jeweled mask


Tahae the Thief

Not much is known of Tahae past rumours. What is known is that they are swift, silent and ruthless. They are known for stealing anything which they can carry upon their person - from fruit, to jewels, to even sacred masks. They wear a skull mask on their face, adding to their frightening demeanour, and arm themselves with an elemental crossbow and an ornate axe - both bounties of previous crimes.

Vetmoran Romance (Open RP)

It is a moonlit night, the sweet scent of roses wafts through the air on a gentle breeze, Raesal stands amidst a soft blizzard of jeweled cherry blossoms, his mask removed and large, black eyes beckoning to his date alongside an inviting smile. in his right hand is a rose, its edges decorated in softly shimmering gold, pedals glistening red in the light, and stem an ice blue reminiscent of the most peaceful daytime sky, in his left, a box of exquisite chocolates, the lid teasingly open, decorated with a luxurious crimson bow monogrammed with the image of the one he has invited. on the ground in front of him rests an elaborate meal, fine dinnerware of porcelain and silver upon a thin, ornate sheet with a large bouquet of ethereal flowers in the center surrounded by the finest foodstuffs available.