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Before Midnight (fluff)

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Title: Ten Minutes Before Midnight(Jungkook)
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1474 jk it’s messed up.

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“We’re here,” Jungkook nudges your shoulder but you were already eagerly sitting up on your seat, wide eyes looking around, observing people passing by. Jungkook chuckles as he got out of the car and opened the door for you, his hand outstretched to you, “Here you go, princess.”

It was six in the afternoon. The afternoon hues of the sun momentarily blinded you as you looked around the wide space and the buildings crowding you and Jungkook. The sliding doors automatically opened and both of you enter, a blast of cool air hitting you two in the faces.

You and Jungkook tread among the small crowd of people. Jungkook looks at you with wide surprised eyes. You smile, not believing what was actually happening. There were a few people only. Most were just chilling by the fountain at the center of the mall. Christmas songs were playing while clarinets boomed in the background.

“I can’t believe this,” you hear Jungkook mutter underneath his breath. You chuckle and wrap your hands around his arm, you lean against the boy you loved so dearly. Jungkook smiles to himself, the spirit of Christmas was obvious in his face even if it was only the third week of November. “I’m glad Jin-hyung suggested this mall, it’s not crowded like I had expected. It’s perfect, Y/N.”

“Of course it is,” you mindlessly say, drunk with happiness of just strolling around a not-too-crowded mall with your boyfriend. “As long as I’m with you, it’s perfect.”

Jungkook shakes his head, smiling, “Agh, let’s just go see the movie house, you’re getting cheesy.”

Jungkook pulls you to the escalator, both of you were still entangled, not wanting to let go and let each others warmth seep out. It’s been three days since you and Jungkook had arrived in this city. Jin had arranged the week for both of you, hiring a tourist guide, lending Jungkook his car,  and booking hotel rooms (separate rooms, of course, Jin was the one who booked the rooms). The three days were spent strolling around the amusement parks and touring around the city. Today was the only day the tourist guide had left the two of you alone and half of the day was spent binge watching cartoons and trying and failing to bake a cake. Nonetheless, it was fun especially since it was your birthday and Jungkook wasn’t out trying to juggle his dance practices and his days with you.

A bright lady was waiting in the counter nearby. Posters of Justice League were plastered everywhere and some people were lounging on the couches that were placed for waiting. The picture of Wonder Woman made you grin to yourself. You couldn’t believe it. You had been waiting to watch the movie since last year. Jungkook squeezed your hand, aware that you were internally fangirling.

“Hey, how may I help you?” the lady flashed a blinding smile.

“Um, we want two tickets for Justice League.” Jungkook smiled and the lady happily nodded as she looked at her monitor.

“Which seat would you like?” she turned the monitor over to the both of you, revealing a picture of boxes and many different letters you didn’t understand.

Jungkook looked at you before speaking, “Um, the best one?”

She only grinned and pointed at the boxes at the center, “That’s the best place to watch the movie.” With that, the lady returned to her monitor, typing a few words and procuring two tickets which she tore off and handed to Jungkook. “Have fun!”

Once you and Jungkook had bought sufficient buckets of popcorns and water bottles, you both gave the tickets to the guy by the entrance and entered the movie house. Your eyes adjusted in the dark and when you looked around, you realized there was no one else. Not a single person inside the moviehouse. Just you and Jungkook.

You ran halfway through the aisle as Jungkook searched for your seats. “Oh my god, Jungkook. It’s just the two of us?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He said as he pointed his phone at you, snapping a picture of you in pure joy. He looked at the picture, a smile gracing his lips, before he sat on his seat. His heart swelled, your happy state making him feel like he was falling in love with you over again.

“Oh my god. This is possible? Justice League is really popular,” you say, grinning, as you sat next to him. You were sure he had set it up, probably with Jin. “I can’t believe this is possible.”

Jungkook only smiled at you as he handed you your buckets of popcorn and water bottle. You place your bottle on the handle and the buckets were on your lap. You lean back, intertwining your fingers with Jungkook’s. The lights dim and your free hand finds the bucket of popcorn, stuffing it in your mouth before the movie even started.

“That. Was. Amazing.” Jungkook only grins at your excited state as you fangirl to him about Wonder Woman and the Flash and Batman and how hot Henry Cavill is.

It was ten thirty in the evening. 

“Am I really your boyfriend?” Jungkook chuckles as you relay to him your intense feelings for Henry Cavill for the umpteenth time. Both of you were having dinner at a nearby restaurant in the mall. Even after the three buckets of popcorn, both of you still felt hungry. The two of you had been playing arcade games after the movie and the touring around the mall.

You flick him in the forehead, “No, you big dolt! You’re just the guy who takes me out to places and says sweet and cringey things everyday that I have to swallow my barf.”

“Ugh, Y/N, that’s gross. Also, cringey? Me? I don’t think so,” he laughs, flicking back at you.

 You rub your forehead with the mock expression of pain, “What do you call the pick-up lines you memorized from your phone? I don’t even need ‘picking up’, Jungkook.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes at you and both of you continue bickering, making the staff raise their eyebrows at both of you. One of them had eventually walked up to the both of you, telling you and him that your bickering and flicking were scaring the customers. 

After that, Jungkook brings you to the rooftop garden of the mall. He had wrapped his jacket aground you and now you smell like him. It was okay, you relished it. Both of you were sitting on the cold stone floor among a few people. Some were with family, some with friends, some with their significant other, and some were alone.

It was ten minutes before midnight.

All the wild excitement was replaced with a different kind of excitement–the calm, nervous, hearts in throats kind of excitement.

You and Jungkook had been talking about random things that had been happening in your separate lives. His tight schedule, your classes, his sleepless nights, your annoying instructors, his rude fans, your cramming on projects…just random nothings that meant so much when it was him talking about it.

Happy birthday, Y/N.” Jungkook finally said, brushing a stray hair from your face. You gawk at Jungkook. And you can’t help but drown in the sea of stars in his deep brown orbs. It was beautiful. He is beautiful. A beautiful human being with something more than precious jewels. 

Jungkook detaches his hand from your face and takes something from his pocket. It was a necklace. It had a little shooting star hanging on it. And you slap your hand on your mouth in awe. “For you, Y/N, happy birthday, jagi. I know it’s cheesy but I see you as my shooting star…my lucky charm…the person I could spend a hundred years with.”

Pink rises up to your cheeks as Jungkook leans forward to lock it around your neck. You could feel his breath against your neck as he delicately locks the clasp and the pink in your cheeks turn red. When he finishes with the clasp, he pulls back to supposedly look at the necklace on your neck. But Jungkook doesn’t pull back enough that there was just and inch of space between the two of you. Both of you could hear each other’s heartbeats against the fabric of your shirts. It drowned the Christmas songs in the background. You were caught by Jungkook’s gaze.

It was midnight and the last thing you saw were the streaks of red, orange and blue dazzling Jungkook’s features–especially his eyes and the curve of his lips.

The next thing you felt were his lips crashing against your soft ones. Every memory of how his lips felt were long forgotten. It was like your first kiss all over again. Euphoria made mini fireworks in your brain. He had his hands at your back, supporting you as he kissed you delicately, carefully and sweetly. And you knew you could felt him smile against the kiss so you smile too, breaking the kiss just to look at him again until he pulls you back into the comfort of his euphoric kiss.

The last thing you heard before his kiss has made you oblivious to the world around you were his ‘I love you’s and the loud crackling and whistling of the blazing spectacular display above the two of you.

i feel pathetic for writing this haha. why am i like this aghh. highkey regretting writing this but oh well, you guys can cringe at it. i hate it too but i is posting it because i want to haha.

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do ppl ever go to the Good Neighbors for help with mental health??? if so, how. how does that work out for them

Inevitably, but I think that it would be extremely tricky to get the outcome you were looking for. They’re alien creatures, you know? Their understanding of human minds is simplistic at best - it’s easy to find stories about Gentry who fall in love with humans and whisk them away to marvellous palaces, feeding them exquisite food and clothing them in silks and jewels, and then being utterly baffled at how the human is wasting away rather than falling madly in love with them. If their understanding of the simple human need for freedom and social interaction is that poor, the complexities of human psychology would be extraordinarily difficult to explain. Simply the act of describing what you want help with would leave a lot of room for misinterpretation, even when speaking to something not actively intent on twisting your words.

I was walking, on the way to a class that we have together. I had debated dropping the class, but I had to take it for my fluff credits. Stupid no-AP-acceptance policy…

I saw you. You were with her.

This was fine. I had convinced myself that I had moved on, just like you had. I didn’t miss your arms around me, keeping me warm on cold nights. I didn’t miss you sneaking kisses on my cheeks while we were walking. I didn’t miss the way you looked at me like I was the only one that mattered in the world. I didn’t miss the fact that you were the only good relationship I’ve ever had.

But what I wasn’t expecting was to overhear your conversation with her.

I expected the giggles and the nonsense that love made the young and naive spew from unscathed lips because they had never seen the three am screaming matches between “lovers.” I expected the talk about classes and stress. I expected your hand to rest on the small of her back, gently but also firm in a protective, guiding way.

I was not expecting you to call her my name.

Schatz. Meine Schatz. My treasure. My jewel. My beloved.

Hearing you speak that to another human being…felt like the breach to a code that was nowhere drawn or agreed upon. I felt betrayed, hurt, angry, helpless…too many emotions at once.

I paused my steps. You had called her the name you had given me all those years ago.

I couldn’t listen to your conversation any longer.

Because hearing you do that…somehow my brain registered that you had actually moved on, and any absurd fantasies about getting you back were completely out the window. You had thrown away my love, and the silver lining that came with it…and opted for golden, radiant beauty instead.

I was no longer your treasure.

Only your discarded silver that meant as much to you as the sand on the ocean floor where I now rest.

- CeK // 8;54 am // I couldn’t stand the fact that you weren’t mine anymore but I was still yours


i put back the doctor’s head in place and you could say she’s just a tiny bit smaller than the jewels while considering that phos is wearing heels, bu the idea of humans being in canon way smaller than jewels is so nice

didn’t even……………….recall the ice flows holy shit………and bringing up ice being technically a mineral as adamant said this episode “shells are but another form of gem you are welcome here” .. then calling it sinful ones

cicada specifically mentionned humans being 70% water? pretty watery~ 

jewel..water…humans….isn’t so abstract isn’t so abstract

I really hate tumblr’s social justice movement. I don’t appreciate having words put in my mouth when I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself. I hate the fact they talk about people of color like we are dogs or children, unable to make our own decisions and have to have them made for us. It’s disgusting stop it. I am not some precious jewel that needs to be protected. I am a human being and I demand to be treated as one.

Eyes of Temptation [Closed with kisarabewd]


Neferitja appreciated beauty in all things: it could have been something as simple as a jewel or more complex as a human being. But one night, the Thief Lord beheld a combination of both, a girl in white with blue eyes, and ivory hair. It took Neferitja’s breath away, and that was a rare thing to accomplish. Only one other human being had been able to do just that.

She was just coming back from a raid with her men in one of the villages, having assimilated the women and children and taking them off, when she spotted the mysterious figure in the distance, up in the cliffs. She almost looked like a foreign goddess, standing there and basking the moonlight.

She definitely had Neferitja’s attention. She desired this woman. Yes, this woman would belong to her, tonight.

She looked to her right hand men, “Go on home without me, I need to make a quick stop.” Not asking twice, the men went on ahead to herd the new women and children back to their cavernous home. Smirking, Neferitja ran up to the woman with a new goal in mind.

She stopped just behind the stranger, and crossed her arms, “Lovely night out, isn’t it?” She spoke in her low, rich voice. On first glance, some have mistaken her for a male, but no, although she wished she was born one. Still, being a woman had its advantages. “Well, not as beautiful as the divine jewel I see before me. Tell me…who are you?” She asked, though it sounded more like a command coming from her.