jeweled stardust

Lance and Keith switching bayards but instead of the usual Lance getting the sword and Keith getting the blaster the bayard changes into their own specialty weapon but it changes it’s design by how the other sees them.

Keith holding the blue bayard and it changes it’s whole design into some tricked out fancy sword with beautiful designs at sharp angles decorated with engravings of flowers and gem like splatterings of small jewels that look like stardust going all along the blade like the sky they’re so used to seeing now.

Lance holding the red paladin’s bayard and it turns into an elegant rifle with beautiful swirls that look like the ocean waves with engravings of seashells and the sun. Swirling vines of flowers as pretty and as much of a beautiful blue as you can get going down the barrel of the rifle like it was made for it, like someone took the metal and melted it down and poured it in a mold.