cutting my hair to a suitable length. They dressed me in the finest silk dress they had that they had altered to my size, decorating my hair with precious flowers into a half up-half down style.

As the elf maiden, who was named Verrona, continues with my hair, she asks, ‘What is your leader like? Thorin Oakenshield? He seems quite handsome.’

I feel a pang at her words, almost jealousy, but how could I when Thorin wasn’t even mine?

‘He is cold hearted, very quiet and not that talkative, yet, he is courageous, and has a sense of pride over his company, he is kind and loving, in a business father like position I suppose. And yet, he has the great aspects of leadership …’ I went quiet, biting my lip slowly as Verrona just smiled. ‘My dear it seems you are in love with the dwarf …’

I sigh slowly, nodding at her words. I had in fact fallen for our dear leader, it was true, but I couldn’t help but know that the feelings would not be mutual.

Even though I had hatred towards him, I couldn’t help but fall for him. I didn’t what it was, it could have been his attractiveness, his rough voice that sent shivers down my spine or his ambition to get back his home of Erebor.

‘I believe you should tell him. Even though it may not seem right, you should to the expense of your heart,’ She said as she finished my hair, placing her hands on my shoulders gently. ‘I should?’

‘Why of course! Tell him, if he accepts it will bring joy, if not, then it will take time to move on and heal your heart, but that is life is it not?’ I turn to her at this as she says this. I smile softly and nod as she pushes my hair out of my eyes, ‘Do that my dear, and the heaviness upon your heart will lift.’

I smile gently, nodding at this before standing from my place as they slipped on silver slippers before helping me before the large mirrors.

I stare at myself in awe, never remembering a moment like this when I actually looked decent for once, but it was as if a new confidence had grown within me at the sight of my “new” self. The dress flowed right to the floor with a small trail, the jewels and flowers almost sparkling in the candlelight. I smiled slowly, turning to the elven ladies before bowing to them, ‘Thank you.’

They all smiled, some giggling at my appearance in content before Verrona helps me down, lifting my trail as the ladies led me towards the outside area where the banquet would be served. I am announced quickly by a tall male elf, ‘The maiden has arrived.’

The elf maidens move out of the way slowly, the company all on their feet at the sight of me, their eyes wide and some of their mouths agape.

‘Wow!’ I hear Ori say as his eyes widen in shock with a smile, making me giggle. ‘My, Y/N, you look absolutely divine,’ Balin says as with a large smile. Kili nods at me, getting knocked in the stomach by Fili as he stares on.

‘Indeed, Miss Y/N, you are indeed a precious sight for these old, sore eyes,’ Gandalf say with a laugh as I just shake my head, smiling, ‘Gandalf your comments are too kind.’

My eyes hover over the company and slowly towards Thorin who eyes were glued to me, looking up and down at my figure, and my heart leaps as I almost see the tug of his lips that curve into a small smile.

Fili comes to my side instantly, beating Kili aside who groans in annoyance, lending an arm to me with a smile before helping me up the stairs towards an empty seat beside him and, who I least wanted to be next to to be honest, Thorin.

As the company settled down, some still looking towards me with great smiles, others serving the food onto plates, I was shocked as Thorin took up my hand in his, whispering in my ear, ‘You look beautiful, Y/N.’

I look up at him in shock as he squeezes my hand, ‘Th-Thank you Thorin ..’

He smiles gently at me before turning back to Lord Elrond as if nothing had happened, allowing me to watch him carefully before turning to Dwalin who smiled at me as he caught me staring at our leader, winking at me as I blushed heavily.

But as dinner continued, Thorin excused himself, his expression solemn as he left the table. I watched as he left before being nudged by Dwalin who gestured his head to the leaving dwarf, ‘Go after him lass.’

I nodded slowly, raising myself from the dinner table and following Thorin quietly. I watched as he heaved a sigh, his hands tight fists and his posture slightly hunched, his teeth clenched when he reached the pavilion, leaning on the balcony.

I watched as he stared out at the beautiful city before coming beside him quietly, not wanting to upset him further but he growled, ‘What do you want?’

I gulped. This wasn’t going to go down as well as I thought it would.

‘Well, I just wanted to see if you were okay, you seem pretty tense …’
‘Well of course I am, were wasting time here when we could already be through the mountains at this point! We could be nearly there! So close to saving our home! My home …’

I sigh softly at hearing his worries, it was unexpected that he would tell me such things, but I knew carrying the weight of such burdens could get to one at times of weakness. I raised my hand to place it on his shoulder when suddenly he slapped it away, shocking me as he muttered under his breath, ‘I don’t need your sympathy.’

I feel a spike of anger but don’t say anything in return. This dwarf had a wall of ice wrapped around his heart and it would not break for any small repent of help. 

But before I leave I say earnestly, even though his back faces me, ‘Don’t allow your anger to get in the way of your true sight Thorin. Your a good man, really you are, but your anger and spite will just get rid of the people you care about. Think about that.’

And with that, I found myself leaving to allow the dwarf to be left with his thoughts, resonating in the sound of the waterfalls.

As night fall fell over the beautiful town, I couldn’t help but not fall asleep, the snoring of the company echoing throughout the dome building continuously like a song. Finally when I had had enough, I got to my feet, mumbling under my breath before tiptoeing past all the others who were fast asleep.

I made my way through the quiet town, my shawl wrapped around my shoulders for warmth I stared around at the beautiful elf town. I knew that this would probably most likely be one of the lost of many stops that we would be coming across, and I knew that there was no point in sugar coating the fact that there would a be a great battle that would take place. I found myself at a balcony looking out towards the terraces, staring up at the beautiful moon that flooded me in its majestic light. 

I knew that things would change and that many would lose there lives there was no denying that. I sighed to myself, pushing my hair out of my face when I was startled by a very familiar voice, ‘Good evening Y/N.’

I turned to find Thorin sitting behind me on the marble steps beneath one of the blossom trees, his expression still as solemn as ever, still in his dark blue uniform that he always wore. I give him a small smile, ‘Good evening Thorin …’

He was smoking his pipe, the pine-scented smoke lingering in the air as he spoke, ‘What are you doing up so late? Shouldn’t you be resting?’ I sigh, giving him a gentle smile as I made my way over to him, sitting beside him on the steps, ‘Well I needed some air I guess, get things off of my mind.’ 

Thorin nods at this, taking another puff before I ask, ‘What about you? Why are you out on a beautiful night like this?’

‘I guess it is also like yourself, trying to arrange my thoughts and come to a decision of whether what I am thinking of is madness, or truth in itself …’ I raised my eyebrow at this in confusion, making him chuckle.

‘Well, maybe you could tell me, I could help if you like?’ He looks back at me at this before sighing, ‘I don’t think you can help me. Besides its not very interesting anyway.’ 

At this there was silence and he turned to find me closer with my head resting on the palms of my hands, making him chuckle again deeply, making me smile at the reactions my actions made.

He looked at me once more before looking out to the beautiful skies as he begun, ‘Well, there is this someone of late who I have known not for very long. I was very against this person at first, but over time it has come to my attention, that I began to see their great work as a swordsman and as a friend to all my brothers. I admired them from afar, and realised, that I had begun to fall for this person.’ 

I gulped at this but Thorin didn’t seem to notice as he continued, ‘I ignored them with every fibre in my body, even greatly when I began to fall for them. I knew that I loved her as I watched her get along so well with my nephews and the rest of the company, even with that Hobbit Bilbo Baggins …’ 

He turned to me slowly, his eyes trained on my face as my eyes had filled with shock. Thorin’s face began to come closer to mine as he continued to speak, ‘Seeing her in such a different light tonight, in her natural beauty and in her very powerful status, I found myself falling even deeper.’

I gasped softly as his nose grazed my skin, his forehead now pressed to mine as he began to whisper softly, his breath batting against my skin heatedly, ‘And I can’t stop myself any longer but want to tell this beautiful lass that I am in love with her ..’

At this I shut my eyes, allowing him to kiss me softly, his lips pressing against mine lightly. It wasn’t rushed but slow, as he moved his hands to cradle my face as if I was made of glass, mine resting on his shoulders shakily. He finally pulled away, sighing as he did, his glacial eyes staring into my own as I whispered, ‘When?… How-’

Thorin smiled gently, running his hand through my hair gently, ‘Like I said, I fell in love with your kindness, with your heavenly nature and beauty, and most importantly your strength of heart.’ I smiled at this, tears coming to my eyes slowly, his face drawing in confusion as I shake my head, ‘There tears of happiness Thorin. You’ve made me so happy ..’ 

He smiles gently at this, chuckling softly as he said, ‘And you me, Amrâlimê.’ Thorin uses his thumbs to wipe away my tears, shaking his head as he placed his hands on my arms before he placed his forehead against mine, both of us shutting our eyes in contentment as the moon bathed us in its heavenly light.

A Heart as black as this (2/?)

Summary:  Durza manages to gain possession of a dragon egg unlike any he’s ever seen. What hatches is not what he expected, but he will do whatever it takes to turn his little hatchling into the dragon he craves. [AO3]

Rating: NC-17

[Chapter I][Masterlist]

Warnings: blood, torture, abduction, cruelty against rodents. Angst, probably, and weird incestuous vibes in later chapters. Emotional manipulation. Also, definitely dub-con to follow.

The hatchling grew at an alarming rate. A few days after hatching, it had already grown into a child, gracile and ethereal like a fae, and cruel like a marten that killed for no other reason than sports and bloodlust. It never occurred to Durza to act as a moral guide for the twig-like thing, or to restrain it in its innocent savagery.

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Hannah x Lucas x Scooter Fic

A/N: WHy did I write this. I don’t know. The temptation was too strong. Based on this.

This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever written. Please enjoy.

jo-martinez thecoyotetrickster

Scooter always knew that summer was the best season.

Some days, Hannah took him to the pond and he was captain of a newspaper ship until it curled and warped and sank to the silty bottom. Then he could lie on the sun-baked rocks at the edge of the water and dip his little paws in to keep cool. Other days, he napped in his human’s lap while she watched hours of Netflix. He bounced around when she laughed and nudged her with his little nose when she cried over her fictional friends.

Yes, Scooter loved summer, and Scooter loved Hannah.

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Sunday Smugglers

King Prawns Take To Bournemouth!

And Not A Shrimp Amongst Them!

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Irish Dancer

Beats Tom Cruise Hands Down!

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Random Hot Guys

The Sexiest Guys Are Often Regular Joes Who Keep Themselves Fit, But Do Not Make A Fetish Of It. The Four Guys Here Fit The Bill. I’m Not Perfect. I Never Expect The Guy I’m With To Be Either!

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Hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and Crawford Path to the summit of Mount Washington, tagging Mount Monroe along the way. Descended via the Gulfside and Jewell Trails. Trip and trail report coming. The long-and-short of it is that the Ammo provides amazing scenery, from waterfalls to views of the surrounding valley. Couldn’t have picked a better trail to climb New England’s highest peak! [photos taken with GoPro Hero 3+ Silver]