jethro is my baby

Title: Father May I

Gibbs is your father. You knew this, but he did not.

Code: LB0002

Requested by: @profiler-in-training 

Word Count: 1,057

Notes: This was a really fun one to write! Thanks for your request! I’ve never done Father!Gibbs before :)

You’d know way before you joined the team, and that was nearly four years ago. That being said, you had planned to tell him after your first year in. Your mother’s death had brought about so many different memories, and a few secrets. The biggest one? A letter from your mother, to you, from the year you were born.

My baby,

Your loving, sweet face stares up at me as I write this. It’s been only a week since I’ve brought you home, but I cannot hold it in any longer. I must write this so that the memories are fresh in my mind and the thoughts are on paper. You will know eventually; I just cannot let it be now. I do not yet know what I will tell you when you begin to ask questions. Your father… your father is a Marine, my love. A strong and sturdy Marine with a passion like no other and a drive like I’ve never seen. He’s the only man that’s ever loved me in the way a man should love a woman… I’ve experienced many tumultuous relationships before your father, but those memories I shall take to my grave. Your father, my baby, is Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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