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🌟 - A Different Family Member 
👻  - Someone They Don’t See Meet Often

Arthur: My cousins, Jett and Christian Kirkland. They’re currently living on a different continent now so they can’t visit often. 

anyone else order a giant crocodile man? no? just me?

jett-the-prince-of-space  asked:

Hey Jack I just want you to uh, fight me, about those tags on the post about height difference Jeremy and Ryan? Cause?????? that was too good to JUST BE IN THE TAGS

jett pls come kick my ass

ryan does that “lean on the short friend like an asshole” thing and is so pleasantly surprised when Jeremy just bears his weight like it’s nothing. ryan standing in front of Jeremy like “I ain’t moving until so and so happens” and Jeremy just shrugs and picks ryan up and puts him to the side and ryan is SWEATING HOLY SHIT HES SO STRONG SMOL AND SWOLE


There was a knock at Liz’s door earlier in the morning, and it opened to reveal one of the castle staff and one of the guards. He was introduced as her anticipated new personal bodyguard, though he would perform in the normal servant role as well. His hair was a bit longer unlike most of the guards, though he kept it back in a small ponytail.

The guard bowed and knelt down on one knee before her, kissing the back of her hand. “It is a pleasure to serve you, my lady.”



It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n