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At First Glance

@levlegs‘s commission for “Gajeel’s first glance at Levy when she walks down the aisle.” 

I added a bit extra of their past to make it really emotional, and I hope you like! Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3

word count: 1557

pairings: gajevy

characters: levy, gajeel, mentions of other fairy tail characters

tags: @spikerr, @ftfanfics, @the-redhead-who-writes

At first glance, Gajeel didn’t think much of the small girl he saw in Fairy Tail before he crucified her and her friends to a tree. He snatched her up with a sneer on his face as Jet and Droy fired their attacks at him to no avail, and darted to the nearest tree before grabbing her friends.

“Please,” she had said, “leave my friends alone.”

It almost made him want to. Her eyes full of light and a stubbornness that he had never seen in a woman before–especially a woman of her height. He stopped the dagger for a moment before cutting her leg. She cried out in pain, but he kept on even though it pained him as well.

‘I hate doin’ this,’ his thoughts pressed into his brain, “but she’s the enemy. And so are they.’

As he bruised Jet and Droy, her eyes stayed the same. And it made him ever so aware of how bright they were.

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When toys grow up (title detail) by id iom
Via Flickr:
Even wondered how the cartoon characters you knew as kids dealt with life as they grew up? Well, if you were specifically wondering about how Starscream from The Transformers was getting on then you’ve come to the right place. Sort of. Starscream was one of the Decepticon lieutenants answering directly to Megatron and he could transform into a fighter jet at will but at some point in the early 90’s he dropped out of sight with a heavy Energon addiction. What happened between then and when he finally resurfaced in 2006 as an independent record producer in LA is open to speculation. Since then however he’s been working in the music industry and after bringing EDM to the masses has finally got a job with one of the major labels. He’s changed his look and kicked his Energon addiction although still attends Decepticons Anonymous meetings every now and then but he’s generally pretty stoked with the direction his life is now moving. He wished the same could be said of Megatron… Anyway, as is currently my wont he’s laser etched on wood with a hand painted background. Why do you do these things? I hear you ask. Because I can. Cheers id-iom


i hope you don’t mind if i added jet and made it modern au. …this is very self-indulgent and probably not what you wanted sorry

(and yes requests are still open!)