jewelery stand

Framed Twig Jewelery Display

Have too many bracelets/necklaces to organize? Keep them from tangling together! All you need is:

  • a wooden picture frame
  • slim long twigs
  • paper clips
  • super glue or wood glue
  • small blade or knife

Find about 3-5, depending on how spaced out you want them to be, slender twigs that reach across your frame. Cut them so they either fit to the back of each side of the frame or exactly on the inner edges. Basically in a position where you can glue them. Next step is to glue them on! Who would have guessed? Hold on the twigs for about 20-30 seconds to make sure the glue sticks. Make sure they are spaced out how you want them!
Next unbend about 20 paperclips so they make “S” shapes. Bend the long part around a twig so it hooks on. Do so for the rest of the paperclips. The bottom of the “S” should be sticking out for the jewelry to hang on. You can double up on paperclips for extra support.
Hang the frame and you’re done!

For an extra twist, paint vertical colored stripes on the twigs!

Made one? Show us how it looks!