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stop assuming Elwing was suicidal, stop assuming she was a bad mother, or Silmaril crazy, or that she wanted to desert her sons.

if you can extrapolate from the canonical evidence that Skilledhair Firesoul over there was a complex and sympathetic character with valid motivations, if you can make the legitimate argument - which I’ve heard, actually - that he did nothing wrong even including Alqualondë and the slaughter? you can extrapolate that Elwing Dioriel was not some kind of awful terrible person who abandoned her kids to die selfishly with the cursed jewelry. all we know is that she jumped. we don’t know that she wanted to die. we don’t know that she assumed the jump would be lethal. we don’t even know if she knew she was going to shapeshift (and considering she’s got Maiarin blood it’s a good fucking bet she had some kind of clue). how is it somehow Wrong to say, for example, that she recognized Maedhros and Maglor as the family members of the people who (as far as she knew) murdered her brothers and destroyed her childhood home and decided that Elrond and Elros were at least going to be alive if they were hostages?

What if, realizing that her enemies had killed children before when presented with the threat of not getting this particular jewel, and building on that information and the memory of Doriath that even if she cooperated they might still kill her and her boys anyway, she decided to remove herself from the equation and set up a scenario wherein her children were literally more valuable alive than dead? (After all, if she’s gone with the Jewel they can always negotiate. It’s not ideal, but this way, no one fucking dies.) What if she knew it was a terrible chance but it was the only way she, with her limited knowledge of Fëanorian social skills/past deeds, could see a way for her boys to even glimpse the possibility of living? How is this not possible?

how is it somehow more logical to assume she’s just the local crazy lady who is a worse parent than the guys who kidnapped the children in question? longtime followers will know I love Maedhros and Maglor, and I think that raising the boys and growing to love them in their own way was not entirely terrible, but

come on. 

Sixty Six

Pairing: Taekwoon x Wonshik x Hongbin

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Oh boy…AU, threesome, underage age difference, dubcon, explicit male x male oral/anal sex, mild violence/bondage, orgasm denial, masturbation, adult language/themes, actual blasphemy (I’m not sorry hahahaaa), mild horror.

Wordcount: 10722

Notes: So um…I was planning on posting this for Halloween, which would’ve been appropriate considering the content but eh, life is what it is and in my case its fairly busy. This whole thing started as a set of drabbles i sent a friend where we were discussing our intense (and blasphemous) priest-kinks and decided that Taekwoon would actually make a really nice priest and yeah…we are terrible. I’m gonna warn y’all, this is a bit of a trainwreck like, its fucked up, and if you’re uncomfortable with underage protagonists it might not be for you. Not that the actual age of the characters is fetishized in any way but it could make some people uncomfortable. Also, i actually creeped myself out writing it (yup, i’m a complete wuss) so yeah if mild horror isn’t your thing…steer clear. In other news i’m halfway done writing some Chained Up related stuff so i might be on my way out of that year long writer’s block. Yay. So please enjoy and lemme know how y’all liked it xoxo


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