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“You’d be surprised how many people would fuck a robot. And I mean, I have one life, rather short one when compared to your’s; why not treat myself from time to time, be somewhat ambitious and bold. At least now I won’t regret NOT doing that.” She can die out of embarrassment later. “So… Is it a ‘yes or—?” 

“I’ll humor you, because I’m curious as to where you’ll bring this. In other words, its a yes.” The lord said with a soft chuckle. “so. Did you have a place in mind? I can use my holoform in order to follow you in your human world. I just need to find a place to put my jetmode.”


My testshot photos of the upcoming MTMTE style Cyclonus kit, for the Combiner Wars toy.  Was hoping to debut this at TFCon, but I totally forgot two of the parts at home. :(  Anyways, this test shot wasn’t polished, but the final version won’t be grainy.  The horns flip back for transformation, and the face has painted black details, with red light piped eyes!  The spark sword has a blue gem, and 5mm port on the opposite side to attach to Cyclonus’ back, or in jetmode.  Pre-orders will go up in a few weeks.  Follow me here for news on it. :)