Mr. Jetson Sterling Greengrass.

Seriously, Jet. Was your mum on something when she named you? That’s an honestly fucked up name.

Moving on…

Slytherin…blah blah blah. Jet was more than family before I even arrived at Hogwarts. Of course, I had to go through a whole year without him here. He’s like… a male version of myself. He’s perfect, you know. He’s so adorable, I have no idea why the girls never swooned over him. Then again, if he would just quit looking like it’s the end of the world every. fucking day. maybe someone would have actually fancied him. -smirk- But then he has Lino. Even though Lino is kind of like everything your parents told you not to get involved with, I couldn’t picture anyone more perfect for Jet. Lino treats Jet like he should be treated and I don’t know if I can picture Jet without him. Jet has always been there for me. He has ALWAYS had my back. Even when we were about to get eaten by werewolves, Jet remained by my side. He’s true. More true than any other bloke in his castle. I love him entirely, always.

@No one: Jetessa Ten Years From Now FF Part 2

It started raining by the time Tessa landed in front of Jet’s house. She didn’t have an umbrella or a sweater, but it didn’t matter. She looked at the piece of parchment in her pocket that held the address. It was mangled, but still legible. Tessa looked at it and then looked at the golden plate attached to the door. The numbers matched up.

Tessa stomach filled up with knots. She had half the mind to hop back on her broom and go back home. But, something kept her grounded.

Tessa took one step towards the door and shuttered. What if he wasn’t home?

She took another step. What if he wouldn’t answer?

Five knocks, ten seconds.

Tessa sucked in all the air she could and ran up the stairs. She raised her hand to the door, but immediately put it down. She shook her head as the rain kept hitting her hair. “This is stupid,” she told herself.

And, as if someone was making her do it, Tessa knocked hard on the door once.

Twice. A third time.

She hesitated.

A forth, and then the fifth.

“Ten seconds,” Tessa whispered.

One, two, three…

Her heart jumped into her throat

Four, five, six…

She wanted to run back, the door wasn’t opening.

Seven, eight, nine…

One second left, the door wasn’t moving. Tessa froze as the last second approached.