jewel eyed

so,,,tomorrow’s gonna have hella rad eps, i can sense it B)

(hell i’m waking up extra early just for these two eps alone)

but you know who i’m especially excited for ??

this hunka lizard like holy heck

give me the jewel lizard p l e a s e

projectray12  asked:

writers ask no. 1!

1: what are you currently working on?

What aren’t I working on????

  • Between the Lines (A Kylux telenovela)
    • It’s not finished, and I’m a little anxious cause it’s not. I still have to write the last few chapters and I get worried that I won’t make my Monday updates every week, but it’ll be fine. 
    • Basically, Ben Solo has two aliases: “Matt Calrissian” and “Kylo Ren.” Hux is sleeping with Kylo, dating Matt, and has no idea that all three men are the same person. Cue drama. 
  • Jewel-Eyed Jack and the Marked Hunter (Septiplier WIP)
    • @doodlindaily ‘s birthday present. I’d summarize it, but she’s going to see this so I can’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The Prince of the Sea (DnD)
    • This is the title of our DnD campaign. Or at least the first chapter of it. I need to figure out what to call the whole story without revealing who the primary villain is because their name is in the title…
  • This One (Kylux WIP)
    • Title subject to change because it’s terrible. Basically, Kylo makes a kid through science and the force using his and Hux’s DNA. (I’m trying to be realistic here rather than using mpreg.) Hux doesn’t know about this. He’s pissed when he finds out.
    • Why is Hux not knowing things starting to become a pattern in my fics????
  • Smoke and Fire (Original)
    • Tentative title. This story is an original work involving a transman, his four kids, their father, and large-scale amnesia. It’s set in a fantasy world that I’m still building, and focuses on the oldest daughter trying to piece together what happened after she wakes up in a world torn by chaos and war. The poor girl just wants to go home and be with her family. 
    • Don’t know if this’ll every be written and published, but it’s there.
  • Homework
    • I actually have an accounting project and a stats project I need to be writing. But I’m procrastinating them. That counts as “stuff that I’m currently working on,” right? I mean they’re written projects, so I assume so.

anonymous asked:

short drabble on sormik's first date or a slightly jealous sorey?

ahh yes some good ol’ jealousy ( o u o )b  this one took a while, but I hope you like it!

different AU this time! it’s a knight!Sorey and prince!Mikleo fantasy AU that I’ve been itching to try. lemme know what you think!


It is difficult for Sorey to watch them, though he doesn’t know why. It’s not like he hasn’t watched Mikleo dance with dignitaries and potential suitors before; it’s not like he hasn’t known since he took up his post as the prince’s Knight-Captain that one day, Mikleo would have to marry someone of import and strategic advantage. It’s not like he ever really once believed that he would actually have a chance with the amethyst-eyed jewel of Elysia.

He’s just a commoner, after all. A humble knight.

And really, he’s fortunate the prince and his paths have even crossed like this, in the way they have.

But all the same, as he stands there to the side with his back straight, his armor lined with white and patterned with black, he watches Mikleo dance with this current suitor, and a bad taste rises in his mouth.

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37. Meeting in Prison

Doctor’s Orders

The interning therapist was his and he had made sure everyone knew it.

It was unlikely that Alfred’s fellow inmates would attempt to get into the pants of a prison employee, seducing staff always proved to be fruitless and dangerous, but Alfred wasn’t taking any risks on this one and he was staking his claim on Dr. Kirkland.  

Pretty as a picture Dr. Kirkland.

When the warden had announced a trainee therapist would be taking over sessions with some of the more docile inmates, Alfred’s interest was piqued. And boy was he glad he had been sly enough to fall under the docile category because the moment Dr. Kirkland stepped through the door for their first session, Alfred’s blood ran hot.

The man was fresh from university and, from Alfred’s observations, in his early twenties.

Younger than Alfred.

He was naïve, however, unlike Alfred who had spent the past six months chipping away at a two year imprisonment sentence and the year before that on the run from the police. Where Alfred spent his teen years developing a ravenous computer virus, Kirkland had probably been bent over his thick psychology text books, envisioning how rewarding and selfless a prison therapist profession would be.

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“These motherfuckers got me today, when I stood in front of my wife and I cried like a baby, I said, ‘These motherfuckers got me today.’ But then I said, 'These motherfuckers will not own tomorrow. We will not live in your fear.’” Watch the full video on Noisey.