jewel toned shoes


Pretty boy

He / Him

[image caption: 4 photos of me, a nonbinary Indian wheelchair user with blonde hair that has blue and pink highlights. I’m wearing a strappy black crop top with open shoulders and a black leather mini skirt. My shoes are white with ribbon laces, and have purple and yellow butterflies on the side. Im wearing eyeshadow of various jewel tones to match my shoes, and black, lipstick with dark red and gold in the center. My wheelchair is black with flowers and patches decorating the wheel.

The first two photos are full body shots, one where I’m angled right and slouched forward resting my hand on my fist, the other where I’m turned left with my knees pulled and feet resting on the side of my left wheel.

The second photos are just of my face, the first where I’m looking down to reveal my eye makeup and turned right, the second where I’m turned left and looking at the camera through the corner of my eye, with my chin resting on my hand]