The text you never sent,
Have you ever wanted to text someone saying “I miss you”, then erased it & wrote “what’s up” instead? Or have you ever written a long paragraph in a text and you wrote down how you felt, & wanted to send it to someone special, but maybe you were afraid you weren’t gonna get a reply cause you made it awkward, so you just drafted it or erased the whole thing & didn’t bother texting them at all?
What are we?

I don’t understand our relationship. Sometimes, we’re friends. Sometimes, we’re more than friends & sometimes, I’m just a stranger to you. One minute you’re talking to me as if I’m special, next minute you’re talking to me like I mean nothing to you. One day, you pay so much attention to me, the next day you almost completely ignore me. I just wish you would start making sense ‘cause I’m confused. I don’t know what you want.


Save your heart for someone who will really care, for that someone who looks and treasures parts of you that no one else appreciates. When you find that person you can be comfortable with; you’ll be happy, you’ll grow to be confident and sincere. You realize you don’t have to prove yourself to other people and for that, they will love you. And you’ll gain their love through being and respecting your own person. Once you appreciate all the things you can do independently, like moving on and letting go someone will gravitate to that self confidence and maybe fall in love with you. People change for two reasons: they either learn enough so that they want to, or they hurt enough, so that they just have to. Don’t wait till you get to hurt, to the realize what’s going on. Love yourself and keep your head up high.

Never let bad feelings or experiences change the person you are. No one wants to see a wounded person, so understand that you need time to heal internally. But when the time is right, and you feel like you are ready to love again, don’t look for it, let it find you. It’s not about getting over a person, it’s about feeling good about yourself. It’s about knowing that you are the most important and you need to be happy. When you accept yourself as you are and you love yourself for who you are then you will find that back. Never settle for anything less then what you desire and deserve. Love is all about timing, make yourself the best person you can be both mentally and physically. Once you heal, you will no longer waste your time on men who do not see you for who you are. You will see yourself as a beautiful women that has so much to offer to the right man. <3