#thankfultuesday T-Minus 4 days till #kiwinsdcon2015

I’m so thankful for everyone who ever came to any of my Divisional Council Meetings, especially my favorite members in the whole wide world and my supporting advisors and chaperones! Even though I don’t have a picture with my advisors and chaperones, they shouldn’t need a post like this to prove how much they do for this organizations! S/o to Mr Dimsdale for being a homie tho!!!

Lastly, thank you to my division for coming and supporting everything we went through as a club this year! And thank you for coming to my last DCMS of my term and helping this term come to a close in approx 5 days. #ilysmjetdivision #manateemayhem #jetpower #jetkiwins

Thank you letter from CHOC Hospital came in the mail today! Project CARE was a success! It’s these small things in life that matter the most and can make my day. Thank you Jet KIWIN’S and CHOC Hospital for giving me the opportunity to do some good in this world one project at a time. #KIWINS #jetkiwins @haleeeena @dianadoodee