jetpack design

I awake from my so-many-month slumber!

Since work’s all I’ve been doing, it’s given me a lot (A LOT) of time to think about what I wanted to draw when I finally had some time to just sit. And so, my darlings, I present to you more character designs for the Miraculous Defenders webcomic I was working on!

First completed is Marinette’s design. Her “jetpack” is basically designed like a ladybug shell/wings. When activated, the casing opens, releasing a set of ladybug wings that allows her to fly and hover in battle giving her advantage in the air. Her weapon is her canon yoyo - I wasn’t too creative with that one but I liked that it was medium range and practical. 

I gave it a lot of thought and decided to make them paired up with their canon kwami companions rather than the Voltron canon lions. Spoiler alert! (i.e. - Mari with a ladybug, Adrien with a black cat, Chloe with a honey bee etc.) 

This is the first draft, and I still have the rest of the team to do, but I hope you all enjoy! ^^

Mari || Chloe || others coming soon

anonymous asked:

wait is the reason their jetpacks are weird and kinda faulty because different places have different gravity and they only have like one power setting? or like if they're only meant for zero g so they can like move around without getting stuck in space but they aren't really meant for on-planet flight bc that would make a lot of sense i think

This is a very good question and I think you answered it yourself already :P I really believe that they were only made for 0g, look at how small they are:

Keith was able to use it to bring himself to the other side of the cliff but the jetpack turned itself off before he had reached it:

So my theory is that they were definitely designed for 0g but have some kind of emergency setting that allows them to use up their full power in a few seconds. It might have been intended for when spaceships get blown up and you have to escape asap etc. The jetpack regains its power over time, Keith was able to use it again in the same episode after the cut.

[note: and that was on a planet with insane gravity. I calculated it a while back - Shiro said that he fell onto the planet at 25m/s² which is an acceleration and not a speed.

(quick extra info: when the lions got thrown out of the wormhole they were most likely super fast but their speed stayed constant because space is a vacuum with 0g and there’s nothing to slow them down. so at that point their acceleration was 0.)

Which means that the only thing that accelerated the lions could have been the planet itself. The planet has an acceleration force - a gravitational force - of 25m/s². To contrast: Earth’s gravitational force is at 9.81m/s². This planet had ~2.5 times of Earth’s gravitational force wHICH IS WHY IT IS A BAD IDEA TO LIFT THEIR VISORS THAT GRAVITATIONAL FORCE WOULD HAVE CHANGED THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE SO MUCH THAT IT WOULD HAVE MESSED UP THEIR EYESIGHT. They should have barely been able to stand actually.

But this is getting off track, point is, the jetpacks were most likely designed for 0g but have an extra super power emergency setting that’ll allow them to fly on planets with strong gravitational force.]

What can’t be improved by jetpacks? Everything is better with them!

I mean, for example:

  • Jetpack judo
  • Ribbon dancing with jetpacks (with colourful fuel to enhance the spectacle) 
  • trapeze artistry, with jetpacks
  • midair fencing
  • musical theatre with jetpacks
  • commuting to work with a jetpack
  • war crimes with jetpacks
  • jetpack racing as a sport
  • midair kissing, thanks to jetpacks
  • spinning
    • that’s a good trick
  • ejecting from damaged aircraft is safer when you’ve got a jetpack
  • going dancing with jetpacks
    • formal or informal, dancing with more verticality could be interesting
    • Mandalorian teens going clubbing, in armour their parents would disapprove of, with rude jetpack designs! 
  • special effects jetpacks - that burn in all sorts of colours, can make smoke screens or the like
  • The floor is lava, with jetpacks!
I’m a 12-year-old girl. Why don’t the characters in my apps look like me?

Why do the most popular iPhone games make me pay to play as a woman?

This 12-year-old girl noticed that the default character in many games is male, and that players often have to pay to play as a female character. She did some research, then wrote an op-ed to the Washington Post. Rock on, Maddie!


Some of my favorite work from Jetpack Fighter. I’m very proud to have been a part of this project. :) 

I’ll be posting another round after the next patch, when the things I’ve worked on are available to the public.

Jetpack Fighter is available now, free-to-play, on the Apple Store for most iPad and iPhone devices. Android beta is coming soon.

Quick rundown of what I saw. They gave us so much gameplay!

super shotgun

Guns didn’t need to be reloaded

Hyper-gory (oh my god was it gory) with super quick melee finishers that were quite goreious.

Movement speed was pretty damn fast.

Revenants have fucking jetpacks now. JETPACKS

Monster design was pretty goddamn sick. Loving the new imps (not like that you sick bastards.)

lighting and atmosphere a lot like Doom 64.

Almost no scripted bullshit.

Tons of enemies almost constantly.

Music sounded Quake 1ish. (Very industrial.)

Project lead guy who came on stage sounds like he really understands the fundementals of DOOM.

All I can say is I was VERY pleased with what my eyes saw.