jeweler's bench

A few years back I bought the estate of a bench jeweler who worked from about 1890 to 1940. Among his things was a box of never-used agate flowers, that were likely cut in the early 20th century. I finally put a couple to use to make these earrings, pairing them with 1980s shield shaped pink tourmaline to mirror the pentagonal shape of the flowers. The colors mirror each other too of course, but mostly I like how the tourmaline makes them feel modern: adding a bit of asymmetry and a certain superhero quality to otherwise ordinary flowers.

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omg u post sm much amazing art ?? how do u draw it all ?? do u ever sleep ??

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Lots of coffee and a solid schedule.

My daily plan:

Go to work: I am a bench jeweler & love it!

After work: Draw at least 1 thing (everyday), this has probably made me faster.

After art (if done): Pokemon Go or hang with friends.

10pm: read a book.

Midnight: sleep.

Wait, did you seriously want to know?

EB Tourmaline Ring, 18K Yellow Gold, $1995

The newest addition to our in-house line of rings. I found this exceptional piece of tourmaline in the estate of a bench jeweler. It was probably cut in the 1950-60s. I have more old cut tourmaline so expect more of these, all with different cuts and sized stones.