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There Was No Ring

day 5 for Lucio week is done! @thearcanaweek‘s prompt is “Wine”

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Maybe the drinks beforehand were a mistake.

Maybe it wasn’t the drinks but her.

Maybe it was the second bottle on the floor and the third already being half gone.

Maybe it was the fact that she was so damn distracting.

Lucio can’t stop himself from kissing her again, hands gripping her waist as hers rest on his shoulders. Moving back and forth to the distant sound of music, tasting his favorite wine on both their lips, smiling when he pulls away to whisper on her forehead, “You’re lovely.”

“I know,” she smirks.

“I mean it. I don’t want to let you go,” the warm feeling of his mind being clouded by drinks makes him kiss her again. Enjoying her, enjoying this jewel of a woman he’s so lucky to have found. “I want you to be mine.”

“How flattering.” Her words are still sharp and full of fire as she bites at his lip. Making him smirk back at her before another kiss. And another. Head swimming when their rocking moves them both back to the bed, Nadia sitting on the edge and looking to Lucio as he cups her face.

“Marry me.”

“…what?” For the first time that night, there is no witty response. No quip, no tease, just a genuine question.

Lucio kisses her cheek as she tells her again, “Marry me. I need you to be mine.”


“My jewel,” he whispers as he kisses her again. Heady, wanting, needing. He needs this to be his and only his. He needs Nadia to be his. His pride and joy.

“Marry me.” He doesn’t kiss her again, eyes finding hers as he looks for his answer. For the yes he knew was coming. Yet, she hesitated. As if she didn’t want him, as if she didn’t want to be his.

Nadia’s hands fly to his shoulders. Initiating the kiss, desperate. The first time this night that she kissed him. And it’s not as strong as the others, but it’s just as wanting.


anonymous asked:

How big would SugarDaddy!Hux be for Christmas? Would he splurge on bunches of expensive dresses/suits and jewelry for his spouse or would he get something thoughtful and sentimental?

A very belated merry christmas, anon. 

Office Christmas party? He dresses you to the nines. The glitziest jewels, professional hairdo, and the nicest, sexiest damn suit or dress, depending on your preference. The man feels strongly about appearance and presentation; his arm candy is gonna look the best.

He also values practicality. Christmas gifts are going to be things you need or will use regularly. Broken electronics replaced, new jackets, shoes, etc. You will get one personal, sentimental thing though. A simple necklace, or something like that; absolutely never a ring of any kind, because he’s doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea.

Christmas day, he’d want to spend together, quietly. Think sweaters, hot coffee/cocoa, and watching the snowfall. Literally as cliche as you can get.

brooklyns-here-for-ya-erster  asked:

if you’re still doing the prompts, maybe 42 and 51 for either jojo or albert?

“I need a hug.”

“I want to take care of you.”

You walked back into the lodging house and threw your bag on your bed, flopping onto your bed with a huff.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” your boyfriend Albert asked. 

I need a hug,” you whined. He sat next to you and let you curl up into his side.

“What happened?”

“Well, there was this couple,” you explained. “They were walking along the street and she saw a pretty bracelet that she wanted, you know, the one from Johnson’s Jewelers that I told you about.” Albert nodded and played with your hair as you went on your rant. “Well, he just went in and bought it for her. And I realized, I’m never going to have that. I was born poor, I’m going to stay poor. It’s just the way the world works.” You sighed and rested your head on Albert’s lap.

He ran his fingers through your hair. “I’m sorry, doll. I-I know I may not be able to buy you expensive jewelry or a big house, but I want to take care of you. You mean so much to me. I love you so much.”


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hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because i myself have the most radical batman theory the internet has ever seen. alfred secretly being the joker needs to step aside, and go back to that one neil gaiman comic, because lads, i’m about to rock your world.

so, first, i present to you, the connection:

the first being from alan moore’s “for the man who has everything,” and the second being from morrison’s batman run, of course. there are some things we can ascertain; bruce likes to give people flowers, and also likes grand gestures, and when the two meet, it turns into him giving people the most rare and grand flowers. you could, with the information provided, say that alfred was possibly the one who bred the krypton. but i have a different argument to make, lads. i say that bruce was the one to breed those flowers, and therefore, batman spends his days off puttering about a garden, and if that isn’t the most delightful thing you’ve ever imagined, you have no soul.

firstly, would alfred name a flower after himself? it’s true, bruce could’ve named the flower, as he likely named the krypton. but you forget, bruce is a serial liar, who wants to force the outside world to believe he has no hobbies and no feelings. frequently, we can’t trust his word. should we start trusting him now? i argue that we shouldn’t. “i paid a horticulturalist,” SO HE CLAIMED. “my butler breeds them,” SO HE CLAIMED. two is a pattern, my friends. the concept is here, unearthed. all of the pieces fit together. it’s time you accept the truth…… my truth.

do you think bruce wears an apron when he gardens to protect his expensive rich bitch pants


Introducing the kittens as @taylorswift

We have:
Pinto as Shake it off ballerina
Luna as Fearless tour
Garbanzo as Snake LWYMMD
Fava as MTV awards
Dobby as reputation
Jelly as OOTW zombie
Chili as Junior jewels

I hand made all their costumes. These are my foster kittens


Introducing the kittens as @taylorswift

We have:
Pinto as Shake it off ballerina
Luna as Fearless tour
Garbanzo as Snake LWYMMD
Fava as MTV awards
Dobby as reputation
Jelly as OOTW zombie
Chili as Junior jewels

I hand made all their costumes. These are my foster kittens.


Yuzuru Hanyu | Scan/Edit | FaOI 2017, feat. Pooh Ears


The Cold City: A Voltron Gang and Cabaret AU 

     AU Summary:

     The city of Gaia, the sole dwelling on the man-made dwarf planet Aspetros. A planet sculpted for travel and trade, a planet that bridges the lower astral quadrants of the Elaen Galaxy, is a city of a thousand faces.

     To most, Gaia is known for its illustrious skyscrapers and its beautiful ship ports. Its sole purpose to ensure safe travel between solar systems. An ostentatious pit-stop on one’s journey between solar systems.

     To some who frequent its surface, Gaia is known for its bright lights and rampant revelry. A city that never sleeps, one of drinking and dancing and endless celebration.

     To the few who know it well, Gaia is a beautifully dressed wound. A festering stain of poverty and corruption under mountains of wealth and false propriety. A city of false stars on a planet with a false sun, with false lights, and false words, and false faces.

     To those who live there, Gaia is a well-dressed corpse. She sits beautifully among the rubble, adorned in jewels. Deceptively inviting with her brilliant lights, so dazzling in nature, that you don’t realize the sear of her touch until you’ve already been burnt, branded, bound within the cage of its light.

      Gaia is a convergent boundary, where those who live are trapped in an eternal clash. A clash of power, wealth, and ambition; pushing against each other, unyielding in both strength and stamina. Destined to crumble beneath the pressure.

     Yet, no matter what face she adorns, the fact will always remain. Gaia is putrid, and cold to the touch.

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