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I was born and bred in Birmingham, like a fucking horse, but I don’t know whether it’s my home. You’ve heard the whole, ‘I was best friends with the Shelby’s’ thing before. I know you have. But no, we weren’t best friends, we were siblings. You’ll notice the use of ‘were’ and not 'are’ to describe my affiliation with the Shelby family. If I’m honest, I see them as my past now, because I don’t want them to be my present. Maybe that’s harsh and goes against the so called 'Shelby Way’ like we’re some kind of fucking royalty. But I don’t care because, our family was ruined by my brothers. They soiled our name and made it synonymous with fear and violence. If I told anyone I was a Shelby they’d think I was there to kill them.

Thomas is to blame. I blame him, I always have and always will. If he had not taken on that shipment of guns, none of this would have happened. If he hadn’t fallen for that Irish spy a lot of bad things also wouldn’t have happened to us. But no, Thomas dug our family’s grave but refused to lay in it. He made the rest of us lay in it instead.

It should have been me running the business. It would have been clean without any murder. I’m older than Tommy and more sane than Arthur. I’m the second eldest but I wasn’t even considered as the leader of the business. Even Polly didn’t support me and Ada was fucking Freddie Thorne so that didn’t help. As soon as Tommy told me about the guns, I hit him right round the face and walked off angrily. He never apologised or even really talked to me about it again off his own accord. Either way, I knew from that moment on that he wasn’t to be trusted.

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Stop Making Jew Jokes

Stop saying “Jew”

Even if you hear us joking about our stereotypes, you have no right to

Don’t comment on our features, how they do or do not “look” Jewish

Don’t make holocaust jokes, especially about camps

Don’t call us white

Don’t use Yiddish or Hebrew words in your vocabulary such as ‘oy vey’

Stop asking us “why” we’re jewish

Stop saying our names are too hard to pronounce

Stop making fun of us using Chet (The letter that makes the chuh sound)

Stop talking over us by inserting your beliefs

Stop being so anti-semetic and denying it


don’t get me wrong it’s great that so many ppl hate hydra!cap, but…this is the only time i have seen a majority of gentile fans (from any fandom really) get so angry about an antisemitic issue and it’s not even a jewish character. like where were yall when magneto was villainized for killing red skull? where were you when they cast goy actors for p much every single jewish character in both the mcu and the x men movies? where were you when mcu wanda and pietro worked with and were experimented on by hydra? where were you when jewish fans got angry about these things and were promptly attacked for their ‘opinions’? where the hell were you??

To my fellow Jewish comic book fans, please remember that Cap doesn’t belong to Nick Spencer. He always has and always will belong to us.

Like the golem, superheroes were created by Jews to protect ourselves; to see ourselves represented as brave and strong and valiant when the rest of the world said we were anything but. And in the golem story, erasing one letter of the truth creates death.

Marvel and Spencer have done exactly that. In erasing the truth of Cap’s Jewishness (just like they did with the Maximoffs), they have created something dead. Fake. HYDRA!Cap will never be the truth. We are the truth.

anonymous asked:

How is the witch hat racist? Genuine question and I'm on mobile so its difficult to research. I personally think it's cute but I want to be informed so I'm not disrespectful and liking something that's bad.

A quick quote for you:

In his book, Jensen describes how the 1215 Fourth Council of the Lateran required all Jews to identify themselves by wearing the Judenhat (“Jewish hat” or “horned skullcap”). The style soon became a target for Anti-Semitism. Artists painted devils muttering curses beneath Jewish crowns. In 1431, Hungarian legal codes required first-time sorcery offenders to walk among their peers in “peaked Jews’ caps.” Medieval representations tying Jews to Satan were nothing new, and by the late 13th century, Jewish attributes had soaked up enough ugly significance to tar all “unbelievers, hypocrites, heretics, pagans, and demons,” Jensen writes. 

Basically, Jewish people were forced to wear these hats and over time the association with witches happened, as is said here. 

Really, even on mobile you should be able to open the link I gave.

Here are the links in that link:

sonoftheeternalone  asked:

Homosexuality is a sin, and your Catholic tradition is sending you and thousands to hell. It is clearly written in Romans that JEWS are the ones to which God entrusted the scriptures. Repent brother , there is still time. Open your eyes to the truth.

Why do you say that homosexuality, instead of homosexual acts, is a sin? Saying that condemns people who did not choose to be homosexual.

Why do you think Catholics are going to hell? There is no place in my Bible where Jesus says, “Catholics are going to hell.” Last I checked, Jesus is the Judge, not you.

Why do you think Jews (or JEWS, if all caps is supposed to mean something) have been entrusted the scriptures?

Does that mean New Testament also? You do know the Jews don’t recognize Jesus or the New Testament, by the way?

If you want someone to repent, Jesus said,

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye (Matthew 7:5).

Open your heart. Or you will be the reason many people think about Christians that:

These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me (Matthew 15:8).