jewel lips



Makeup Mondays:

Cool jewel tone makeup looks by makeup artist Aya Fujita photographed by Christian Kettiger.

Loubna Meron

Helen of my heart,
For that is who you are,
Not Helen of Sparta, or even of Troy,
But Helen of me.
I have spent my nights thinking of you,
Thinking of your hair spun like gold,
Your eyes, shimmering lapis jewels,
Pink lips, drifting apart for me…
You trembled the first time I whispered
Prayers between the sanctuary of your thighs.
I called you my Goddess,
And I worshipped you,
Ever devoutly on bended knees.
Forgive me,
I cannot help but write poetry to you,
You are the sweetest thing I have ever tasted,
And I have tasted the sun.
I am whole again, the voices are silent.
You have made me love you in ways I have never loved anyone,
Not even myself.
Forever yours,

Dearest of all to me,
I think of you far too often.
I am going mad without you!
I want your poetry,
Your prayer,
Your hymns,
I want to devour you,
In all the ways you have devoured me.
I ache for you even in the moments we’re near to each other.
I ache for the taste of your skin,
Dark and sun-kissed, it is sweet like the scent of you.
I ache and ache and ache…
I am going mad without you!
Let us meet tonight, beloved,
Whisper your prayers into my lungs,
I will sing them back to you!
Immortally yours,
Helen of your heart


Love Letters: Helen and Cassandra [a.m.b.]

For Cassandrha and Pelions