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“Maybe that’s why it went for her. Think about it. That knocking, it went all the way round the bus ‘till it found her. And she was the most scared, out of all of us. Maybe that’s what it needed. That’s how it got in.”

When you get stuck in a group of dumb kids and you do all the work and they asked why they don't get to help

reasons why jethro is arguably the greatest and most important one off character in doctor who:

• okay so I’m biased bc colin but just hear me out

• he doesn’t take shit from his parents

• or anyone in fact, he stands up for himself

• even when the situation gets really dangerous he’s still a comedic little shit “we’ve broken down, in the middle of nowhere!” “666!”

• “never mind me, what about her?”

• he’s so clever. he works everything out at the same time as the doctor

• people look to him for his opinion on what’s going on, even the doctor

• the doctor is most disappointed when jethro turns on him, they’d been on the same side until then

• he leaves it until the last second to help with throwing the doctor out and he’s still heartbroken doing it

• basically jethro is a hero in such a short space of time, he’s important to me and should be to everyone else.


Jethro as a Companion

Ever since his first encounter with the Doctor, Jethro Cane has struggled to make amends with his conscience, too horrified at nearly being an accomplice to murder. As luck would have it, he manages to run into the Doctor a few years later. The Doctor is still grieving from the loss of Amy and Rory however, and wants nothing to do with him. Yet the universe has other plans, and the two find themselves traveling through time and space. Jethro views it as a chance to atone for his sin, making keeping the Doctor safe his only concern. 

It soon proves to be a far more difficult undertaking than imagined when Jethro catches the eye of one of the Doctor’s enemies. They see Jethro’s potential for what it’s worth and plan to exploit it, whether Jethro is aware of it or not. 

Had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now, and I’ve finally worked out the kinks and a majority of the series! Yes this will be a fanfiction, so stay tuned! 

None of the photos are mine, I’ve only altered them. Mainly the first photo and then the top left which I must say I’m immensely proud of. Click on the photos to get a peek into the “episode” names and little hints!



Colin Morgan’s Video Dairy for Doctor Who (Jethro)

Colin Morgan Characters as Directed by Alice Troughton

Alice Troughton first got to know Colin in 2008 when she was directing the Doctor Who episode Midnight, in which he played teenaged emo Jethro Cane.

In 2009, Alice joined the staff of Merlin and stayed on through the end of the series in 2012. In all, she directed Colin in 13 episodes:

  • Sweet Dreams (2x06)
  • The Witch’s Quickening (2x11)
  • The Crystal Cave (3x05)
  • The Eye of the Phoenix (3x08)
  • Love in the Time of Dragons (3x09)
  • The Darkest Hour I (4x01)
  • The Darkest Hour II (4x02)
  • The Wicked Day (4x03)
  • The Sword in the Stone I (4x12)
  • The Sword in the Stone II (4x13)
  • A Lesson in Vengeance (5x07)
  • The Hollow Queen (5x08)
  • With All My Heart (5x09)

Now, Colin and Alice are teaming up for a third time to film the six part series The Living and the Dead. Set in the Victorian era, gentleman farmer Nathan Appleby is obsessed with proving the existence of the afterlife. The consequences of his quest may include the loss of his marriage–or even his sanity.

Filming began in the area around Somerset on 3 August 2015 and is scheduled to conclude on 18 December 2015. The Living and the Dead is to be distributed globally via BBC Worldwide in 2016.


50 Days of Doctor Who

Day 8: Favourite Episode — Midnight

“We look upon this world through glass, safe inside our metalboxes. Even the leisure palace was lowered down from orbit. And here we are now, crossing Midnight, but never touching it.“

Doctor Who Rewatch: 4.10 Midnight

“For all we know that’s a brand new life-form over there, and if it’s come inside to discover us, then what’s it found? This little bunch of humans. What do you amount to? Murder? ‘Cause this is where you decide, you decide who you ARE.”

Colin Morgan Mega Voice Sampler

I was inspired to create this by colinsvoice’s audio clip that showcased some of Colin’s different accents. After obtaining her permission to use her idea, I’ve compiled even more clips from varied sources into this mega-sampler.


  1. Colin Morgan - Audio Commentary, Merlin, 5x02
  2. John Leary - Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special
  3. Ariel - The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  4. Nothing to Confess - The Arches (RSAMD)
  5. Merlin - Merlin, Episode 3x12
  6. Colin Morgan - Titanic Centennial Commemoration Special
  7. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre
  8. Sean MacDiarmada - The Rising Movie
  9. The Dolma - Merlin, Episode 5x09
  10. Roger - Cry Babies, Audio Program BBC 4
  11. Cathal O'Regan - (singing) Parked
  12. Colin Morgan - American Accent (Interview)
  13. Calum MacLeod - Island
  14. Victor Richardson - Testament of Youth
  15. Colin Morgan - speaking French, Merlin Video Diaries, Series 1
  16. Jimmy Minor - Quirke, Elegy for April, (Episode 3)
  17. Jethro Cane - Doctor Who, Midnight, Episode 4x10
  18. Chris P - The Studio (RSAMD)
  19. Skinny Luke - Mojo, Harold Pinter Theatre
  20. Prince Hal - Audition Video, Henry IV
  21. Merlin - Dragonlord voice, Merlin, Episode 2x13
  22. Carlos - Our Private Life, Royal Court Theatre
  23. DS Tom Anderson - The Fall, BBC 2, Episode 2x06
  24. Newton Pulsifer - Good Omens, Audio Program, BBC 4
  25. Cathal O'Regan - Parked
  26. Colin Morgan - Commentary, Addicts Symphony, Channel 4
  27. Merlin - Dragoon the Great, Merlin, Episode 3x09
  28. Ariel - (singing) The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  29. Colin Morgan - Audiobook Excerpt, Falling Out Of Heaven by John Lynch
  30. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre