So, I’m walkin down Melrose, righ. Saw an awesome Murral. Had to pull up and Snap Chat with this wicked art peice. The dude pictured (Chris Wyllie) comes out outside to say whatsup and told us that he actually created the murral. Said the concept was to acknowledge the fact that there were NO Black nominees and how blantanly biased the award show is. So he decided to create an Oscar Award to Honor POC, and the proceeds from the auctioned art would go to an organization of choice. Told me that the event was gonna be in two days and asked me if Eye could spin his event! YAH. His remixed version of the Oscar, is a Gold Man with and Afro. Don’t eye resemble his muse! The universe funny like that sometimes. The evening was MAGIKAL, the vibes were Lit. Everything, Everything, Every-ass-thing happens to a reason. Divine order is always at play. Patience is key as you build your dream. Visit his Art Gallery on Melrose if you’re ever in LA @SixtyBananas.