on jeue un jeu?

I was tagged by @theslaughteredpanda (I see you O.O) to do a ten fandom pick-your-favorite-character game.

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Actually that’s where I’ll start: 1.  Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor.  I’m a lapsed whovian, but I will forever adore Tennant’s years as the Doctor.

2.  Supernatural -

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You’re all shocked, I’m sure.  He’s delightful and complex, innocent and terrifying.  He doesn’t always succeed, but he never stops trying.

3.  Marvel -

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Yep, this jerk.  He’s full of himself and an ass sometimes, but he’s intelligent and he cares and when he sees a wrong he fixes it.

4.  LOTR - … I’m kicking myself for putting this one in, because how do I choose.

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But in the end, it’s Aragorn.

5.  Orphan Black - Helena.  >.>  I love Sarah and Cosima and the depth they have, and Alison makes me laugh, but Helena… Helena is so dark and twisty and her psychopathic ways make me happy in ways they shouldn’t…

6.  Discworld - I could debate this one for ages, but it has to be Death.  I love so many of the characters for such different reasons, but Death is ever present and that was the storyline I read first.

7.  Redwall -  because I have a fondness for those books that will never die.  Triss is one of my favorites, but my best beloved is Martin.

8.  Merlin -

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The sass.  The hijinks.  The pranks.


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Sue me.  He’s clever.

10.  I’m just going to throw Maeve from Westworld in as the last one.  She’s too clever to not love.