Here we are at Oulanka End in Jethimadh, where there’s a BIG, gorgeous wartflower. The chicken gives you some idea how big it is! Oulanka End is just north of the famed Jethimadh Tower. The sprigs of young green glowvine emerging from the little pool is an unsurprising sight this close to the tower, where either by nature or cultivation, it can be found at its most abundant. To the right is a tiny cave which happens to house one of the few firefly swarms in Jethimadh.

There are other, larger wartflowers to be found in Mazza'la, but this is one of the greenest and prettiest examples. Many others are far off the paths, in unstable and inaccessible parts of the bog; they’re viewable from a distance, and often through a veil of mist. If you’ve spotted one, feel free to post it here!

Here in Tunsta Coze in Jethimadh, we see a particularly nice specimen of a firefly bush. This beautiful shrub has thick, succulent leaves that glow brightly. The biological process involved is the same as in fireflies, which is why the plant’s glow is the same color as fireflies. Firefly bush grows to huge sizes in some parts of the firebog; this particular example is small-to-medium, believe it or not. It is believed that the size is dependent upon the richness of the soil. Firefly bush can process swamp gases into energy, as can many plants of the firebog.