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Okay here’s why gentiles celebrating Jewish holidays is fundamentally wrong

here are some of our holiday: passover (escaping slavery), channukkah (resisting assimilation under threat of genocide), purim (escaping genocide). See a pattern? Most of jewish history is about being punted around from place to place because no one wants us between pogroms, ghettoes and shtetls. 

When you celebrate a Jewish holiday as a non-Jew, you take our history of suffering and turn it into your little party and then happily step out of it. You play dress up as a Jew with no care for the suffering of actual Jews, historical and modern. 

Now this is ESPECIALLY bad when Christians do it. Lots of times it was Christians instigating pogroms, confining us to ghettoes and trying as hard as they could to destroy our cultures. You don’t get to profit off of 2,000 years of systematic destruction and then pretend you’re Jewish. 

While we’re here. Messanic Jews ARENT jews. 

a lot of the stuff I see about celebrating Jewish holidays (particularly passover) is that you all want to do what Jesus did. How ever, please consider:

1) Jesus was Jewish. He was born a Jew and died a Jew

2) you are not Jewish

Most Jewish families LOVE to share their holidays and culture. If you’re interested in learning, there are networks to help people find seders. But above all remember you are a guest. Eating someone else’s food in someone else’s house and having someone else’s culture graciously shared with you.

and if you REALLY need to celebrate Jewish holidays yourself, consider why and maybe look into conversion.

So it’s Yom HaShoah today (that’s Holocaust Remembrance Day for the goy in the room) and I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful or insightful to say for most of yesterday. I’m sure most of the people who follow me aren’t Jewish and that’s fine, but because you’re not you will never understand the mental space the Holocaust takes up for us. I think about it all the time, it’s place in a wider Jewish story. In 2015 the world Jewish population finally reached the same level as it was in 1939. Think about that for a moment, it took us over 70 years to recover. When my Grandfather the son of European immigrants was born in 1924 there were about 9,500,000 Jews living in Europe, today 93 years later there are 1.4 million, in the countries of Eastern Europe there were 4.7 million Jews before the war, 867,000 in 1945 and only 70,000 today. Poland was 10% Jewish over 3 million Jews, speaking their own language, Yiddish. 90% of Polands Jews died, today only about 80,000 Jews live in Poland after 800 years as the beating heart of European Jewry. Yiddish went from 10 million native speakers to an all but dead language. The world of my great-grandparents is gone, I can never go back to where they came from because it’s gone, in the blink of an eye. However in some ways their world is alive and well, tonight, the night of Yom HaShoah over 7 million French people voted for a party founded by an anti-semitic fascist Holocaust denier. His Daughter that party’s candidate for President, the person over 7 million French voters wanted as their President, just this week denied any French responsibility for the deportation of France’s Jews to death camps. She gets to be in the run off election in two weeks and polls say 40% of French people will vote for her, she wants to BAN the wearing of Yarmulkes in public. And today of all days France choose not to reject her but move her forward. Never Again means Never Forget. 


Gavin “punching a dog in the face isn’t animal abuse” McInnes.

Gavin “Jews did Holodomor because they hate Whitey” McInnes.

Gavin “not to be an anti-semite but the Jews died of starvation” McInnes.

Ho. Ly. Fuck.

A brief Announcement

Unfortunately, several neo-Nazis and skinheads have recently begun to post inappropriate content on various posts and have chosen to directly contact me. 

They have questioned how Jews died in gas chambers during the Shoah,  they have brought up ancient stereotypes of Jewish wealth and have questioned how to properly murder Jewish pests.

This blog has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for hatred in all of its forms.  I will not tolerate antisemitism, Islamaphobia, LGBTQ+ phobias or erasures, racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism or bigotry in any form.

All blogs in questioned have been blocked permanently from seeing content from this blog. 

On this festival of freedom, let us take a stand against this terror in all of its forms.

To Pewdiepie haters, Wall Street Journal, Youtube and Felix.
(my English is not perfect, sorry for that)

First of all, hey. I am a bro since I can remember. Yet, it doesn’t mean I agree «as a ship» with Pewdiepie on everything, without being capable of differencing right from wrong. I have my own opinions, my own ideology and my own beliefs. And this, is my opinion.

The reason why I am writing this, is because I see how unfair the situation is, the media taking advantage of everything, not caring about how it affects and puts down other people’s lives, in this case, Felix’s. And I want to be heard too, because this is also becoming kind of a personal issue.

First of all, I would like to begin with the Jewish and Hitler issue. Allow me to ask, and open your mind just for a sec: why when someone makes a joke about Jews or Hitler, it becomes such a huge polemic? Stop, and keep reading. Why, when Stalin or Lenin are mentioned, nobody gives a shit? Why everyone knows about the «6 million» Jews that died in the holocaust, but nobody knows about 10-13 million Ukrainians that starved to death because of Stalin in 1923-1933? That was also a holocaust. Yeah, I am Ukrainian. And yes, in case you didn’t know, Ukraine is that country that is being invaded by Russia since 2014. But right, who gives a fuck? It’s always about the Jews.

Second of all, did you people hear about black humor? It’s funny. It is. And I enjoy it. And here goes another thing: you all scream how «nazi» (the right term is National-Socialist or NS btw) Felix is, but you are the only ones who still think that making fun of Jews is such a big deal. You are the only onces who make it feel like the white (race) supremacy is real in people like Pewdiepie, don’t you see that? Because a lot of ethnic groups make fun of others, and nobody gets offended by that, but hey, the Jews man, poor Jews, they are untouchable man, stop. Right?

Anyway, now about Pewds… the media doesn’t care about anything or anyone’s life, only about the money. It’s sad, but that’s how the world works nowadays. And it makes me extremely sad and furious the fact that Wall Street Journal took advantage of everything, and said to Disney and Youtube: «hey, this guy… pewdiewhatever… look what he is doing, he is a nazi, you should do something about it, huh?» hey, Wall Street Journal, how is that you goddam problem, man?! What do YOU care about what Felix does or stops doing? I completely understand that you morons are trying to break Pewds down, because you are too scared of such a powerful, intelligent public figure, that actually can change a lot of things and influence a lot of people for good. And guess what? He succeeded. He got an army and I am not joking. Among those «fat fanboys and little fangirls», as you all enjoy to denominate Pewdiepie’s fans, are university graduates. Me included. And, mark my words: you are digging your own grave, Wall Street Journal. You guys are going down in less than a decade. Old dogs fear new ones, right?

Youtube, I can’t say that I’m disappointed because your reaction was just too obvious. Still, better luck next time taking sides.

Felix, to you: I don’t know you, but I do know two things about you, and those are that you are honest and that you do not give up. So, don’t. You got this huge gift of being such an influential public figure. I want you to know that you can change a lot of stuff and a lot of minds. A lot of people will try to put you down, but if you give up, that means they win. And as far as I know, the bad guys can’t win. I believe in you. I do and 53 million people too.

I know you hate quotes like this, butttt…. Be the change you want to see in the world. 


backwardsandinhighheels  asked:

Hey Rose, aside from Chanukah, what are some other ways to show that Darcy is Jewish? Thank you!

So this depends on a few things, including how religious you think Darcy is.  Everything I’m saying applies to any character, btw, but I’m tailoring my responses to a young unmarried Jewish woman living in NYC with primarily non-Jewish friends, which - hey - I’ve got plenty of experience with!

Options include:


Hanukkah (Chanukah is fine, transliteration from Hebrew is weird) is obviously a big one, but it’s not the only one.  

Keep reading

List of Antiziganist things to say to Rromani people

* Rromani marry their cousins, don’t they? * Rromani are white * Rromani have their own show on TLC, how oppressed can you be? * Antiziganism doesn’t exist * Rromani aren’t oppressed anymore * Rromani benefit from white privilege in America * Rromani hate non-Rromani * Rromani should just get job * Rromani should just get an education * Rromani should “integrate” into society * My textbook says only said 200,000 gypsies died in the Holocaust! * The Holocaust was a white-on-white genocide * Everyone got reparations after the Holocaust * Jewish people didn’t deserve the Holocaust but Gypsies did * All Rromani are white-passing * There are Rromani who are white * “Rromani are a lost Jewish Tribe” * “Rromani come from the Middle East” * “Rromani come from Romania” * “Rromani come from Rome” * Rromani are racist because they only marry other Rromani * Jewish people hate Rromani people * There is no solidarity between Rromani & Black communities in Europe Arab supremacy doesn’t affect Rromani people * [Insert any brown travelling culture] THE GYPSIES OF _____________ * Equating Gypsy to Travelling * Saying any travelling culture MUST be related to the Rromani * “You don’t know what it’s like to be in a country for centuries and still be hated” * Rromani have very little Indian DNA in them * Rromani aren’t REALLY from India * Rromani culture is different from Indian culture * *Excluding Rromani from South Asian & the Diaspora* * So do you like Jews? Since you both died in the holocaust? * Aren’t you mad you don’t have your own country while Jewish people got Israel? * You should be mad * “Some Greeks are dark!!! Maybe they’re gypsy too!” * I get really tan when I tan in the summer maybe I’m part gypsy! * YOU’RE A ZIONIST? * YOU’RE NOT A ZIONIST? * Gypsies appropriate Indian culture * “…Why are you wearing henna?” * “…Is that a bindi?” * Um…There’s a girl named Gypsy at my school how is it a slur * Gypsy is not a slur * There is a fashion brand called ‘Gypsy’ * I mean maybe if you didn’t steal and acted ratchet they wouldn’t have killed your [insert family member here] * Maybe your people should try contributing to society * I don’t believe that Rromani are discriminated against in Africa * I don’t believe that Rromani were slaves in America too * Rromani became white passing when they entered America * Rromani call themselves Turkish/Indian/Mexican to get by in America…isn’t that racist? * You wanna be Indian so bad * My [family member] hates gypsies * “THATS WHY YOU LOOK SO INDIAN!” * *General shock that a real live Rromani ACTUALLY made it to America* * You can’t be two religions???? * White/Arab/Turkish supremacy don’t affect Rromani anymore * I can tell you’re Rromani from your [stereotypical wide nose/double lid/defined Cupid’s bow] * Gypsies stole the fourth nail of Jesus * *Applying a non-Rromani experience to Rromani experiences* * Rromani are basically Indian * Rromanipen is a racist/sexist religion! * *Being a gypsy for halloween* * *Saying you’re a gypsy because you can belly dance* * *Hinting that you want to know whether or not I live in a caravan*

yalnız yaşayan bir adamın toplumdan nefret ettiği söylenir çoğu kez. oysa haydutların gezdiği bir ormanda yürümeyi sevmeyen bir adamın yürümekten hiç mi hiç hoşlanmadığını söylemek gibi bir şeydir bu.

Alain De Botton

Görsel :  Pietro Donzelli -  Giorno di festa Italy 1954

if you guys ever feel bad about your childhood being ruined just remember my friend unknowingly hooked up with the guy that voiced nemo at a usy event

19 April 1689 - death of Christina, Queen of Sweden

On this day, 327 years ago, Christina, Queen of Sweden, died in Rome, at the age of 62.

Born on 8 December 1626, Christina was the daughter of King Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg. After her father died in the Battle of Lützen, Christina, his only heir, became queen-elect before the age of six. By his orders she was educated as a prince, with the learned theologian Johannes Matthiae as her tutor. Five regents headed by the chancellor Axel Oxenstierna governed the country. Her brilliance and strong will were evident even in her childhood. Oxenstierna himself instructed her in politics and first admitted her to council meetings when she was 14.

An assiduous politician, Christina was able to keep the bitter class rivalries that broke out after the Thirty Years’ War from lapsing into civil war but was unable to solve the desperate financial problems caused by the long years of fighting.

Highly cultured and passionately interested in learning, she rose at five in the morning to read and invited eminent foreign writers, musicians, and scholars to her court. The French philosopher René Descartes himself taught her philosophy and died at her court. For her wit and learning, all Europe called her the Minerva of the North; she was, however, extravagant, too free in giving away crown lands, and intent on a luxurious court in a country that could not support it and did not want it. Her reign was, nevertheless, beneficent: it saw the first Swedish newspaper (1645) and the first countrywide school ordinance; science and literature were encouraged, and new privileges were given to the towns; trade, manufactures, and mining also made great strides.

Christina’s abdication after 10 years of rule shocked and confused the Christian world. She pleaded that she was ill and that the burden of ruling was too heavy for a woman. The real reasons, however, are unclear and still disputed. Among those that are often cited are her aversion to marriage, her secret conversion to Roman Catholicism, and her discomfort (after spending most of her life in the company of men) with her own femininity. She chose her cousin Charles X Gustav as her successor, and, when he was crowned on 6 June 1654, the day of her abdication, Christina left Sweden immediately.

In December 1655 Pope Alexander VII received Christina in splendour at Rome. He was, however, soon disillusioned with his famous convert, who opposed public displays of piety. Although she was far from beautiful (short and pockmarked, with a humped right shoulder), Christina, by her manners and personality, created a sensation in Rome. Missing the activity of ruling, she entered into negotiations with the French chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin, and with the Duke of Modena to seize Naples (then under the Spanish crown), intending to become queen of Naples and to leave the throne to a French prince at her death. This scheme collapsed in 1657, during a visit by Christina to France. While staying at the palace of Fontainebleau, she ordered the summary execution of her equerry, Marchese Gian Rinaldo Monaldeschi, alleging that he had betrayed her plans to the Holy See. Her refusal to give reasons for this action, beyond insisting on her royal authority, shocked the French court, nor did the pope welcome her return to Rome.

In spite of this scandal, Christina lived to become one of the most influential figures of her time, the friend of four popes, and a munificent patroness of the arts. Always extravagant, she had financial difficulties most of her life: the revenues due from Sweden came slowly or not at all. She visited Sweden in 1660 and in 1667. On the second journey, while staying in Hamburg, she had Pope Clement IX’s support in an attempt to gain another crown, that of her second cousin John II Casimir Vasa, who had abdicated the throne of Poland; but her failure seemed to please her since this meant that she could return to her beloved Rome. There she had formed a strong friendship with Cardinal Decio Azzolino, a clever, charming, prudent man, leader of a group of cardinals active in church politics. It was generally believed in Rome that he was her lover, a view sustained by her letters, which were decoded in the 19th century. With him, she, too, became active in church politics, insisting for years on the pursuance of the Christian war against the Turks. Pope Innocent XI, who pushed this war to its victorious conclusion, stopped her pension at her own urgent request in order to add it to the war treasury. In 1681, having secured a trustworthy administrator for her lands in Sweden, Christina at last became financially secure.

Christina’s extraordinary taste in the arts has influenced European culture since her time. Her palace, the Riario (now the Corsini, on the Lungara in Rome), contained the greatest collection of paintings of the Venetian school ever assembled, as well as other notable paintings, sculpture, and medallions. It became the meeting place of men of letters and musicians. The Arcadia Academy (Accademia dell’Arcadia) for philosophy and literature, which she founded, still exists in Rome. It was at her instigation that the Tordinona, the first public opera house in Rome, was opened, and it was she who recognized the genius of and sponsored the composer Alessandro Scarlatti, who became her choirmaster, and Arcangelo Corelli, who directed her orchestra. The sculptor and architect Giovanni Bernini, her friend, considered her his saviour when she commissioned the art historian Filippo Baldinucci to write his biography while he was being discredited in 1680. Her enormous collection of books and manuscripts is now in the Vatican library. She was renowned, too, for her militant protection of personal freedoms, for her charities, and as protectress of the Jews in Rome.

Christina died in 1689. Her tomb is in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

since today is yom ha’shoah, a day to specifically remember the 6 million jews that died in the holocaust, i’m going to go on a jewish sapphic positivity spam for my fellow jewish sapphics.  in addition, if you’re a jewish sapphic, tell me your url and i’ll promo you.  

okay for real I hate it the most when weeaboos tell me to “get over” what the Japanese did in WWII (and this has happened a lot, I kid you not), mostly because they’re so blinded by their “love” of Japan they refuse to event hink about what they’re saying?? And they don’t know what they’re saying?

Like, I’m sorry? But WWII was 70 years ago. My grandparents are all around 80. They’re old enough to remember shit that happened because of the Japanese occupation of Manchuria, they were there. Thankfully, while I have not lost family during this time, a lot of other families have lost a brother, a mother, a father, a sister, a cousin or someone during this time. The shit they did isn’t ancient history, it’s recent in the grand scheme of things, and we have veterans and civilians alike who still remember this. When I was younger, my grandpa sometimes told me about how he witnessed a child crying for his mother shot on the street. And this is from my grandpa’s mouth, not from a history textbook.

And adding onto the fact that the scars left are still felt today because the Japanese refuse to apologize for their war crimes, going so far to actually deny it ever happened. There’s a piece of shit who wrote a whole essay on how the Nanking Massacre isn’t real and how the Chinese just made it up, which is horrendous because a) photo evidence and b) Nazis have records of it too and even they were horrified by what happened. But like, this is one war crime out of thousands of killings, mass murders, rapes, cruelty, and human experimentation that was carried out in all of East and Southeast Asia, like China, Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines and India. They still refuse to acknowledge this at all and refuse to apologize.

Plus, modern politics are still shaped by this incident and the anti-Japanese sentiment is really high, highest in China and South Korea. Seriously, most people will refer to the Japanese with a derogatory term on a daily basis. China and South Korea have refused to meet with Japan on diplomatic missions ever since Abe became prime minister. Which means for the last several years, China and South Korea have not met with Japan. And this is because Abe also perpetuates the pro-Imperialist views and refusal to apologize for past war crimes, but also visiting temples full of war criminals and honour them. This is still an ongoing problem, because Imperialism in Japan isn’t discouraged, but rather taken pride in. Meaning this neo-Nazi like view is still rampant and they’re still refusing to do any apologizing.

And to hit the nail on the head, know that at least 8 million Chinese died during WWII due to the Japanese. This is higher than the number of Jews that died in the Holocaust, not that I’m saying that the Holocaust wasn’t horrendous and not enough is done about anti-semitism today, it’s just as a comparison of how many people were killed.

But yes, just tell me to “get over” everything the Japanese has done and refuse to apologize for

I’m sorry I’m making so many negative political posts on this blog but I’m fucking furious. It takes a sick kind of human being to ban refugees from entering our country on Holocaust Remembrance Day. So many jews died because the United States didn’t fucking care about us so they turned us away. Never again means not letting this happen to ANYONE EVER AGAIN. I don’t even know what to say about this. I’m just so fucking furious at my country.

Ask the average gentile American how many Jews died in World War II and he will readily respond: ‘six million.’
Ask him how many Americans or Christians fell in that conflict, and he will not be able to answer. Nor is he sure how many Americans were killed during the Vietnam War, much less the Civil War or War for Independence. Yet, he is quite sure that 'six million innocent Jews were murdered by the Nazis.’
When brought to his attention, this disparity of awareness often makes him wonder why he should know with such alacrity about the questionable fate of a three per cent minority population, while far less about the very real sufferings of his own people.
—  A.V. Schaerffenberg

Honestly really disappointed on the lack of Yom Ha Shoah coverage by mainstream media and social media websites today.

Hey fam 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust not to mention the 3 million soviet POW, 1.8 million non Jewish Pols, 312,000 Serbians, 250,000 people with disabilities, up to 220,000 Rromanis, up to 100,00 people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum (it’s still unknown the exact number because homosexuality was a criminal offense) that were murdered.

I’m biased but I think it’s important to remember all victims. It’s also just as important to use today to discuss anti Semitism, racism, xenophobia etc

Genocide isn’t new and isn’t gone the values and lessons are more important than ever today.

anonymous asked:

Put yourself in my shoes and see how it would fee to be disregarded with your responses. The genocide from the Ottoman Empire isn't even recognized globally. So yes my family's struggle and fight is actually still not over. My family's culture was erased. Please think before you respond.

“Put yourself in my shoes and see how it would fee to be disregarded with your responses.“

I don’t need to, im already in those shoes. im a mentally ill jewish gay woman, i get disregarded daily by friends and family and society. 

My family’s culture was erased.

mate ur talking to a jew here….. who’s fellow 6 million jews died and had their entire culture completely erased.

Please think before you respond.

im sorry im not responding how you’d like me to about how christians were oppressed 100 yrs ago, did you say?