Avatar Ship List


[ ] Aang and Katara

[ ] Aang and Toph

[ ] Aang and Zuko

[ ] Aang and Sokka

[ ] Aang and Ty Lee

[X] Aang and Other (On Ji. That fire nation girl from The Headband.)


[ ] Jet and Katara

[X] Jet and Mai

[ ] Jet and Azula

[ ] Jet and Jun

[ ] Jet and Smellerbee

[ ] Jet and Other


[ ] Sokka and Suki

[X] Sokka and Yue

[ ] Sokka and Toph

[X] Sokka and Ty Lee

[ ] Sokka and Azula

[ ] Sokka and Other


[ ] Zuko and Mai

[X] Zuko and Katara

[ ] Zuko and Toph

[ ] Zuko and Sukki

[X] Zuko and Jin

[ ] Zuko and June

[ ] Zuko and Other



[ ] Bolin and Korra

[ ] Bolin and Asami

[ ] Bolin and Jinora

[X] Bolin and Other (They need to introduce a new girl for Bolin, Korra and Asami are both wrong for him. And Jinora? Why is this option even there?)


[X] Mako and Korra

[ ] Mako and Asami

[ ] Mako and Other


[ ] Tahno and Korra

[X] Tahno and Asami

[ ] Tahno and Other


[X] Tenzin and Pema

[X] Tenzin and Lin

Oh my god I never even considered Jetmai before but it is so perfect.

And Tasami is perfect too.

ATLA Crack Pairings! A List

These characters would have been perfect together! If not for the fact that, you know, they never actually met…

10. Foaming Mouth Guy / Song

Song seems to really want someone who will listen to her and support her (spoilers: that person wasn’t Zuko, as it turned out). Foaming mouth guy seems to want…uh, it’s kinda hard to tell. All we know is that he gets a bit over-excited about things and may not be able to win an argument with a post. Still – I imagine that foaming mouth guy would enthusiastically support Song’s every thought, and Song would learn to look past the whole “holy crap does this guy have rabies” thing.

The nature of their relationship: Hilarious to watch

9. Meng / Lee

Lee has pretty big ears. And Meng is looking for (and possibly fated to end up with) a guy with big ears. So this seems reasonable. Plus, Meng isn’t from the Fire Nation, since Lee apparently has a really hard time with that sort of thing.

The nature of their relationship: Fated

8. The Cabbage Merchant / The Earth King

The cabbage merchant is a tiny bit…high-strung. The Earth King seems way more down to earth (pun intended) – his reaction to finding out that there was a secret war going on was fairly low-key (“Man! How could I not know about that? Ah, well. Time to plan an invasion of the Fire Nation while hanging out with my pet bear”). I think the Earth King would be a calming influence on the cabbage merchant. And the cabbage merchant would have cabbages for Bosco.

The nature of their relationship: Reciprocal

7. Haru / Ty Lee

This particular crack pairing appears in the animated short “School Time Shipping,” so it’s one that the creators…well, I wouldn’t say endorse but they at least think it’s worth playing around with. Basically – Ty Lee likes good-looking guys and Haru likes pretty girls. I imagine this one would only last an afternoon or so before Ty Lee got bored, but that’s more action than Haru seemed to get the rest of the time (oh, snap!).

The nature of their relationship: Short-lived

6. Zhao / Hama

Of course, this pairing assumes that Zhao is into older women. And that Hama would hook up with a dirty firebender. But still – the two have in common a compulsion to come up with elaborate evil plots that don’t actually get them anywhere (“I will destroy the moon!!!” “I will bloodbend my own private Fire Nation prison!!!”). I think they’d each understand the other’s particular band of crazy.

The nature of their relationship: Hate-sex. Lots of hate-sex.

5. Jet / June

The smooth bad boy and the badass goth. One with cool weapons and an overwhelming hatred of the Fire Nation. The other with a giant furry monster, whips, and an overwhelming love of money. Truly, this pairing was meant to be.

The nature of their relationship: Kinky, I would imagine

4. Jin / Azula

Jin is good at accepting people for who they are – in the case of Zuko, she accepted that he was a socially awkward dork with a suspicious backstory. In the case of Azula, Jin would accept that Azula really just wants someone to love and accept her, and Azula would experience a new thing called “unconditional love.”

The nature of their relationship: Adorable

3. June / Azula

Two dangerous ladies who are good at hunting down fugitives and enjoy using violence to further their own ends. I imagine they’d meet by fighting and end the fight by making out. I also imagine that they’d secretly be sweet and cuddly with each other…but would kill anyone who noticed.

The nature of their relationship: Both sweet and deadly

2. Appa / Badger-Mole

This would be a Romeo and Juliet type thing – Appa, a creature of the sky, and the badger-mole, a creature of the underground. Granted, Appa HATES going underground and badger-moles can’t see things in the air and neither of them can talk…huh. I’m not sure how this would work, actually. But still – giant furry monsters unite!

The nature of their relationship: Logistically difficult

1. Jet / Mai

This is the one pairing on the list that I know people actually ship (although there are probably people who ship all of the others because this is the ATLA fandom).  Jet and Mai both like sharp weapons, and they’re not the warmest or fuzziest of people. This is another pairing that I imagine starts with a fight and ends with make-outs.

The nature of their relationship: Popularly shipped

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ALSO jetmai for the 3 sentence pls uvu

Jet is not a forgiving person by any means, and the numerous times he has almost met death have only added to his mental list of people he would like to run through with hooks, so he is unprepared for the uneasiness he feels when he sees that same bitterness mirrored in Mai.

They both hate and hurt, and by all rights of their pasts, they should despise each other, too, but they don’t, and Jet is aware enough to know that he doesn’t wish his own pain on others, so he does what he can to soothe Mai’s countering wounds.

Softness is not a skill in which either of them excels, but somehow, where their sharp edges meet, in blunt comments and fights and knife-throwing contests that Mai always wins, he feels a honing in his mind that sharpens his physical reflexes and dulls his spiritual aches, and Jet wonders if someday he will discover that there is room for something in his heart for the world besides this entrenched hate.

just got out of beanaroony’s livestream

it was awesome



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zutara fluff

zutara angst

jetko hot adamn talk

the possibillity of jetmai

but in general, epicness and a dadko story


/ t i p t o e s into new characters

postwar au.
pairing:  jet/mai.

“She’s gonna be okay, right, Jet?” The Duke asks, plonking down onto the tree stand to sit beside the older boy and pointing a stubby finger after the girl who recedes into the distance, walking swiftly beneath the foliage.

Jet only shifts the stalk of wheatgrass between his lips and scoffs as he reaches out and taps The Duke’s helmet.  “She’s gonna be fine, kid.  She knows how to take care of herself.”

She does, and that’s how he met her in the first place—at the wrong end of her knives during a street fight.  Mai, Jet has gathered, is on the run from a past life that doesn’t seem all too intent on pursuing her, judging by how little they’ve been disturbed during her stay here in the forest, and that night he’d been in town listening for news of the colonial disturbances in Yu Dao (and as long as the Fire Nation leaves the Earth Kingdom, he doesn’t much care one way or the other how they settle their own country’s affairs).

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