jewel mosaic

title: the road to ruin

pairing: inukag

a/n: i’ve promised @sankontesu lots of things, but i’m very, very slow! so here’s something from a big pile of WIPs…  :’) 

When Kagome meets him, she smiles.

Automatically, Inuyasha thinks, Screw you.

He’s made this mistake before, with this girl, in a different body and a different time and a different name. When Kikyou half-killed him, she made sure the arrow pierced his heart, puncturing the love he had for her.

I will not love this one, Inuyasha tells himself, fifty times over, once for each year Kikyou kept him pinned to the Sacred Tree. He must remember that pain, because enough is enough, and his heart has had enough of love and women and Kikyou for a lifetime.

The road stretches out before him, long and winding and almost-eternal.

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