jets son!

“Explain yourself! What are you doing with alcohol!? Are you drunk?!” Mercury was furious. Face red and body quaking with anger that was ready to erupt upon his son. Jet was a strong-willed child who always did what he wanted. Luckily for him and his wife, what he wanted usually ended up being for the best anyway. Despite appearances, Jet was a good, well meaning kid.

But not tonight. No, tonight, he was a disobedient son who looked as though he, too, was preparing for a meltdown.

“Why do you make such a big fucking deal about it?! You consume it when you eat my cooking!”

“…What? What did you just say?”

Jet didn’t hesitate to continue, more quiet this time “I like it, Dad. I like having a beer or two, or a glass of wine…I like cooking with it and pairing my meals along side it.”

“You know I forbid it in this house! You are under my roof and will live by my rules, Jet! I don’t care if you’re fucking Salem, there are no exceptions!”

The boy let lose, screaming in retort after hearing the thoughts and traipses of memories scrape against his skull, “I am not some violent drunk like Grandpa!”

The room went silent as the tension rose between the two of them.

“You–! What have I told you about using Reaching into us?! Your family?!”

“On the rare occasion I even drink, Dad, I have never once gotten violent or–.” He trailed off, not precisely knowing where to take his claims.

“Consider this…discussion…tabled but not over.”

Jet looked at his father. He was no longer glaring back. His gaze was lowered, focused on something else.


“I can’t believe you’d knowingly hide this behind my back. I’ve never felt so disgusted.”

Jet’s eyes began to sting and water. Blinking them away, he struggled with his words.

“Dad, I–” He had never made his father disappointed or disgusted with him before. It was a different type of feeling. It ached and made him fear the next words to fall out of his mouth.

Mercury shook his head and turned way from his son. Slowly, he walked from the kitchen, barely uttering. “Keep that to yourself, Jet. I don’t care what you have to say right now. Honestly, I can barely stand to look at you, let alone be in this room with you.” His words were laced with a venom that stung once heard, a bite snapping at the end of each sentence to drive home his fury.

There was no shock greater that Jet has ever felt to top what his father just said. His body froze, fearful that just moving would make him more upset. All he could do was silently watched as Mercury left the room, leaving Jet alone with nothing but the sound of the fan moving above him and his own choked up crying.


Ravenclaw fanmix

sky full of stars - coldplay

I will - matchbox twenty

vienna - ariana grande (cover) 

stars and boulevards - augustana 

anything could happen- ellie goulding 

everglow - coldplay 

gravity - john mayer 

smoke and mirrors - imagine dragons 

mess around - cage the elephant 

under the same sun - ben howard 

cleopatra - the lumineers 

she’s a genius - jet 

ditmas - mumford and sons 

poet - bastille 

moonage daydream - david bowie


Hi My name is Nate and I’m addicted to Jet because I can shoot a whole room full of super mutants and raiders in the face before they even have a chance to unholster their weapons.

And then I hear this song

Forest Walks Playlist
  1. A Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith
  2. In Reverse - The War On Drugs
  3. Singing Ax - J. Tillman
  4. Peregrine - Story Books
  5. Into Tomorrow - Willy Mason
  6. Nothing Arrived - Villagers
  7. Sea of Love - The National
  8. Wolves - Phosphorescent 
  9. The Western Skyline - Dawes
  10. Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
  11. Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver
  12. Bloodshake - Peace
  13. I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard
  14. Take Me Where The Roses Grow - Mystery Jets
  15. You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are - Keaton Henson

anonymous asked:

What about a Daddy!Jay Park story? Where like you guys have a kid and its just learned/is learning to walk and you're at a concer to surprise him and they run on stage or your kid runs into the dressing room with out you or something similar, just super fluffy daddy!jay park

I made this into a shorter reaction thingy. Basically I think he would be super happy and pleased that you came, would gloat over your child and play with him the whole time and everyone in the room would see how happy he was and be glad that you had surprised him.

‘Dada?’ Your son questions, his little feet drumming against the ground as you hold him steady with his hands. You couldn’t believe how fast his motor feet were developing. A mere month ago, he’d still been crawling. Now he was able to fully support himself, walk confidently and shoot around on his own. You nod encouragingly.

‘Yeah, Daddy! He’s just through the door.’ You don’t have a minute to stop your son before he breaks from your hands, his little feet carrying him confidently through the open doorway. You gasp, chasing after him to catch him. It was meant to be a surprise… Gray was going to come and get you when you could come in. You don’t even know if Jay had come of the stage yet. You pause in the doorway as your son jets across the room.

‘Dada! Dada!’ He screams at the top of his voice, making a beeline for his shirtless father sitting restlessly on the couch. Jay’s face lights up, a huge grin of surprise shifting into a happy laugh at the loudness of his own creation. In a flash he stands up, coming to your son to swoop him up in his arms.

‘Jackster!’ He calls your son by one of his nickname, plastering a smattering of kisses on his face. Your son giggles happily, his arms gripping Jay.

‘Dada. Love you.’ He giggles again playfully, returning the kiss by holding Jay’s face and planting his own sloppy wet lips on his cheek. You can’t stop the corners of your mouth from curling up in happiness as you observe the scene. 

‘How did you even get here, my son?,’ Jay jiggles him in his arms before spinning him around completely. Your son’s laughter echos in the backstage dressing room. You scan the other AOMG members present, all of them smiling at your child and Jay. You had to admit, it had been hard - Jackson had been unplanned. Once, in the heat of one of your many intimate moments with Jay, you’d forgotten to use a condom. Just once. That had all it had taken. You’d been so nervous to tell Jay you were pregnant. An unplanned child bought with it a large amount of uncertainty. It brought even more uncertainty when it’s father was famous. But Jay had become an outstanding father, going above and beyond the expectations those around him had had. The past year and a bit had bought out his best attributes, and everyone in the room knew it. That’s why seeing him with Jackson was so enjoyable. Jay’s eyes fall on yours mid spin, and he stops, his bright smile not leaving his face. ‘Did your beautiful mother bring you?’

‘Mumum!’ Your child nods, pointing towards you. Jay moves closer to you, his head dipped slightly to survey you through half hooded eyes. His forehead creases as his eyebrows raise in a mix of surprise and enjoyment. 

‘Hello my Queen.’ You step into the room, dipping your head to acknowledge the others in the room who were looking at you.

‘Hey.’ You reply as Jay pulls you into a half hug, planting a lingering kiss on your cheek as he balances your son on his hip.

‘You look damn sexy.’ He murmurs into your ear. You blush, pulling away. His eyes flick over your body, a hint of suggestion evident in the smirk on his face, one side of his lip curling higher than the other. If there was one thing that hadn’t changed about Jay since the arrival of your son, it was his cheeky way.

‘Jay…’ You warn. He squeezes your hip lightly before letting you go.

‘Take a seat on the couch, baby. Do you want a drink?’ He offers you.

‘No, I’m fine. Thanks.’

‘Dada. Down, please.’ Your son taps his chest to grab his attention, and Jay nods, obliging his request. He lowers him to the ground, stooping low to his level. His hands ball in fists as he looks at Jackson, before a flicking a sneaky grin in your direction to tease you. Jackson shrieks in laughter. 

‘Dada. Run, please.’ Jay obliges the request, standing over Jackson to take hold of his hands and steady him as he stumbles along the ground.

‘Jackjack, you’re so fast.’ Jay chuckles as he follows your son around the room.

‘Dad, swing please.’ Jackson requests. Without missing a beat, Jay nods his head in understanding.

‘Ready Jackster?,’ The squeal of delight that comes from your son is enough confirmation. ‘One… Two… Three!’ On the count of three, Jay lifts Jackson off the floor easily, swinging him softly in the air. Jackson erupts into laughter, the sound bringing a smile to your own lips as you watch them. Jay chuckles deeply, his whole body shifting with the movement of his laugh as he puts Jackson down. 

Looking back, you couldn’t believe how scared you’d been when you’d found out about your pregnancy, or even the fact that you’d felt worried about how Jay would react. It was perfect. This was perfect.

‘You okay?’ Simon asks as he walks through the door, his hand resting on your shoulder. You blink, surprising yourself that you’d been so obviously staring at Jay. You hadn’t even moved to the couch, but had been dumbly standing in the middle of the room.

‘Yeah. I’m fine,’ You reply. You glance back at Jay with your son, a small smile playing across your lips. ‘I’m more than fine.’



ophvelias  asked:

bonus points for not giving the child a fucking terrible name

They’ve gone through this every time, a worn out baby name book, names tossed out over causal conversation while Ophelia repeatedly insists that she does not care for eighty percent of them. 

She won’t ever open the book herself. Something Leopold finds both endearing and frustrating. 

Lyra had been impossible to name, only days after her birth had he come up with the right name, pressing his lips to Ophelia’s neck as he whispered the name of their daughter there.

Their second had been easier, a legacy to fulfill, a son to carry on a family name, a tradition. A second coming of himself, that even as a child looked so similar that Leopold knows the name was a perfect fit. 

Their third, forever dubbed Al, stuck in the endless debate of which of their father’s to name him after. More out of duty than love on either of their parents for the men who in some way helped to make them the people they were today. 

But this one, the forth… Another son. 

It is not that he doesn’t want this child, this baby that is growing inside of Ophelia, almost ready to join the world and their family. 

It’s that, he doesn’t want to name him.

Which is why, before heading out on a last minute mission, he presses a kiss to the side of Ophelia’s head and says, “Come up with a name while I’m gone, I trust you.” 

Because he did trust her.

Though four days later looking at a birth certificate, he can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t the best decision he’s ever made.

Bnb. Evren AYNA'nın ayrılış yazısı

Ben bugün son kez bir jet uçağına bindim,
bugün son kez bir jet uçağı ile gökyüzündeydim,
bugün son kez loop, tono attım,
bugün son kez ters uçtum ve dünyaya tersten baktım ki inanın yeryüzü bu şekilde daha heyecan verici,
ve bugün son kez kırmızı uçuş tulumumu giydim,
Ben bugün Türk Hava Kuvvetleri'nde ve Türk Yıldızları'nda son uçuşumu yaptım…
ve yine bugün uçaktan inince gözyaşlarıma engel olamadım,
Kırşehir’ in Mucur ilçesinde arkadaşlarımla futbol oynarken bir jet geçmişti üzerimizden, hayatımda ilk defa bir uçak görmüştüm, bütün çocuklar, ben hariç, kulaklarını tıkamış ve yere bakmışlardı çünkü o kadar alçak ve bir o kadar da heyecan vericiydi, ilk kez gökyüzüne bir anlam yüklediğim andı, sanırım ilkokul birinci sınıftaydım ve uçağı o kadar net hafızama kazımıştım ki, büyüyüp uçak fotoğraflarına baktığımda onun bir F104 olduğunu anlamıştım. 
İşte o günden beri bu çocuk ruhlu adam hiçbir umudunu, hayalini yerde, yeryüzünde aramadı, ve sanırım bir gün yere baktığında bu onun son bakışı olacak.
Bugün biten bir şeyler var hayatımda, eksilen bir parça, acıtan, huzursuz eden. Aslında bunun nedenini de biliyorum, çünkü bu benim işim değil yaşamımın ortasında kalbinde yer alan bir varlıktı, ama şuna da inanmak lazım “her son yeni bir başlangıçtır" 
sevgiyle kalın ve ağlarken bile gökyüzüne bakın,

…………………………………………………………….. AYNA