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Fun D&D Item ideas:

The Stick of Sturdidity: A totally impervious metalic 2 foot long rod. cant be damaged or transmuted in any way shape or form. No other special effects, magical or otherwise. Literally just a completely indestructible stick.

The Masked Mask: A Mysterious mask that, when worn, is impossible for other people to see. When worn, the wearer appears, instead, exactly as they were before the mask was equipped. When not equipped, the mask appears as a rather ostentatious fancy feathered and jeweled masquerade mask.

The Forget-Me-Knot: A necklace with a round stone pendant. when not directly addressing this amulet, it is immediately forgotten about. The wearer is not exempt from this effect.

The Staff of Substitution: This staff, emblazened with the sigil of Gordon the Cowardly, when activated, switches your position with a randomly selected person from literally anywhere in your current plane, the person can be anyone, from a king, to a peasant, another adventurer, an angry giant or even a child. It can be reactivated to switch the positions back, but will automatically reverse the switch after a time limit of 1 hour.

The Pen of Poor Reception: This magical pen is able to write in such a way as only yourself and one other intended recipient can read whatever is written. However, anyone else who reads from it, will instead read it as a very personal and needlessly vulgar series of mean insults, inflamitory comments and generally very unpleasant commentary.

The Timepiece of Reflection and Introspection: Appearing as a a jeweled pocket watch with mirror like polished metal, engraved with with images of hourglasses and the sun, this magical item accurately tells the time through magical means. In addition, when broken, will cause time to freeze, everywhere, for everyone, for the equivalent of 3 hours. In this time, no one can move, no one can use magic, no one can take any action, however, characters will be allowed to think during this time. After the time runs out, time starts again as per normal exactly as it was.

The Hat of Convienient Bird Purchasing: This tall flat topped hat hasthe ability to transform gold, into birds. The more gold placed into the hat, the more interesting the resulting bird will be (refer to the list below). The resulting bird will not be under the control of the buyer, will likely be startled to be pulled from a hat, and will react as a bird would in that situation.

1-9g: A small wodden chicken
10g: Sparrow
20g: Pidgeon/dove
30g: Duck/chicken
50g: Parrot
100g: A Bird of Prey (falcon, eagle, owl, etc)
200g: Flamingo/Peacock
500g: Cassowary, Emu, Ostritch
1000g: Medium or smaller dinosaur or monsterous bird.
2000g: A Large or larger dinosaur or monsterous bird.
10000g: Huitzil, Lord of all avian, Ruler of the 9 skies. The Bird King.
(Note: Specific birds can be summoned, but an appropriate amount of gold must still be given to the hat. If a bird you wish to summon is not on the list, pay an equivalent amount of gold as decided by your dm.)

Superior Boots: These tall red leather boots have no beneficial effects on the wearer, but any other creature who views the boots will know their own shoes to appear drab and boring in comparison. The individual will not necessarily be compelled to want the Superior boots, but may if they value style highly and desire your boots for themselves.

The Net of Hair: This Large (approx 20 square foot) net seems to be made of long hair from an unknown creature. when tied down to the ground, anything contained within is considered a to be in a seperate area to the world around it when regarding the area of effect on spells, auras or environmental effects. If the Net is damaged in any way, this effect dissapears in one round.

The Token of C’fung Mif: This Monolithically Magical token takes any shape it’s user desires, once a shape has been assumed, the user can regail the token with a legend, tale, story, prophecy or forboding ill omen, which the token will then create a visual representation for, to be played when it is next picked up by another individual.The Token, after sharing this vision, will then fill the new users mind with a task, a direction, or a general sense of urgency as decided by the original user. Once parameters set by the original user have been fufilled, the token will become inert until recollected. When the original user collects the token again, it resets to it’s original form.


The two principal South African Meg Girys:

Left: Tandi Meikle, was the original Meg Giry of the South African productions in 2004, performing in Johannesburg and Pretoria. In the revival in 2011-12 she was the dance captain and, I believe, understudying the role of Meg. 

Right: Cat Lane was Meg Giry in the 2011-12 revival. Like many other from the South African cast and crew she stayed with Phantom when touring in Asia from 2012 (the World Tour). She left the tour in 2013 to star as Meg Giry in London’s West End. 

Photos in large by Pat Bromilow-Downing.  

The Shikon Jewel, still raising questions after its disappearance.

Brought on by a conversation I had years ago:

Friend: “The hell happened to this shard??? Isn’t it in a tree in the Feudal Era?”

Me: “I guess it disappeared? Since the Shikon is gone from existence and all.”

Friend: “Was time reset?”

Me: “Uh…I don’t…”

Friend: “Some weird-ass timey wimey shit’s went down and we don’t even know.”

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The Doctor strikes again!

By the way, can we talk about some of the messed up things the Jewel has done?

*winky face*

“You want to regenerate? Go ahead! Your dependency on our power fuels us.

“You want to see your love again? Sure! Reincarnate first. We need you to bring the Jewel to the Feudal Era anyway.

“You want the woman of your dreams? I have a suggestion! How about you fight her reincarnation in an eternal battle? That way her soul will be with you forever!

Mu wha ha ha ha ha!

It actually twisted Kikyo’s non-vocalized wish, after she refused to use it to fix her fatal wound. Then it tried to trap Kagome in the Jewel by getting her to wish herself home…because it interpreted “home” as being inside the Jewel.

Because it claimed Kagome was BORN FOR THE JEWEL.

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There’s no place like home AKA the crystallized form of eternally warring souls!

WTF. The Shikon Jewel’s the evil genie, guys. Thank god Grandpa knew about the “one correct wish” or we would be clueless that there even was one. Wait.

Was Grandpa the Deus ex Machina?!

You’re welcome kids. You ungrateful whippersnappers.

A special shout-out to Gramps! (Because I will never stop mentioning this chapter.)

Babysitting Inuyasha didn’t work out for Grandpa Higurashi…

…because this happened. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Thanks for everything, Grandpa!

And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids…and your stupid dog!

*Heavens to Betsy, that reference works so well for Inuyasha.

Draco; Intoxicating

/Part I

“Gorilla” ~ Bruno Mars

Warning(s): Smut, daddy kink, choking, dom! Draco, sub! Reader, roughness

Disclaimer: There’s no lyrics to follow.\


You were a mistress working for a specific muggle club in England. You were pureblooded, yet you didn’t manage to make such a living in the Wizarding area. You had to make a living for you and your eleven year old daughter. Your daughter was attending Ilvermorny in the states, while you stayed in Britain for a while. You kept your work at a minimal not going as far as sex. You were working today in the dark, night sky.

Meanwhile, Draco being saddened by Astoria’s death, went out into the streets for a drink. Scorpius was in Hogwarts, as Draco went to a muggle bar. It was late at night and Draco couldn’t keep his mind straight. He entered the bar, sitting down, asking for a shot of alcohol that the bartender served him.

While, you put on a white, lace corset with black panties and a jeweled mask. “You almost done Y/N?” Your friend who works with you, F/N asks. “Yes.” You say placing on perfume and walking out. Today wasn’t your stage time, it was a day were you walk out and ‘please’ the customers.

Draco took a few shots, he looked around and found out that he landed himself in the wrong bar. “Where am I?” Draco asked. “You’re in a bar, mate.” The bartender chuckled. “Which one?” Draco questioned. “Your in a the Desires club.” The bartender gave Draco a shot, which Draco downed. “You seem rather lonely, mate. Let me help you.” The bartender said.

The bartender whistles at you, “Y/N!” You walk towards the bartender with a man in front of him. “This is Y/N: One of our Finest Ladies.” Draco looked at you with lustful eyes. “Hello.” You said in a husky voice that you’ve instilled.

“What’s your name, daddy?” You softly giggled. “Draco.” Draco said with an all knowing confidence. “You know Draco; you can stay here or… Come with me.” Your hands brushed along the budge in his pants. You began to walk away from Draco, swaying your hips. Your eyes drifted back to him, winking at the blonde man.

You got your legs up in the sky
With the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now

Draco ran after you, you were like a drug or a cigarette: intoxicating, deadly, and addictive. You leaned against a door, Draco stood and stared. You slowly opened the door, letting yourself in. Draco followed in with his full extent.

Once he entered, you grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down onto a chair. “Relax, daddy.” You whisper in his ear, making shivers run down Draco’s spine. You sat on his lap, moving your hips on his prominent erection.

“You feel big, daddy. Let’s see if you are?” You smirk, your hands making their way to the waistline of his pants. Unbuckling the belt buckle and pushing down his pants. You palm him through his boxers, Draco grunts of the feeling of your hands. “Please.” Draco pleads. You comply taking off his boxers. “It is!” You gleam. Taking his member in your hand, pumping it up and down in a slow motion.

Draco bucks his hips upward, “Oh fuck.” You look at him with a sly smile, “You like me doing this daddy?” “Yes, princess.” Draco moans. “Would you like me to put your dick in my mouth, daddy?” Your eyes flutter innocently as Draco looks right into them. Your mouth was open, teasing Draco. Until, he shoved your head down onto his manhood. It took you by surprise, trying to control your gag reflexes. “I don’t need you to tell me, princess.” Draco moans. He pulls your head back, standing up. “Be a good girl and you might get an award.” Draco said, clutching your head and shoving you down onto his dick.

Your mask felt as if it was becoming loose. You didn’t mind this including the fact that Draco was practically face fucking you. “I’m going to cum.” Draco whispered. His hands letting go of your hair, you took control and began deep throating Draco. “Don’t stop. I’m going to c-” At this moment you had your mouth at the tip of his head slamming all the way down to his shaft, his white ecstasy seeping down your throat.

Draco grabbed a handful of your hair pulling you away.

Yeah, I got a fistful of your hair
But you don’t look like you’re scared
You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”
‘Cause you know how I like it,
You’s a dirty little lover

“Daddy, I’m yours.” You told Draco. Draco pushed you down onto the bed, clutching your throat. Draco ripped your panties apart, taking his member and slamming into you. “Daddy!” You scream, you were sure to get looks from the others tomorrow. “Like how my big cock is in you, huh princess?” Draco keeps thrusting in you. “Yes, daddy!” You try to say as his hands make you lose breath.

Your hips bucking forward to meet with his rhythm. “You feel so good, daddy. How your big cock is tearing my tight pussy apart.” You gasp. Draco hits your g-spot making you moan. “Keep going, daddy!” You praise. Draco goes faster with each thrust. You felt as if you were to pass out.

If the neighbors call the cops,
Call the sheriff, call the SWAT we don’t stop,
We keep rocking while they’re knocking on our door
And you’re screaming, “Give it to me baby,
Give it to me motherfucker!”

“I’m going to cum, daddy!” You groan. Draco goes faster, “You’re not allowed to cum. Only when I say so.” Draco smirks. “Please daddy let me cum.” You plead. “Daddy!” You yell. “Louder.” Draco'a grip on your throat tightens. “Daddy!” You shout. “Cum for me, princess.” Draco said. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you see stars. Your walls clamp onto Draco’s member, you release into a silent scream feeling Draco’s warm seeds filling you up.

I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
I got your body trembling like it should, it should
You’ll never be the same baby once I’m done with you
You [x3]

Draco’s hand left your throat, you breathed, panting. “Take off your mask.” Draco asks. You slowly took of your mask, revealing your face. “Stunning.” Draco panted, you smiled softly. You have fulfilled Draco’s deepest desires.

You and me baby making love like gorillas

Title: Masquerade

Request: Ooooh can you do a Halloween one where you and Brady skjei, hate each other, but they both end up at a costume party fall for each other without knowing who the other is. Maybe a little steam?      

Author’s Note: I had fun writing these Halloween requests! I have more regular requests I’m working on, and Christmas/Winter themed ones planned for December. I hope you like it! Feedback is appreciated!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

As you stepped into the ballroom, your eyes widened in surprise, your best friend nudged you in excitedly in the ribs. “How did you get lucky enough to get an invite again?” you asked, scanning the opulent room; gold accents, marble columns, floor to ceiling windows giving you a beautiful view of the city. 

You were standing in the Cipriani ballroom on 42nd Street, in a gown you never would have never be able to afford, an embossed invitation with curvy gold script clutched in your hand. “The magazine is doing an article on the event, they sent four tickets to the office.” she explained, adjusting the silver-jeweled mask that covered her face. “Brianna was chosen to write the article but I somehow managed to sweet talk my way into the other two tickets; so now we get to spend an evening acting like we’re part of the upper crust of New York society.” she laughed. 

“So much better than the alternative.” you sighed, your eyes still wandering through the dimly lit ballroom. Hundreds of people mingled on the marble floor, dressed immaculately, drinking champagne that probably cost $50,000 a bottle; and the best part was no one could tell who you were. The full-face masquerade mask you were wearing covered most of your face; only your mouth and eyes were exposed. Normally, events like these weren’t your scene. But the chance to escape reality for one night was an opportunity you couldn’t resist. Especially when your other invitation was to Jimmy’s Halloween party.

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miraimisu  asked:

Hi-ya, daily request bot Mirai asking for a little kacchako request? What about servant!Bakugou getting princess!Uraraka out of trouble at a masquerade dance? n__n

AHHH Mirai I don’t think you understand how much this idea means to me. It really sparked my muse and I’m so sorry it got so out of hand it’s crazy and this huge steampunk AU now LOL! XD I hope you enjoy this!! Thank you SO MUCH for the request!! <3

To The Skies

Part 1 (Ao3)

Summary: When the royal family’s masquerade ball goes horribly wrong, it’s up to servant boy Bakugou Katsuki to rescue the princess, Uraraka Ochako. But his rescue mission is about to change both of their lives completely, and eventually Uraraka will want to reclaim her throne.

WC: 5,417

Tiny fingers curled around counter, red eyes barely peering over the edge. The smells of the kitchen permeated his nose, freshly baked bread, shrimp, meat, and in the background was the hint of cake, still cooking in the oven. It practically sparkled on the table, pristine, untouched…and he was so close. If he moved his tiny fingers forward even a bit, he could probably grab–

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The Revengequisition

Horrible piece of trash I quickly wrote because I miss you all! (in the tags I explain why in these days I’m not here very often! But don’t worry, it’s a temporary thing due to a busy time in my life!)

The accidents started as soon as the ball at the Winter Palace ended. The nobles were still walking around, their glasses full of expensive wine and venomuos gossip. Behind golden masks and jewelled hands, lips were whispering about the mighty Inquisitor who saved the Empire from its very own end. 
Duchesse Henriette Laurelle Dorlaine,+ the favorite daughter of a man with an empty brain and a woman with more ambition than good sense, was particularly chatty with her ladies in waiting. And not just because she had assisted to an epic event, but also because she was one of the few people who had actually spoke with the gorgeus Commander of the Inquisition Army. And she hadn’t just speak to him. She had actually touched him. Oh, sure, the fierce Ferldan had seemed totally surprised by her bold action, but sure he was happy. Men loved to be approached in such a way, she was quite sure of that. Grinning like a cat, she already started to write her letter to the Commander about a possible bethrotal between them. Sure, his origins weren’t noble, but the duchesse knew that gold and persuasion could buy him a title. And, of course, before having the honor to marry her, he would need a proper training. She didn’t want to be embarassed during the wedding or their life together, after all! And once he woul become a perfect Orlesian, her life would be perfect. Days – and nights – spent being worshipped by that beautiful, mighty man. Oh, she had heard the gossip about a relationship between him and the Inquisitor. But that woman, a woman cursed with an unholy sparkling hand, couldn’t certanly compare to her, the daughter of a famous, pureblood Orlesian family. The Duchesse didn’t realize what was happening, until she put her foot on the first step of her carriage. With a squeak, the wood broke, making her fallen face first on the floor of her carriage. Her shrieks of pain and humilation, mixed with the laughters of the ones who had assisted, were heard also by a figure in the shadow. A figure who had watched hersince she left the ballroom and that now was walking away smiling satisfied “Minus one.”.

Comte Belisieux blew a kiss in the direction of Commander Cullen, who was escorting the Inquisitor outside the ballroom, after the empress had ended officially the party. “You’re wasting your time, Leònard.” a voice chuckled. Turning his face, the comte shrugged “You’re just jealous, Philìppe dear.”
“Jealous? Non, non.” the other man smiled “Just pragmatic. I know that once this little crush for that man will end, you’ll come back to me. You always do.”
“Wouldn’t you be happier if I’ll return with an interesting guest in our bed?” he teased, drinking a sip of wine. Disgusting. If only Gaspard had made better offers, the comte woud have gladly fought for him. A woman like their empress, who picked such an horrible wine for an important party, didn’t deserve any loyalty. He could have forgave her to have a bloody elven woman in her bed, if she hadn’t such a terrifying taste in wines.
“The Commander made you understand pretty clearly he wasn’t interested. He said he was taken, if I’m right.”
“Taken!” the other man scoffed, a lewd grin on his masked face “A petite liason with a woman that’s famous just because of her hand it means hardly “taken”. And it doesn’t matter, in any case. I want him and I’ll have him. I’m Leònard Jacques Belisieux De Montfort and nobody dares tell me no.”
The comte was already planning his arrival in Skyhold – sure he was going to have an invitation soon enough – and the time he would spend with the Commander Cullen. Oh, for a dirty Fereldan dog he was such a fine conquer to add in his collection. Lost in his thoughts, the noble didn’t realize that his wine had truly a terrible taste. And then, the first cramp hit his stomach. And then another. And another. Until he had to run out of the living room, searching for a bathroom, for avoiding to relieve himself in one of the plants along the main hall.
The hidden figure looked at him with a satisfied grin “Minus two.”
“What are you doing here, Jim?!”
The man jumped from his spot, while another guard arrived “We have the first watch outside the Inquisitor’s room, did you forget?”
“Uh… no, not at all.”
Following his companion, Jim sighed. He didn’t have time to punish all the others that during the night had bothered Commander Cullen, but at least the two major characters had had their lesson. Well, joining that Red Jenny group while he was drunk that night in the tavern hadn’t been a bad idea, after all.