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Let’s trade all our tomorrows for just one yesterday
Pairing: Jetko—Rating: T
A/N: hota wanted jetko and who am i to refuse a wish like that? so S3 jetko, because what’s better than S3 jetko (nothing)

It doesn’t feel right that Jet’s here.

Zuko doesn’t want to think that he’s unhappy he’s back, or that he’s unhappy he's alive, but it’s still weird, having him sitting across their campfire, orange flickering in the darkness of his eyes. His eyes are particularly dark, these days. Zuko even thinks his face is more hollowed than it used to be, sharper and more starved, like he’s gone from surviving week by week to day by day. He doesn’t say much, ever.

Jet’s here, he’s alive, and it’s weird.

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15 Feb 2003

Polluted sky over Baghdad by oil smoke during the three-week coalition air strikes over the city, Iraq, Feb. 15, 2003. Iraqis started oil fires in and around the city, as a desperate attempt to blind fighter jets and fool guided missiles. A medieval defense technique against 21st century high-tech weaponery.

 Photo by: Alexandra Boulat

Anyone interested in a good old fashioned troll

I’m planning on submitting like a dozen pigeon “arts” (in that calling anything I draw art is hilarious) and fics to Jet on April Fools Day. (April 1st)

It’ll be hilarious. 

Extra points for sailor moon pigeon crossover shit. 

Please feel free to join me

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anonymous asked:

I'm honestly living for the idea of all these young killjoys in the zones hearing stories about how the group is really cool and nice and how sassy Party is, and then meeting the fab four and just fuckin dying when Kobra finally opens his mouth cause hes definitely worse than his brother and really the whole group are kind of nerdy assholes with zero brain to mouth filter and The Girl is just as bad cause the fab four are really bad at being good role models.

never meet your heroes kids

(this is perfect I love it and YES they’re all a horrible influence on the girl)