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Dipper and Mabel at Seventeen Headcanons

- After turning 17, Dipper and Mabel receive a special gift from their parents, which turns out to be their Dad’s old car. Though the twins are excited, their parents inform them of the condition that they must share the vehicle. Dipper and Mabel decide to make a compromise with sharing the car by setting up a schedule of who gets to drive and when as well as contacting each other in case one of them needs to be picked up. They stick to their agreement and conflicts over the car are super rare (with the exception choosing bumper stickers and interior design). The streets of Piedmont are no longer safe once the Mystery Twins are behind the wheel of their own car. 

- Ever since their second grade picture day, the twins up their yearbook photo game with each passing grade. The typical picture includes looking at their fellow sibling, posing side by side, and even dressing up in ridiculous costumes. When picture day for their senior yearbook comes around, Dipper and Mabel decide to share one last laugh. Sure they dress up in formal attire for the occasion, but they dedicate their senior quotes to Grunkle Stan. 

Mabel Pines: My Ex-Wife still misses me…

Mason ‘Dipper’ Pines: …BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!!!

- Mabel and Dipper initially freak out during college application time, but they seek assistance through their guidance counselor. With the twins motivating each other, as well as help from the school, they manage to send in all of their applications before Thanksgiving. Once the Pines residence start receiving an abundance of large and heavy envelopes in the mailbox, Dipper and Mabel are ecstatic to learn that they got accepted into college. Mabel is especially overjoyed, having previously doubted her academic knowledge but worked hard to get good grades anyhow. Mabel decides to attend San Francisco State University with a high interest in its art program. Dipper goes to University of California at Los Angeles to work for his degree photography and media production like he always dreamed of. 

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💎💎💎 Always And Forever Wear A Jewel 💎💎💎

Jason cursed. Running into another jewel thief was not part of the plan. The fact that she was also super hot was definitely not part of the plan. Fuck…

Jason wasn’t entirely sure how it happened but he was driving them down the highway, fast, and far away from any pursuit. The loot was sitting in his fellow thief’s lap and Jason couldn’t help but steal a brief look.

The blonde was examining one of the jewels between her gloved fingers, holding it up to the light to see its clarity. It was massive, and sure to be worth a small fortune on the black market. And it wasn’t even the only one they’d snatched.

“You know,” Jason began casually. “We never did introduce ourselves. I’m Jason. And you are?”