jett bruise


guillotine gang aesthetics

Aimeé - the smell of old books, tea, the sound of the woods at night, road trips, a foggy saturday afternoon in autumn

Teresa - colour stains on clothing and skin, fresh paint, the sunrise, the feeling of quickly shuffling cards in your hands, rain in spring

Sara - movie nights, video games soundtracks, laughing too loud, scraping a knee while climbing, long hikes, cloud gazing

Melissa - silent walks through the woods, the wholesomeness of fresh snow, freckled skin in winter, an old beloved sweater, soft music playing in the background of an old coffee shop

Natalie - city lights at night, record shops/vinyl collections , ironic bumper stickers, small tattoos, post-it notes, smoking weed with the gang

Jett - bruised knuckles, the smell of fire, the feeling of a strong baseline in your chest, the sky shortly before a thunderstorm, hidden smiles