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Do I believe the Nazi party perpetrated some kind of not-so-humane (or even outright atrocious) campaign against Jewish people in response to the financial-sector subversion and Jewish-lead Marxist uprisings carried out by a minority of the Jewish population? Yes. I’m not an outright denier.

I’m not so gullible, however, as to believe as the mainstream does (and most people are browbeat into going along with a chorus of “NAZI!” and “ANTISEMITE!”) that the history written by the victors of the war should simply be taken at face value. Anyone with even a minimum of historical perspective has absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe that the Nuremberg trials were anything more than a kangaroo court for the Allies’ sake.

Correcting for blatant exaggeration and falsehood, it’s hard to really believe that it’s proper to regard the Holocaust as significantly more cruel and unusual than the cruelties of any other point in history. Even relative to the rest of WWII itself, we’re talking about a period where the fire-bombing of civilians, the forced conscription of youths (who later were forced to slaughter each other by the millions), and even the capture and harsh segregation of ethnic populations were par for the course. The “Hitler is the worst human being to ever walk the face of the earth, he is literally a historical supervillain” narrative doesn’t actually make a lot of sense.