Types of People: Hair Color

inspired by @typesofhumans ! (as in a combo of types of people and concept playlists)

Blonde - Pastels, bubblegum, beachy vibes, cinnamon coffee, rollerblades, dimples when they laugh, painted nails, fluffy socks

Brunette - Earthy tones, messy hair, natural appearance, going on adventures, scrapbooking, pencil sharpener shavings, gap in the middle of teeth

Redhead - Cool colors, cherry ripe, leather jackets, combat boots, distressed jeans, indie music, butterfly kisses, showing you care, fingerless gloves

Silver - Old soul, sparkly jewelery, round glasses, pinstripes, succulents, ripped out pages of countless notebooks, old buildings, photography, scribbles in the sides of old books

Black - Comfy cardigans, hot tea, ghost hunting, local cryptid, astrology, long scarfs, patterned socks, singing off key to a song, tweed, red lipstick


I struggled w/ sexuality for a long time, partly bc I lived in the south, partly bc I DID like men & didn’t understand how I could like women too, especially when all I’d heard was that “bi people are just not ready to call themselves gay” we ARE valid

I might have an obsession with bi flag colors on jewelery hehe 💖💜💙