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When not stretching out behind the desk in the Oval Office, Kennedy defined the Ivy League casual style of the early ’60s. On land, this often meant blazers in navy blue wool or brown Harris tweed, paired with khakis in the summer or gray flannel trousers in the cooler months. The sport jackets were often cut like his suits with slim notch lapels, 2-button fronts, welted breast pockets, jetted hip pockets, and 4-button cuffs. Underneath, the shirts and ties were the same as his suits – white shirts with blue-ish ties.  His shoes were typically off-white canvas sneakers with white laces, worn with thin socks in either white, blue, or black. On sockless days, he would wear dark leather penny loafers that was usually paired with a sweater and white boat slacks. Around his various vacation homes, he would wear velvet Albert slippers with his initials in gold.

Fab Four + Origin Stories

Poison and Kobra were born and raised in Bat City. They were both relatively behaved citizens, if such a thing exists under the watch of the scrupulous BLi, but had a special knack for getting into scrapes that irritated authorities. Kobra was too curious for his own good (routinely skipping his meds and lying about it might have had something to do with it), and Poison always chased after him like a responsible big brother. Poison and Jet were both assigned to be street sanitation workers when they were 16 (and Kobra always tagged along with Poison because it was boring at home). Over a couple of years they became good pals, and Jet keyed them in on all the dirty secrets of BLi his father had shared with him. When Kobra got into trouble one too many times, BLi took him in for questioning during school. He and Poison met each other after school to walk home together every day without fail, so when Kobra didn’t show up Poison knew something was wrong. He went after Kobra of course, and he was taken in too. Those days behind the glass walls of BLi were some of the scariest of their lives. When they escaped to the desert they had nothing but a couple of stolen rayguns and whatever was in their pockets.  

Jet was born in Bat City, but dreamed of living out in the Zones since he was young. His old man hated BLi and wanted to leave the City, it’s all he could talk about. He was never an attentive or present father to Jet, but raised him to see past the the brain-numbing monochrome. His mom was always fearful of that kind of talk, but remained quiet. On Jet’s 14th birthday his dad never came home from work to celebrate, abandoning him and his mom and escaping to the desert. Jet made excuses for him, told himself his dad had to leave without them - he hadn’t wanted to leave them, that’s just the way things had to be. His mother told him the painful truth shortly before she died four years later. She got real ill, and Jet noticed one afternoon that Poison had stopped coming into work too. His mother passed soon after, and he crafted his own escape plan. “Are you proud of me, pops?” His bitter words echoed off the white walls of an empty apartment. When he was young, his dad regaled him with all the legends of the desert he knew - the dreaded Phoenix Witch, the arcane Destroya - as bedtime stories. Jet grew incredibly superstitious, up until he discovered the truth about his dad and then denounced all of it as phony bullshit. (This causes problems between him and Ghoul, who’s intensely superstitious, and their arguments can get pretty heated.) Sometimes though, in the blackest times of the night, Jet swears he still hears ghosties coming for him. (He doesn’t tell Ghoul this.)

Ghoul is a desert-born, spit right out onto the sand. His mother raised him in the Zones before she was sucked lifeless by Dracs. He lived as a loner out in Zone 6 for ages and thought hard and heavy about travelling out beyond the Zones - there’s gotta be somethin’ out there, you know? He initially felt out of place when he joined the other three because of the camaraderie already between them. He figured he’d still be alone among these guys too, but he found a group of brothers instead. Now, he can’t stand being alone.


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MONSTA X(Yandere Ver): Rejecting Their Confession Because Of How Uncomfortable/Uneasy They Make You Feel

Anon Asked:  I’d like to request a monsta x version of your recent exo yandere reaction,,, the one where they get rejected, thank you loves! 💞💞

Here you go sweetheart!!~ Enjoy :-)

*What is a Yandere? It is someone whom is obsessed with the main character. They are over protective and sometimes possessive of them. Eliminating any person they see as competition or a threat to their relationship with the M/C.


The moment that the word “No” fell from your lips his heart broke in half as he let out a small sound that was between a laugh and a choke. He couldn’t believe that you had just rejected him and although he gave you an “It’s okay,” along with a smile on the outside, deep down on the inside he was full of anger and confusion. He didn’t want to believe what you had just said, but he too didn’t want to lash out at you and scare you. The next thing you knew, there you were standing with his arms wrapped around you in a tight and lingering hug. It was a hug that said, “Don’t go.” and “I don’t want to say goodbye yet.” The only thing he could do was pretend to move on,that way he wouldn’t lose you. The only thing that did keep him sane and grounded was being able to continue being in your life, even if it was just as friends.

“Ah- No no I understand Y/N…You’re right…I guess we are better off as friends, just please don’t leave my side…”

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As soon as he was rejected by you, he became cocky, saying how “Was it because he was too good looking?” and such, but in reality he hid his sadness and tears that started to form with laughter and sarcasm. In reality he was hurt, more hurt than he had ever been before. You rolled your eyes telling him that this was exactly one of the reasons that you couldn’t see yourself with him, because he could never take anything serious and a serious relationship was something that you were looking for. When that sentence passed you up and you turned to walk away he swiftly grabbed your arm and twirled your around pinning you against the nearest surface, staring at you with the his most serious and stern expression across his face.

“How can you say I’m not serious when the only thing that I am serious about is you? I’m not going to let you go Y/N..Not now, not ever.”

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After getting rejected by you he completely closed off. The scene from that day played in his head over and over again making him go crazy. He became hostile and angry, throwing glares or punches at anyone who came into contact with him. Whenever he saw you, he became numb. He never knew what to feel, yes he was angry, but not at you, he was angry with himself and the way he was that pushed you away. He was happy and relieved to see you, because you were the only one that brought a sense of calm into his chaotic life. It was heartbreaking to see and be around you. He didn’t care about anything or anyone else. The only person that he craved, was you.

“ I hate all of this! Dammit! If I wouldn’t have been so over protective of her maybe she wouldn’t have rejected me the way she did. I’m such a creep.”

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The second that your smile started to fall from your face, his fell too knowing what was going to come next. When you shook your head and told him that you just didn’t see him that way, he shoved his hands into his pockets and nodded with a long, hard sigh. He felt disappointed that you had rejected him so quickly, and it made him wonder if maybe the reason you had done so was because there was someone else in your life that had caught your attention. He suddenly felt his anger surface as he took his hands out of his pockets and jetted them outwards,placing them on both sides of your head,cornering you from escaping his view.

“There’s someone else, isn’t there? Who is it? I’ll hurt whoever tries to take you away from me. You’re mine, and no one elses.”

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He could feel the tears start to well up in the corner of his eyes as he could heart the sound of his own heart breaking as soon as you backed away, shaking your head. He forced a smile as he softly chuckled that he would never,ever hurt you and there was no reason to be afraid of him. The thing that he hate the most was that you were appearing to be afraid of him right then and there and it killed him. He did all he could for you to never be scared of him, he just wanted you to see him as someone that you could confide in and lean on, but the moment you told him about your slight fear of him and the way he was towards you, it upset him. All he could do was force a fake smile, hoping you would change your mind after taking some time to think things through.

“Ahhhh Y/N. I don’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry if I’m always hovering around you, I just want you to be safe all the time- What? I’m not stalking you! I’m simply just watching over you~”

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He was simply in denial as soon as he was rejected. He shook his head, wearing that same silly grin, looking un-phased. He never did like getting his hopes up and let down in the end. And that’s just what he felt like was happening. He had fantasized and planned out his future with you, to the wedding dress you would wear, where you two would live at, and how many little ones you would have; But finding out that you didn’t feel the same he became hysterical. There was not a chance in hell he was taking no for an answer, especially when it came to you. He would keep on becoming persistent until you came around.

“Aishhhhh don’t say that Y/N!~ Don’t throw away what we have !~ I’m not going anywhere~~”

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Just like Shownu, he became embarrassed. He knew that maybe he had gone a little over board with somethings. What was it that made you turn him down? Was it because he called you every morning and night to make sure you woke up and went to sleep, only to be texting you throughout the rest of the day? Or maybe it was when he smashed the face in of the man who had tried to get your number the other day because he had thought you were so beautiful. All he wanted to do was make sure that people knew what they needed to keep that eyes on, and that didn’t include you. In his mind, you were already his. But the minute you said no all he could do was smile on the outside and scream internally. Although he promised that he would wait for you how ever long it took, it still didn’t make him change his ways and habits.

“Oh-! Don’t worry about it Y/N! I am yours, and of course you’re mine already so I will just wait until you finally accept that fact.”

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So @spacedock555 gave me the idea to make a fancy seeker since their cockpits look like ties and their exhaust port thingies (you know those things on jets?) look like pockets, and since Skywarp is one of spacedock’s fave, I chose to make him! Poor babe has a fear of guns tho. Wonder how that would work out on a mafia setting. 

That last one is like Shocky saying “finish the job, Skywarp”.

Mission Part 2 - Natasha x Reader

You zipped up your suit, pulling the tight sleeves down, so they enclosed the bottom of your hands. Next was the gloves, they were leather, black and finger less; contrasting well with your navy suit.

When you glanced in the mirror on the wall, you couldn’t help thinking you looked hot, your hair perfectly in a messy bun, the body you worked so hard for fitting nicely in your training suit.

“Ready?” Natasha asked from behind you, in her own black suit.

“I should be.” You replied, smiling at her in the mirror. You saw her nod and open the sliding door.

You followed her out, wondering what she thought of you. She didn’t seem to hate you. Or like you. Or dislike you.
Perhaps you’d never know.

Natasha walked up the ramp of the quin-jet and you went after her, feeling the excitement building up inside you. This was a mission, with Agent Natasha Romanoff. An Avenger. A bloody Avenger.

She went to talk to the pilot, while you stood in the cabin, looking around.
There were no other agents, just you, Natasha and the pilot.

Natasha came back, and the cargo door folded up, trapping you in the metal contraption.

You sat down in a seat, buckling yourself in.
Natasha sat opposite you, her eyes never leaving you.
It made you feel uncomfortable but her gaze wasn’t unpleasant.

“Tell me about yourself.” She said suddenly.

“I’m sure you’ve read my file.” You replied, shrugging.

“Tell me something the file doesn’t know."  Natasha said, her hands on her lap.

You blinked at her, surprised. Was she… interested in you?

"Well, I haven’t actually read my file so I don’t know what’s in it.” You said, shrugging.

A slow smile crept across the agents lips.
“It’s quite sweet really. You should read it sometime.”

“My file is sweet?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

She chuckled, breaking her gaze to look down at her hands.

You felt the rumbling as the jet took you off and you felt your heart rate quicken.

“You’ll be fine, agent (y/l/n).” Natasha said, raising an eyebrow as she saw your grip tighten on your harness.

You nodded, trying to assure yourself.
Natasha rested her head back against the seat, looking across at you.

“We go in, flirt with a few thirsty men, catch the targets eye, get in, neutralise the target, get out. It’ll be fun.” She said, only a hint of a smile.

“Oh yes, I love being touched all over by strangers.” You muttered sarcastically, causing the corner of Natasha’s lips to twitch in a smirk.

The rest of the journey took place mostly in silence, aside from the occasional remark from you, Natasha or the pilot.

“We need to change if we’re meant to blend in at a cocktail party.” You said, looking around the cabin.

“Yeah, we just have to do something first.” Natasha answered vaguely.

The plane landed beside a Warehouse, cloaking enabled. You wondered why you had been kept in the dark about this.

Natasha unfastened her belt, standing up and exiting the plane.

“Coming?” She asked, flicking her wrist in a gesture for you to follow. You quickly got up, walking briskly to catch up to her.

“What are we-”

“It’s drop-off.” Natasha cut you off, “We’re just picking up some items.”

“Oh, so why is it-”

Suddenly a hand was clamped over your lips and you were pulled behind a pick up truck and pushed into a crouch.

You looked at Natasha questioningly and she removed her hand from your mouth.

She poked her head up to look over the truck while you crouched behind a wheel.

A series of loud bangs caused you to flinch as Natasha leaped to hide behind the other wheel.

You saw her lips move in a curse as the shooting carried on.

You looked up into the side mirror, seeing a slight view of around 4 men, wearing casual black clothes. You noticed that each of them had a black bandanna across their lower faces.

They were closing in, their stances prepared and ready. Natasha readied herself, preparing to carry out some plan she no doubt had formed.

But you had your own plan. A stack of steel crates off to the side were your target. You just hoped they weren’t explosives as you tucked and rolled behind them.

Natasha glanced at you, her eyes widening. She gestured for you to open a crate, so you did.
A couple of the crates weren’t protecting you from the bullets so you opened them with the help of your laser tool.

Inside you found a gun which you recognised as an icer. You went to gesture a question to Natasha but she was busy firing shots at the men.

She shrugged, opening the next crate and finding a few grenades.

You decided to use them.

The men ran away, escaping to inside the warehouse but it gave you and Natasha a break.

Working together, you and Natasha managed to take down the men. Stunning one, killing another and leaving the other two broken and barely conscious but still alive.

“Get back to the jet.” Natasha told you, pocketing an electronic device from one of the men.

You didn’t move until Natasha stood up and walked past you, leading the way.

Back in the sky, Natasha handed you an earpiece.

Part way through the flight, while you were still a bit confused about the events at the warehouse, Natasha broke the silence.

“We need to change. Here’s your dress.” She opened a wall compartment and pulled out two dresses, one red, one black.

She held out the red one to you and you felt a shred of disappointment.

It obviously showed on your face, because Natasha raised her eyebrows.
“Is that a problem?”

“Nothing I can’t adapt to.” You said, “I just usually wear black or navy.”

Natasha smiled, “Our target has a thing for red. I’ve got the hair, so you get the dress.”

“Nothing to do with the fact that you’re Black Widow then?” You teased, unclipping your seat belt.

Natasha tapped the side of her nose, giving you a knowing smile.

Then she began to unzip her suit, taking it off to put her dress on.

You blushed momentarily, and quickly turned away to take your own suit off.

When you were just about to pull your dress on, you heard a slight laugh from behind you. You turned to see Natasha, eyebrows raised and a hand over her mouth.

“What?” You asked.

She took a second to regain her composure.

“Loving the socks.” She said, throwing you a wink.

You rolled your eyes, glancing down at your slightly childish socks. Usually no one saw them because of your boots but you knew they were there and that made you happy. You liked to have a little part of your childhood to hold onto while you were doing things which were far from childish.

You put the dress on, finding it fit you quite nicely, even if it was a bit too low cut for your tastes.

You were given matching heels and then Natasha did your make up, since she ‘knew what was needed’.

The jet landed in a hotel car park and the two of you got out, Natasha holding a small blood red handbag which contained a compact gun. You didn’t have any weapons because there was nowhere for you to hide them.

You entered the hotel party easily, Natasha merely flashing your fake ID’s and the red rope was moved to the side.

All around, women lay draped in men’s arms and not-so-lucky drunk men whispered in the ears of more sober women, their hands beginning to wander.

It made you feel sick. All of it. It was sickening.

A tray of champagne glasses was carried past and Natasha grabbed one for each of you.

“We need to appear willing.” She murmured in your ear. You nodded dizzily, taking a tiny sip.

“Split up. You know what he looks like. Don’t get too far without me.” She winked at you, her hand brushing gently along your bare arm before she disappeared into the crowd.

You looked around. There had to be someway you could find the target without being touched.

Just as you were thinking that, a large hand rested on your hip, causing you to flinch. As you leant away from the arm, you accidentally leant into the body of the arm. He was a built man, several inches taller than you, his neatly styled long hair tickling his light stubble.

“A'ight love?” He grinned, his thick Yorkshire accent shining through.

“Yes, I’m fine thank you.” You said, pulling away from him.

He wrapped an arm across your shoulder and chest, joining his other hand at your waist like a seatbelt which pinned your arms to your sides.

“Get off.” You growled, struggling.

He chuckled into your ear, “Oh but this is the fun par’ sweet'eart.”

His lips moved to the left side of your neck, kissing up to your ear. You felt him smile and you suddenly realised your ear-piece was in that ear.
“Natasha!” You squealed as he flicked the ear piece out with his tongue.

No. No, no, no. This could not be happening.

“Now, now, don’t make a scene.” The man said, hugging you tightly.
“Come with me and we can get this sorted out civilly.”

Something about his voice and the atmosphere made you afraid to fight back. If he was taking you away you could always get him then.

He led you away, behind a curtain and into the backstage area of the hall. You felt his hands wandering your back and things, realising he was looking for weapons.

“I don’t have any.” You muttered, knowing he wouldn’t take just your word.

“A'ight sweet'eart. Just a moment.” You felt his hand on the back of your neck then a sharp pierce into your skin. What the- Had he drugged you?

The curtain swished to the side, revealing Natasha. She didn’t hesitate, dealing the man a kick straight to the back of the head. He was pushed forward sharply, his forehead slamming into your nose.

He released you turning his attention to Natasha. Your eyes began to water, and your vision and hearing swirled in and out of focus as you felt the drug taking affect.

You could hear his voice as the ground rushed up towards you.

“You have no… the famous black widow….the pleasure…all….” his voice faded in and out, your whole world spinning.

“I…you…you… her….mission…bye..” Natasha’s voice then a thud and your world stopped spinning and began shaking after his body hit the floor beside you.

A soft hand was placed on your neck, checking for a pulse and you were rolled over to see beautiful green eyes.

“Natasha…” You said blurrily, raising a hand up to her face.

She smiled, and squeezed your fingers.

“Your nose is bleeding.” She said, which seemed odd to you.

“You did say he liked red.”

She chuckled a little, her fingers brushing your temple. “Mission’s off. I’m taking you back to HQ.”

You nodded, but it hurt your head. Eyelids heavy, you closed your eyes, relaxing in her grip.

The last thing you felt was a pair of delicately soft lips pressing against your forehead.

“I need to talk to you when you wake.” She murmured.

turntechgiraffegod  asked:

Can you do a companions react to being the ones to find sole inside the vault and being the ones to release them?

Wooooo first reaction request and these are LONG!  I hope I did alright, I’m not too familiar with Curie and Cait but I did my best.

Piper: Piper was out looking for the next big scoop for her newspaper.  Stories in Diamond City were starting to get old; it’s time she branched out and started covering the entire Commonwealth.  She found her way up to Sanctuary Hills, a place inhabited only by a quirky Mr. Handy bot named Codsworth, and eventually found her way to vault 111.  As she was lowered into the vault, so many feelings rose up in her: excitement, anxiety, elation, paranoia.  Maybe there were a ton of friendly vault dwellers!  But what if Gunners were already squatting here instead?  Or there could be nothing but food, antiques, and vintage literature!  But then… what if a Deathclaw got stuck down here?  The elevator hit the bottom, and as she snuck around she was relieved to find that the place was empty. Or so she thought; some of the giant pods that were in the two main rooms actually had people inside of them. REAL people.  Piper’s face went pale as she stood eye-to-eye with some of the people in the pods.  Some of them looked peaceful, happy almost.  But some looked as though terror had frozen on their faces, eyes open and crystallized with ice and blue lips left whispering something no one would ever know.  One of the pods at the far end of one of the rooms, unlike the rest, had a blinking button on a panel next to it.  Her curiosity got the better of her, and she pushed it with a shaky finger.  The pod opened with a hiss, and the person inside fell forward, knocking Piper onto the ground while muttering things she couldn’t understand.  She wriggled out from under Sole and backed away on her elbows, staring wide-eyed at this… relic from another time.  “Woah!  Hey! Are you okay?” Sole didn’t respond, only coughed while they braced themselves on their knees and forearms.  “Hey?  Can you understand me?” She propped herself up a bit more, her brief bout of terror being replaced by curiosity and excitement.  Sole nodded while they coughed and cleared their throat, turning their head to look at the brown-eyed journalist.  She began to feel a smile creep across her face.  “The name’s Piper, pal. Piper Wright… mind filling me in?”

Nick:  A strange, older man, seemingly untouched by the hardships and horrors of this world, had come into Nick’s office with a request of finding a person trapped in a vault in the north.  The man didn’t offer much information, other than some sort of riddle-sounding quip about how this person was from a time long ago and that they were what would determine the fate of the Commonwealth.  Despite a voice in the back of his mind telling him this was a waste of time, Nick left Ellie in charge of the office while he traveled north.  He found the vault near Sanctuary Hills, and upon seeing how empty it was upon entering, he was thoroughly convinced he’d been duped.  Some guy was probably getting his jollies on the idea of Nick wasting so much time, effort, and resources to travel to some dumb abandoned vault for no damn reason other than the potential of a chase.  He strolled through the hallways, shaking his head and muttering occasionally as the annoyance flashed in his yellow eyes.  Then he saw them.  The pods.  The people.  This was… wrong.  Who would do this?  Were they alive?  Were they dead?  Memories from old Nick resurfaced, new research being conducted in cryogenics; freezing people alive so that they could wake up in the future; VaultTec, prepare for the future!  Old Nick thought it was crazy, and it still was.  Most of these people looked frightened.  He wasn’t sure which one of these people were who he was looking for, but it didn’t matter; none of the buttons seemed to respond on the control panels.  He sighed, lit a cigarette, and tipped his hat down over his eyes as he leaned back against a control panel.  The cryo pod whirred to life, hissing and letting out steam as the glass door rose, prompting more than a little jump from Nick.  He saw Sole falling forward, and quickly stepped to catch them before they hit the ground.  They were coughing and gasping for breath.  “Hey, kid, y’alright?” Their hand was covering their mouth as the coughed, and as they nodded and opened their eyes, panic fell across their face as they forced their hands up and pushed Nick away, scrambling to get as far away as possible.  At first he was confused, but then remembered the mysterious man’s comment about how this person was from another time; now it made sense.  “Hey, uh… look, I know this must be a shock, but-“ “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Sole was still reeling from the death of their spouse and Shaun’s disappearance, and now there was a gray man dressed like a noire detective with half of his skin falling off and glowing yellow eyes staring him down.  None of this seemed real.  Nick nodded with understanding, stood straight, and raised both hands as he took a few steps back.  “Look, kid, I don’t know how else to say this, but I think you’re best bet at surviving right now is with me.  I want to help.” “Don’t give me that shit!” Sole screamed, “Leave me the hell alone!”  Nick nodded again.  Sole scrambled up to their feet, and made a dash for the door.  Nick sighed and tried to follow, being sure to keep his distance.  He felt bad for Sole, they had no idea what they were getting into with this new world.  He kept an eye on them, making sure to keep them out of danger’s way.  Although it took a while, Sole did come to begin to trust this strange gray man with golden eyes when he saved their life more than once.

Danse:  Danse’s team got orders from Maxson to check local vaults for any prewar tech they might have sheltered.  Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys had set up post at a local settlement, formerly known as Sanctuary Hills.  Danse went out scouting to try to locate the vault, and ended up entering it by himself to prevent his comrades from being injured or potentially ambushed within the confined space.  He was relieved to find it abandoned, only occupied by dust and cobwebs.  At face value the vault didn’t appear to have anything astounding; the vault door controls were the same as any other, and the halls were shockingly bare.  Upon entering one of the cryogenic rooms, the edges of his mouth twitched up a bit in a mix of contentment and pride; the Brotherhood hadn’t seen tech like this before, and he couldn’t wait to bring Haylen and Rhys down here to see it for themselves.  People were frozen inside of these weird egg-shaped pods, unmoving but not decayed.  A brief thought of putting a Gwinnett Ale in one of those pods crossed his mind, but he quickly dismissed it.  He walked past a row of them, peering into the frosty windows of each, and when he reached to the end of the line and saw Sole’s distressed expression he got a little uneasy.  Everyone else had either looked peaceful, maybe a little frightened, but generally at ease.  This person had looked like they went in the pod with a fight, kicking and screaming.  He leaned his laser rifle up against the control panel absentmindedly to look closer at Sole, and the rifle had pushed on the release button.  The pistons started hissing to life and steam exited the pod as the glass rose, and Danse took a few heavy steps back in shock.  Sole fell forward, hitting their head off of his power armor, and rolled to the ground.  Danse took a side step toward his rifle, hand on the barrel and ready to pick it up, before he talked to Sole.  “Who are you?”  Sole managed to speak their name while they were coughing.  Danse looked around a bit to observe his surroundings, biting his lip a little in thought before looking back to Sole.  They looked human, they didn’t seem hostile… could generation 3 synths survive such an intense cold like that?  He extended a big clunky hand to help them onto their feet before introducing himself and explaining his position within the Brotherhood of Steel.  Upon hearing Sole’s story about being frozen by VaultTec, having their spouse murdered, and their need to find their kidnapped son, Danse offered any and all assistance he possibly could within the bounds of Brotherhood guidelines.

Hancock:  Hancock had fought off too many raiders and feral dogs for his liking.  He had to get away from Goodneighbor for a bit, let himself be who he truly was, and he knew the kind of world this was.  But he was in the middle of nowhere.  Barren trees and a shitty river was all he had seen, but rabid dogs and bloatflies and raiders were in surplus.  He desperately needed a chem break.  After climbing a pretty big hill, he spotted a worn down shack that he thought would be perfect, and upon making his way there the ground lurched beneath his feet.  He almost fell over as the platform started lowering, and he thought for a minute that maybe he had already had some chems without realizing it and this was just a weird ass trip.  Once he hit the bottom, he sauntered through the vault, whistling at some of the pods with frozen faces inside.  “Poor shits, wonder what happened to ‘em.”  He poked and slapped at the buttons on different control panels with no effect and shrugged, plopped down on the floor in the corner of the room, and pulled some Jet out of his pocket.  After a few hits he was feeling pretty good, and brought himself to his feet.  The room was spinning, and his balance was bad.  He fell against a control panel, and about lost his mind when one of the pods started pouring out steam and making some high pitched noises.  Sole fell out, and Hancock followed suit, throwing himself down beside them.  He had a big grin spread across his face as Sole turned to look at him before screaming at the top of their lungs.  “Hey man, chill, I got just what you need.” Sole didn’t even register that Hancock was speaking.  They were scrambling away, mouth gaped open and eyes tearing a bit as they stuttered, “z… z… ZOMBIE!”  They threw whatever objects close to them that they could find in his direction, missing him by at least a foot every time. Hancock’s smile fell as he groaned, rolled his eyes, and tossed his head back with enough momentum that the rest of him fell back to the floor again.  Sole took this opportunity to run out the door to escape.  “This is the worst trip ever,” he sighed as he fiddled through his pockets for more chems.

Cait:  She had managed to sneak away from the Combat Zone one night while Tommy was passed out.  She ran as far as she could, covering as much ground as she could, and kept a low profile for a long time.  She traveled north, as far away from the city as she could, to try to leave the area.  She had enough Psycho to last her a while, and she just wanted to be left alone.  She wanted to live out the rest of her days in solitude, however long that may be.  She passed through Sanctuary and climbed the large hill to find the conspicuous gear-shaped platform.  Her curiosity got the better of her.  She stepped on the platform and let herself be lowered down into the darkness.  She figured if she could get this platform to stay at the bottom of wherever it was they were going, she could just hide out down here on a constant Psycho high.  She was ready to fight to claim it, but was pleasantly surprised to find it empty.  The pods creeped her out, but she didn’t care.  None of those people stuck in those things could get out, so she figured she’d get used to it.  She gathered made herself comfortable in the corner of one of the cryo rooms, took a dose of Psycho, let it sink in, then tossed the canister away from her as far and hard as she could. It ended up hitting the release button on one of the pods, and she sat frozen with a confused expression on her face is it began to open.  Sole fell out, and Cait didn’t say or do a thing, just watched in disbelief as she watched this person grab at the glass of another pod and yell about getting someone named Shaun back.  When Sole began to take in their surroundings, they looked right at Cait with just as much disbelief as she had been feeling, and they both muttered a small “hey” to each other before Sole began to ask if she knew were the people who had taken Shaun had gone.  She shook her head and watched as Sole made their way out of the room, and suddenly feeling some sort of… vague compassion or something akin to it wash over her. She quickly got to her feet as she called after them.  “Hey, wait, you can’t be goin’ out there by yerself!”

Preston:  After their escape from the museum, Preston and his companions had made their way to Sanctuary Hills, where Mama Murphy swore it would be safe.  She also spoke of a nearby cave of some sorts with a person who would be crucial to bringing the Minutemen back into action for the Commonwealth.  While Preston was usually disappointed with Mama Murphy’s chem use and her ‘visions’, she had effectively brought them to their new settlement and he was a bit hopeful about her promise of the Minutemen’s revival.  Frequently, he would scout the surrounding areas under the guise of keeping their settlement secure.  He found the vault entrance, and although he was uneasy, he entered it with hopes of this being the “cave” Mama Murphy had mentioned.  He was disheartened when the vault was uninhabited; his voice echoed through the halls.  He decided to look around for supplies anyway, and found the cryo pods.  A little bit of panic ran through him as he rushed to try to get every single pod open; he wanted to save these people.  As more and more of the pods refused to open, he begrudgingly slowed his pace, shaking his head after every failed attempt to open the pods.  When the final one finally whirred to life and began to open, he didn’t know what to do with himself.  He watched as Sole fell forward, and rushed to catch them.  Sole gasped for breath in his arms, coughing in between every ragged breath, and Preston attempted to console them, rubbing and patting their back. “Hey… there, there, you’re doing alright.  You’re going to be alright.”

Dogmeat:  A band of raiders took over the Red Rocket Truck Stop, so Dogmeat had been wandering around the outskirts of Sanctuary Hills for a few days.  The poor little pup about had the life scared out of him when the ground he was walking on started lowering without warning.  He navigated the halls of vault 111 slowly and cautiously, keeping low to the ground and growling deeply every now and then to try to scare off anything that might be lurking in the shadows.  As he was walking between a row of cryo pods, a radroach dropped from the ceiling right in front of him, causing him to yelp and jump in the air.  His butt hit the release button on the control panel and Sole fell out of the pod, stepping forward with a lot of force and crushing the radroach.  Dogmeat barked with joy, and they’ve been inseparable since.

Strong:  Strong doesn’t even know how or why he entered this vault.  There was no way the milk of human kindness could be here, this was stupid.  Nothing but big bug pods with tiny, weak humans in them.  Still, he searched the vault to find nothing, and grew frustrated with himself.  He lost his patience and started thrashing about, throwing what he could and breaking everything in his path.  In his bout of fury and frustration, he had broken the control panel for Sole, leaving them to be left in the cryogenic pod for the rest of eternity.

X6-88:  This wasn’t really a big deal for X6; Father had sent him out specifically for this task, and he had treated it like any other.  He did find it odd that he was retrieving a human rather than a refuge synth, but Father had stressed the importance that this subject be retrieved safely and treated with care.  X6 pressed the release button on the control panel next to Sole’s cryogenic pod, and caught them as they tumbled out.  Sole was in hysterics, still in shock from seeing their spouse murdered and their child kidnapped, and immediately went on the offensive, taking several swings at the courser.  He dodged a few swings before catching their fist, staring them in the eyes, and calmly saying “I’m here to help you.”

MacCready:  MacCready had no idea why he was letting himself be lowered into this hell hole.  He hated vaults, couldn’t trust them.  Nothing but bad things came from vaults, yet here he was, following what was probably another dead end to try to find a cure for his son.  He cautiously navigated the vault, peering around corners and checking every nook and cranny before advancing further.  Nothing was getting the better of him in here.  The cryogenic pods gave him another reason to hate vaults; they were downright creepy.  It looked like people were stuck inside of them, and he had assumed they were all dead, but their faces still carried emotions and movement.  He shuddered at some of the faces and decided to try to avoid looking at them, but a flashing red light caught his eye.  Only one of the pods had a blinking red button beside it.  He shook his head and sighed at himself.  “I shouldn’t be doing this… why am I doing this?” he asked himself in a shamed tone as he reached for the button.  He gripped his gun a little tighter as the pod opened.  He could feel his muscles shake and his gut turn with anxiety; this situation didn’t feel bad but it was… weird.  Someone stumbled out of the pod, wearing a skin-tight blue and yellow suit with “111” embroidered on the back.  They continued to stumble forward, coughing out names as they reached the glass of another pod.  MacCready looked around a little before looking back at Sole, feeling uneasy.  He cleared his throat to get their attention.  Sole looked at them with a spot of fear before stepping towards them.  “Do you know who did this?” they asked, “do you know who took my son? Please…” MacCready felt his heart drop.  He had only known this person for a few seconds, but he already sympathized with them.  They both had sons that needed saving, but maybe this stranger had a better chance at saving their son than him.  “No,” he murmured, “I don’t, but I’ll be dam- …darned if I don’t help you find him.”

Curie: Curie had been exploring the wasteland at random, avoiding trouble where she could but also researching at every opportunity.  Although there was nothing left to do in her vault home, she did miss the safety and predictability of it.  The wasteland was an unforgiving place, and statistics she had calculated had shown she had beat the odds by remaining alive with minimal combat experience.  She wanted another vault to live in, honestly; a new one with new possibilities.  Nothing she had come across in her travels, however, had led her to discover such a place.  She eventually found a quiet settlement called Sanctuary Hills, where another robot of the same design as herself was caring for the land and structures.  He was friendly, and she was ecstatic to have met someone like herself, although he wasn’t exactly the intellectual type.  Upon hearing about her desire to find a new vault to study, he told her about a nearby vault, vault 111, that should be somewhere in the nearby hills. She hurried off to find it, and was thoroughly ecstatic when she found the entrance.  The cryogenic pods she found were exquisite!  There were pristine samples of humans with no detectable radiation damage within them, perfectly suspended.  She could set up an autopsy table to learn more about the human anatomy and its more visceral aspects, perhaps even obtain some tissue samples and study more of the microbiology that was prevalent before the great war.  She tried to utilize the controls on several panels to no avail, until she successfully opened the pod that Sole had been suspended in.  Sole stumbled out, coughing and gasping for breath.  “Oh!  You’re alive!”  She circled around them in a bit of excitement, offering a stimpak for the person who seemed to be struggling to survive.  “You must tell me everything you know about this technology, I cannot find any manuals anywhere, it is most discouraging.”

Codsworth:  Codsworth had no idea where the vault that mum, sir, and baby Shaun went to was located, and for years he was in denial about what had actually happened.  He tried his hardest to keep the house pristine, eagerly awaiting their return from some sort of grand vacation, but eventually his spirit broke.  He began to roam the neighborhood, calling out for them, neighbors, anyone.  He eventually got brave enough to start roaming the outskirts of Sanctuary Hills, searching for the fabled vault that they might be located in.  One day, after following a beaten path, weaving between trees, and reaching the top of the largest hill astride their precious home, he saw it.  The rusted fence, the decrepit helicopter, the small control shack falling to shambles.  He entered the vault, yelling as loudly as he could for mum, sir, Shaun, or anyone that could hear him, but got no response.  Then he saw them… the pods.  He peered into each one, seeing the lifeless faces of people from his past.  He wailed a bit, thinking this awful fate fell to his most beloved companions, and the wailing grew when he found Sole sitting in a frozen state.  He didn’t care anymore; he started to swing his arms out and let his anguish from the past centuries flow freely.  It was then that one of his arms had hit the release button on the control panel without his knowledge; Sole stumbled out, coughing, confused.  “C-Codsworth?  What’s going on?”  Codsworth stopped in the midst of his thrashing to stutter in disbelief before finally expressing his outright jubilation that they were safe.

Deacon:  Desdemona had sent him out to gather intel on some of the vaults in the Commonwealth to see if they would be suitable for safehouses.  So far, he had found one vault still inhabited by vault dwellers that he didn’t want to disturb too much, and another vault that seemed to have more gunners than he cared to handle.  He traveled farther north to investigate a rumored vault 111, and was pleased to find it empty.  There wasn’t much room to work with really, but he thought they could make it work.  The pods were a bit creepy though.  Kind of alien almost, and it made his skin crawl.  He had played around with the control panel for one of the pods and just gotten something that sounded like an error noise, so at his leisure he played around with a few more. They didn’t seem to work, but there was no harm in checking them just to be sure.  He wanted to make a run for it when one of the pods started hissing and cracking open; he was so used to nothing happening that this made him nervous.  There was nowhere to hide, so he hopped behind another cryogenic pod and hoped for the best.  Sole fell out onto the ground, coughing and gasping for air, and Deacon peeked around with wide eyes and raised brows to look at them.  They were crawling forward, yelling ‘Shaun’ and a name he couldn’t quite understand at another pod, reaching for the glass and… crying?  Deacon wasn’t sure what to do, so he quietly exited the room and entered the Overseer’s room to wait for Sole to gather themselves.  He’d talk to them then, and offer any assistance he could while trying to recruit them for the Railroad’s causes.

General Hux Project: Reference Gathering

The other major starting point for Hux (and all costumes in which there is more then one image) is to collect reference photos like they’re going out of style. Hux, asshole that he is, is one of the few costumes not part of the touring Star Wars costumes that were at the celebration. So while tons of pictures exist of Rey, Kylo, Poe, etc costumes on the dress forms at the Celebration…no first order costumes at all were there. Hux is not in a ton of scenes, annddd they’re wearing black clothing, on a black darkly lit ship *head desk* so let the fun begin! 

Some of this came from watching the movie again with the express reason of looking for Hux details, others from the lovely people at the RPF and Imperial Order (RPF is a great place to look for info and ref photos for costumes from movies). I mentioned fabrics in my last post, so this is all the sewing details of it.

So follow this way for tons of ref’s and detail notes on his outfit!

EDIT: Updating as movie is released and more details become visable with HD and behind the scenes. 

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Patience Is A Virtue, But Jet Ain't A Saint

I honestly just wanted to write Jet being angry, because he deserves to be angry. Let Jet Be Angry 2k16.

(this takes place a few weeks or so after Ghoul joined the crew)

word count: 1,443


“Ghoul! Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

“You’re not my mom, so stop acting like it!”

The only sounds after that were a door slamming and a motorbike riding away. Jet stared at the door, still breathing heavily from the screaming match he just had. He turned around and punched the nearest wall with a vicious growl. “God DAMN it.”

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Milk chocolate linen and silk suit with bone buttons.  Single breasted with jetted pockets; pants with single reverse pleat and 5cm cuff.

We’ll be keeping summer fabrics on hand throughout the rest of the year, so that clients with weddings or work in warmer climates can still place orders.

The braces are from the Knottery and the tie from Drake’s by way of Carson Street.

All photos by Alex Maier of superdanger-us