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A name thought dead with the devastation that swept through the northern Kingdoms, the acclaimed name of Goldenshard Jewelers has begun to crop back up in passing along the streets of Dalaran and Silvermoon. Most known for their shops in the aforementioned cities run by Hamathiel Goldenshard and Besthiel Goldenshard respectively, the former– now known as Hamathiel Sunsheer– has tentatively begun to revive their legacy. Though lacking a shop at present, the man has nevertheless put his name out for on demand commission work, or for the interested to call on him to set up appointments in order to peruse his present gallery of available works.

Offering anything from simple wire wrap necklaces to resin encased flower earrings to intricate statement pieces, Goldenshard Jewelers looks to cater to a wide variety of tastes and intentions. And for the especially adventurous in the ballroom or out on the field, one can ask for customized enchantments on order, ranging from practical protective wards and enhancement spells to elegant glamours such as twinkling lights or simplistic, artful familiars.

The out of character intention for this is simple: to make contact! If your character is looking for some jewelry to truss themselves up or are an active body in the current war aiming to get their bonus intellect or fire resistance rings, feel free to hit me up! Be it over private messages here, an ask, a tagged post, a mail in game, or a whisper when I am actually around(going under Hamathiel or Goldenshard for the in game names), I would love to chat things over!

And with all the markets and faires going on, feel free to poke me about taking part if you might want a bench jeweler peddling around for that– or even just being kind enough to leave a comment here to let me know of any such events that might be coming up that I could peek into! Whatever the case, I appreciate and look forward to anyone who takes the time to look into this.

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Eight

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader  |  Word Count: 3297
Warnings: Fluff, swearing

The walk to her Gran’s saw them moving in companionable silence as Loki’s mind was filled with images of Lauren in her dress. Technically it was filled with images of him peeling her out of said dress, but he wasn’t one for splitting hairs. It had been so soft under his fingers, her skin warming it through and him in return. The idea of her bare beneath would stay with him for days until he could ascertain for himself just what clever confection of satin or silk Sadie would put her in to keep those pesky panty lines at bay.

It wasn’t until she led him down a narrow dirt road out of town that he snapped out of his musings. “Darling, just where does your Gran’s home reside?”

She smiled up at him and linked their fingers. “Down this way. She’s a bit eccentric, but she ain’t crazy like Daddy said. She’s… well, you’ll see.”

“She’s quite special to you.” Here again she had nerves blooming, but where meeting her family had created nerves of fear, these were nerves of excitement. Clearly, his meeting her Gran was far more important to her than meeting her parents had been.

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ID #73423

Name: Kira
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Kira, and I’m a huge nerd. I tend to talk a lot about TV shows (like Steven Universe, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, The Big Bang Theory, etc), movies, and books. I’m a huge fan of writing, and I love to talk about stories that I’m writing and share ideas with other people. I’m also a jewelry maker who is studying geology (I hope to be a bench jeweler in the future). I speak English, though I am semi-fluent in French, and I plan on learning Japanese in the future.

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk with people older than 16, and I’d like to start out emailing (though I’m fine switching to snail mail in the future once I get to know you)

A few years back I bought the estate of a bench jeweler who worked from about 1890 to 1940. Among his things was a box of never-used agate flowers, that were likely cut in the early 20th century. I finally put a couple to use to make these earrings, pairing them with 1980s shield shaped pink tourmaline to mirror the pentagonal shape of the flowers. The colors mirror each other too of course, but mostly I like how the tourmaline makes them feel modern: adding a bit of asymmetry and a certain superhero quality to otherwise ordinary flowers.

EB Tourmaline Ring, 18K Yellow Gold, $1995

The newest addition to our in-house line of rings. I found this exceptional piece of tourmaline in the estate of a bench jeweler. It was probably cut in the 1950-60s. I have more old cut tourmaline so expect more of these, all with different cuts and sized stones.

anonymous asked:

omg u post sm much amazing art ?? how do u draw it all ?? do u ever sleep ??

Originally posted by bookscoffeefreedomlove

Lots of coffee and a solid schedule.

My daily plan:

Go to work: I am a bench jeweler & love it!

After work: Draw at least 1 thing (everyday), this has probably made me faster.

After art (if done): Pokemon Go or hang with friends.

10pm: read a book.

Midnight: sleep.

Wait, did you seriously want to know?