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Domestic au:

Luke and Jess are just chilling, trying to have a romantic moment. Maybe watch a movie. When all of a sudden Danny busts in, breaking down the door in a huff.
“Guys! We have a situation!”
Luke, “God damn it Daniel! Is it fucking ninjas again?!”
“….uh, no?.”
Matt busts in just a few moments later yelling, “GUYS THE HAND IS IN TOWN-”
Jessica, throwing a pillow, “IT’S ALWAYS FUCKING NINJAS WITH YOU TWO!”

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Cowboy Packing Heat

Don’t Think That Romo Packs That Much Heat!

Nice Package, Stud!

poly defenders + reader

ask: @thefangirlhasarrive “Then senpai, can i request for aome more headcanons for Defenders poly?”

a/n: ;^) ofc i don’t think i could ever get tired of writing poly defenders its some Good Stuff

  • it’s so hard to schedule dates, because all of you have such different schedule!!!
      + because not only are you working, but the four of your loves are heroes for hire. 
       + plus, when they actually do all have free time, they mostly want to sleep, so, of course, you join them, but when they’re all well-rested you force them to go out and have fun.
         - luke is literally the only one who can socialize normally. matt is a flatterer, jess is jess, and danny is socially awkward.
  • can you imagine going to the store with them?? because it’d be an Absolute Mess
       + first of all, danny would have to sit in the car because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. jessica wants to leave him in the heat because he “deserves it for being stupid”, but you go back and turn on the car so he doesn’t die of heat stroke.
       + after that all happens, you both split up, especially if it’s a big store because y’all HATE shopping because at least 15 people will stop and ask “hey are you those defenders??”
       + it’d have to be you and jess and luke and matt, or you and luke and jess and matt, because are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you and matt to shop together. you are an impulsive shopper and matt loves buying you things so you two usually break the bank.
       + jess can live off of alcohol and oyster crackers so you and luke have to watch her diet to make sure she’s eating fine.
       + you guys would come out about… 30 dollars over budget because somehow a few items not on the list managed to sneak their way into the cart (it was you).
  • sharing clothes is also a thing you guys don’t do intentionally, but it just happens. 
       + like, it’s not abnormal for you to go out wearing jess’s sweats, danny’s shirt, luke’s hoodie, and matt’s shoes. each one doesn’t fit perfectly, but it smells like them, so you’re fine.
         - jess smells like booze and cheap soap; danny smells like sweat and body spray; luke smells like good cologne and gunpowder (you know why); and matt smells like aftershave and books.
Another leaked scene from the Defenders miniseries:
  • *the Defenders are gathered in a restaurant*
  • Danny: Hey guys, what should we call ourselves?
  • Matt: What do you mean?
  • Danny: Well, since we're together now, we need a name like how the guys downtown call themselves the Avengers.
  • Jessica: How about the "We Fucked You Up" Club *laughs before taking a shot*
  • Luke: Jessica, swear jar. Also, I'd suggest the Heroes for Hire but I'm the only one here fighting for pay so...
  • Danny: Okay, I do have a name and I wanted you guys' input on it. How about...the Fantastic Four-
  • Matt, Jessica, Luke: NO.
  • Danny: But, we ARE four people and we are fantastic-
  • Jessica: Danny, don't make me reconsider naming my child after you.
  • Danny: But, it's iconic-
  • Luke: Sweet Christmas, that name is terrible.
  • Danny: You guys aren't even listening-
  • Matt: I'm tempted to punch you right now. You're lucky that I was raised Catholic.
  • Frank (from his own booth): No.
  • Claire (calling in): No.
  • Colleen (walking back from the bathroom): Danny, please stop.
  • Misty (from the bar): No.
  • Kingpin (from his cell): No.
  • Foggy (bursting into the room): Me and Matt may not see eye to eye right now...because he's blind yes but it's a no on the name.
  • Trish (on the radio): And for this episode of Trish Talk, I just want to tell New York's very own Iron Fist that his name suggestion sucks hard.
  • Elektra (from outside): I came back from the dead to just tell you it's a no.
  • Danny: *aggressively sips his tea*
  • Jessica: Wow Danny, don't have to sound so DEFENSIVE about it.
  • Matt, Jessica, Danny, Luke: *all four look like they just had an epiphany*
Tiny Hero au

the au where the Defenders are in high school and suffering:

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{Top 10 Most Romantic Anime Couple} || 

10. Best Friends Since Childhood, An Ex-General/Protector Falling In Love With A Princess…

9. Repaying A Debt, A Rich Teen/Pianist Falling In Love With A Commoner/Honor Student…

8. Looking For A New Future, A Dragon Falling In Love With A Star…

7. Living A Double Life, A Prince/”Average Student” Falling In Love With A Maid/Student Council President…

6. On A Journey To Recover A Powerful Jewel, A Half Demon Falling In Love With A Priestess/Human…

5.Becoming A Land Goddess, A Wild Yokai Falling Love With A Human/Land Goddess…

4. Collecting Magic Cards, A Little Wolf Falling In Love With A Cherry Blossom…

3. Reincarnated & Defending/Protecting The Solar System From Evil, A Prince/High School Student Falling In Love With A Princess/Middle School Student…

2. Given A Second Chance/Born To Make History, A Rookie Skater Falling In Love With A Champion Skater/Coach…

1. Discovering A New Path & Discovering Her Fate, A Prince Falling In Love With An Herbalist…


The Defenders Magic AU || Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

The Guardian Witches

There is no doubt in my mind. You are my Goddess, until the end of time.

Luke and Jessica Colleen and Davos Matt and Frank Claire and Danny Elektra and Misty Steve and Bucky Bruce and Wanda Tony and Vision Ward and Joy
Historic Miraculous Holders

Many of you already know about Ladybug in ancient Egypt due to the Pharoah episode.  If not, here’s a memory refresh:

Ancient Egyptian depiction of Ladybug and Tikki, Origins

What some of you may not know is that I have an interest in art history and too much time on my hands.  Also, Miraculous pays homage to real life art in every reference to a former Miraculous holder.  The brief introduction in Origins also hints that there are Miraculous stones outside of the ones we know.  From Nooroo’s speech: Many centuries ago, magic jewels with extraordinary powers were created.  These were the Miraculous.  Throughout history, heroes have used them for the good of the human race.  

Welcome to another addition of “Jen spends too much time researching homages in Miraculous”.

See the past Miraculous holders and my attempt at humor below the cut…

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How I imagine Elektra's resurrection in "The Defenders" will go:
  • *Elektra comes back*
  • Matt: ELEKTRA, LOVE OF MY LIFE, YOU'RE BACK FROM THE DEAD! *changes back to dry, brooding Matt personality* Oh, I mean...I missed you Elektra.
  • Luke: Sweet Christmas, first I'm a superhero, then I meet all of you superpowered bing bongs, and now we have literal resurrections. I just wanted to sweep hair in a barbershop for fuck's sake.
  • Danny: This greatly upsets me. I need to meditate to clear my thoughts.
  • Elektra: Guys, calm down, it's no big deal really. You'll be surprised at how many people get resurrected in our world. OhandbythewaytheHandiscomingtodestroyNewYorkCity.
  • The Defenders: Wait...what?
  • *The Hand enters the scene and surrounds the Defenders. The Defenders cover Elektra*
  • Matt: Wait, the leader of the Hand is white? I thought it was a Japanese group?
  • Elektra: Well, the power of the Iron Fist also originates from Asia but...
  • Danny: *looks to the side in embarrassment*
  • Jessica: Well, bitch-who-looks-like-a-second-rate-Ellen-Ripley, you'll have to fight all four of us because...she's...not-chyours anymore! *grins stupidly*
  • The other Defenders and Elektra: Goddamit Jess.
  • Trish: *walks up behind Jess and hits her on the back of her head*
  • Colleen: *walks up behind Danny and hits him on the back of his head*
  • Danny: Hey, what the hell was that for!
  • Colleen: I don't know, I just felt like it. *troll smile*

Red Tights Diaries

May A Mouse Gaze Upon a King?

Hell, If I Know, But This Is One Room With A View!

Nice Package, Baby!

[Live Stream!] Top of the hour!

Generations ago, humanity was given six jewels with immense power. Now a tyrannical king is determined to collect them all. Your father is the ruler of the last remaining country yet to fall to this reign of terror, so the tyrant king has demanded that you marry his son and relinquish your jewel to him.

The night before your wedding, however, help comes from the most unexpected source. A band of pirates called the Black Hounds kidnap you, and present you with a proposition: will you help them get rid of the jewels forever, so that the tyrant king can never have them?

Discover thrilling excitement, lost princes, and tender romance as you and the Black Hounds work to save the world from its wicked fate.

I can’t drink because I’m on meds.

And I am very sad about it.

The purpose of the stream is to introduce people to pay otome games as a demo/preview and never finish a game. In fact, I don’t even like finishing a route. Come see the game for its story, characters, and game mechanics, and, if you are enjoying it, please consider supporting otome by purchasing a copy of the game for yourself~!

The Miraculous pearls theory (spoilers!)

Since there’s still about three months left (wow, can’t believe it’s so close! ^^) I’ve decided to get some theories going, this is one.

You probably know about these pearls from the NY ComicCon panel. Apparently, they give Ladybug different powers. Right now it seems like she uses the pearl of the heart (cure the akumatized).

How does it work? Are they separate earrings? Is it like Zak Storm’s Calabrass; each jewel has it’s own power and can only be used one at the time?

Originally posted by 2700lagostas

Or are they like the Amulet of Daylight from Trollhunters; each gem gives new powers?

It would be strange to see Ladybug with all five at the same time… or does she already have them? Maybe the pearls are really one pearl; the red one in the middle. And the pearl changes itself depending on the situation. Think about it, someone in space is in grave danger, what can Ladybug do to help? She only has the power to cure the akumatized! But if the pearl could change into the pearl of the moon, she’d be able to help! THAT would be awesome!

But while Ladybug is in space… what becomes of Cat Noir? Does he have other powers as well? We don’t know yet. Right now he can only use his “ring of chaos” which has the power to destroy the object he touches. Recently I found out about Catatumbo; the never ending lightning storm in Venezuela. I was thinking, since Ladybug can posses the power of the pearl of the mysteries; infinite lucky charms, how about infinite cataclysm? That would be so cool!

What do you think? Do you think the pearls are separate or one? Do you think Cat Noir has other powers too? Let me know what you think! ^^