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SD Legend BB - Gilded Knight Gundam

Woo! I finally got around to fully painting some gunpla! 

I wanted this guy to have a regal appearance, so the main colors I chose were gold and purple, with blue and silver for the trim. The jewel on the sword’s hilt that came with the kit was red, so I got some blue rhinestones and glued them to either side of a plastic rod that I slotted through the hole in the hilt. 

I also can’t stand the plastic capes that come with Legend BB kits, so instead of just recoloring the cape that it came with, I made a fabric one out of an old shirt that was filled with holes anyway. It has the same blue rhinestones on the front as the ones I used on the sword. 

Overall, I’m super happy with how this kit turned out! This has been one of my favorite builds I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to keep improving.

And if anyone has any critiques, please feel free to offer it, and I’ll take the advice to heart.

The entire build process will be below the break.

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Okay, this looks like a big upload but it is just pictures! So, in my attempt to make everything match (who doesn’t want matching sofas and curtains?!) I have recoloured all the ‘Caress’ curtains that came with TS4 BG.

  • Sandwich Jewel Colours
  • No trim, and black or white trim for each colour
  • Black or white rail
  • The curtains with rails and trim are in a separate recolour to the plain colours with rail
  • Original price


Have a Holly Jolly - wait, what?!

What if Hobbits celebrated Christmas. I mean, dwarves have their celebrations, but what if over the course of their journey, the dwarves found out about how hobbits believe in a fat man called Santa Clause who brings gifts and presents for all well behaved children, or he will bring other stuff for the children who are bad. They learn all about the Christmas tree, the presents they need to get for each other, the cookies needed to be left out along with the carrots for Santa’s magical flying reindeer, the decorating they have to do, the letters they have to write to Santa, and of course they learn all they can about Santa Clause.

Kíli: So, what does this Santa Clause man look like?

Bilbo: Well, he has a big long beard, and a pointy hat.

Fíli: So, like Gandalf, but in red robes???

Now imagine once they reclaim Erebor, they actually remember all of that stuff Bilbo told them(it helps when you have Ori who wrote it all down for them), and they surprise Bilbo by getting a tree, decorating it in pretty jewel ornaments and gold trimming, and every single person has gotten a gift for every member of the company.
Imagine all of them getting all worked up over Santa.
Imagine Fíli and Kíli all of a sudden becoming suspiciously well behaved and helpful.
Imagine every member of the company getting super worked up over their letter, and they keep going to Bilbo to ask him for advise on how to phrase certain things, or how many things can the big fat red man actually bring me in Christmas.
Imagine a very timid and shy Thorin asking Bilbo if he was writing a letter to Santa (because if Bilbo wasn’t than neither was he) but to his relief and pleasure Bilbo wrote a letter too, so now Bilbo can help him with his letter (Also imagine Dwalin asking for help too!!)
What they all don’t know, is that while they were asking Bilbo for help, Bilbo was reading their letters and finding out what they all wanted.
Just imagine Bilbo playing Santa, and figuring out exactly where and how he could get serrated throwing knives, or a new axe cleaning supply kit, or new paints for wood crafts, or … what in Yavanna’s name does Kíli plan to do with a beard kit?
But, he manages to get at least one thing off each members Santa wish list, and puts them under the tree on Christmas Eve, eats five of the many cookies on the plate, takes the carrots and goes down to the stable to feed the horses, and finally is able to go to bed; and this of course is after he convinces Nori, Kíli, and Fíli to go to bed instead of waiting up to capture Santa and make him give them gifts all the time.
Now imagine, come Christmas morning, Kíli and Fíli wake up at the crack of dawn, along with the rest of the eager company, and just imagine how ecstatic they all are to receive presents addressed to them by SanTA!!!!!!
Imagine they all pass out their presents and Bilbo sits from his cozy chair watching all of them with a happy smile.
Imagine Bilbo feeling a hand on his shoulder, and he looks up to see Thorin smiling softly down at him before he leans down to whisper in his ear.

Thorin: I noticed you did not receive any gifts from Santa Clause.

Bilbo: Oh, but I did! (Thorin looks at him puzzled)

Thorin: And what might that be?

Bilbo: A big family around me on Christmas Day. My own family.
Imagine Thorin smiling gently down at him before placing a soft kiss to his forehead.

Thorin: You are a priceless gift to us, ghivashel. One that Santa Clause did not give to us.
Imagine Bilbo just smiling at Thorin, before whispering a Merry Christmas, and giving that dwarf a big fat kiss. Their first kiss, in fact. How could Bilbo not? Especially since that’s what Thorin told Santa he wanted for Christmas.

On Sunday, September 1st, in 1532, Anne Boleyn was made the Marquis* (Marchioness or Marquess) of Pembroke by King Henry VIII. Just a few months later, her status would be elevated to that of Queen of England.  

The lavish ceremony was held at Windsor Castle, and it was followed by a sumptuous banquet, where Henry and Anne celebrated her elevation to nobility.  A marquis is one of the most prestigious ranks of nobility, ranking above a count, but lower than a duke.  The title of Marquis was not a normal status for a female.  Females only became marchionesses if their husband was a marquis.  Because Anne was given the status of marquis, that meant that her lands and income were hers, and hers alone.

For the ceremony, Anne dressed in jewels and crimson velvet trimmed with ermine.  She would have undoubtedly looked like a queen with her beautiful loose flowing hair, which was a traditional look for coronations, as well as her elaborate clothing and jewels.  But Anne looking like a queen was no doubt what Henry and Anne wanted, since she was Queen of England in all but name.

Anne’s cousin, Mary Howard, Dorothy Countess of Derby, and Elizabeth Countess of Rutland accompanied Anne at the ceremony. Mary Howard was tasked with carrying the crimson ermine trimmed mantle and the golden coronet that would be placed on Anne’s person during the ceremony.  Mr. Garter bore Anne’s patent of creation.  Anne was taken into the King’s presence by men-at-arms and some noblemen, where she knelt in front of Henry VIII and the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as other nobles, and the French Ambassador.  While kneeling, she listened as Archbishop Stephen Gardiner read out the patent which gave her the noble title of Marquis of Pembroke in her own right and which would pass on to her children.  After the patent was read, Henry VIII crowned her with the gold coronet of a marquis and then he placed a crimson velvet mantle upon her shoulders.  Along with the patent of nobility, Anne was also given ownership of lands that were worth over £1000 per year.  After receiving her two patents, Anne thanked the king and returned to her chamber for a short time.

The lavish ceremony was later followed by a sumptuous banquet as Henry and Anne celebrated Anne’s noble title. She would be Queen in just a few months.

There is the following record of the ceremony In Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII:

” ‘Creacion of lady Anne, doughter to therle of Wilteshier, marquesse of Penbroke.’

Sunday, 1 Sept. 1532, 24 Hen. VIII. The lady was conveyed by noblemen and the officers of arms at Windsor Castle to the King, who was accompanied by the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk and other noblemen, and the ambassador of France. Mr. Garter bore her patent of creation; and lady Mary, daughter to the duke of Norfolk, her mantle of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, and a coronet. The lady Marques, who was “in her hair,” and dressed in a surcoat of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, with strait sleeves, was led by Elizabeth countess of Rutland, and Dorothy countess of Sussex. While she kneeled before the King, Garter delivered her patent, which was read by the bishop of Winchester. The King invested her with the mantle and coronet, and gave her two patents,—one of her creation, the other of 1,000l. a year. She thanked the King, and returned to her chamber.

Gifts given by the lady Marques :—To Mr. Garter, for her apparel, 8l.; to the Office of Arms, 11l. 13s. 4d. The King gave them 5l.

Officers of Arms present :—Garter and Clarencieux, kings; Richmond, Carlisle, and Windsor, heralds; Rougecross, Portcullis, Bluemantle, and Guisnes, pursuivants.”

There is also a record of the valuation of Anne’s lands:

“Valuation of her lands.

Total of the lands of the lady Anne marchioness in Wales, over and above casualties not charged, 710l. 7s. 10¾d., out of which she is charged to pay by the King’s grants yearly, 199l. 5s. 11d., “which the tallage or knowledge money will discharge for the time; and after that, the fines for the sessions and the customs which be not charged in the value will discharge them.”

Sum of the lands in England: Corry Mallett, Soms., Hundesdon, and Estwyke, Herts, “lands late Philip Pary’s, in Hundesdon,” manors of Stansted, Roydon, Fylollyshall, and Cokkeshall, and Weston next Baldoke (value of each stated separately), 313l. 5s. 3¾d. Total for England and Wales by the last gift of the King, 1,023l. 13s. 2¾d.”


Marquis- A marquis is a nobleman that is ranked above a count and earl, but lower than a duke.