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Okay, Facebook. Today you have gone too far. Today you showed me a memory of when I discovered that Lee Thomas Young was on Rizzoli & Isles and he was the reason I was gonna start watching, which of course brings up the memory from not even three years later when I found out he’d committed suicide and the subsequent breakdown and tears. 

Some memories shouldn’t be brought back. 

why does no one talk about Joan Jett like she was in a kickass all girls band and when the band broke up she started her solo career except no one would sign her. did she give up?? nope she started her own fucking label, the first label owned exclusively by a woman. she broke down gender stereotypes in rock and roll and influenced the riot grrrl movement. not to mention that she has not openly stated her sexuality even after all these years and just is fluid about it. she is vocal about animal rights and feminism and is just badass as hell. appreciate Joan Jett