There is an imposter in his territory!

In other words, I made myself a new command trine, now there are two in this house and that’s no good - who wants to give little Screamer, TC and Skywarp a home? The trine is for sale for a slightly letdown price because TC isn’t quite perfect, he ended up a little slim. The other two are normal.

Fuuurthermore I made a random pink jetling! Who wants to give this adorbsness a home and name? (Edit: Pink jetling has a new owner now)


My workplace is now home to a pair of wooly science buddies, courtesy of the amazing @sinceredir! Starscream and (her first ever!) Skyfire had an eventful first day at the aerospace archives: browsing interesting books, playing with the scale models (that’s a space station, you two, not a Jetling merry-go-round), studying aircraft diagrams, and exploring the photo files. So much stuff for curious Jetlings to see and do and research!

Sinceredir​, thank you again for these cuties. I can’t get over how adorable they are. :D (Definitely contact her if you’re interested in commissioning some Jetlings of your own!)

Have a little Skywarp jumping your posts!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite right with the colours, the video codec (Mp4 Adobe Premiere)  desaturates the colours slightly so the background colour doesn’t fit perfectly. If somebody has a tip for me how to avoid that, I’d be glad!

Feel free to remove my original post text as long as you leave the source in, thank you!



ALSO Sinceridir, if/when you see this I wanted to say I have not been this happy in ages. I walked in the door to my cat and dog weaving about my legs and peeped into my bedroom and saw the package on the snaketank and I had expected a week or two as you said? But NO THERE THEY WERE. It’s been like… 2-3 days? DANG. So I proceedded to scream and say “OHMYGOD” nonstop for a while, throwing myself all over the floor and riling my dog up to lick me then I grabbed it off the table where I had put it and opened it with the dog and cat and god I lost any decency and just lept up and ran to show my stupid snake (who was woken up from the package being on her tank. How dare someone touch her tank lid!) and then did some yardwork but as soon as my family trickled home I flipped and showed everyone and now they have a place of honor next to Soundwave, guarding my laptop/desk.

Thank you so much!